The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1145: Madness (top)

“Exactly. ”

Oriental Chi is quite frank, even when he smiles lightly and lightly.

It has to be said that Dongzhi's ploy, when the water is really dripping, is rare and unappreciating.

However, the question is, does the ultimate leader of the other three divisions need to join forces in order to finally kill Donggong Fu?

Qin Yi and Feiniang stood there and looked at each other in silence. Each other's minds were silent.

Obviously, Dongzhi is currently unknown. Qin Yi has unblocked the first floor of "Ten Hells”.

Of course, with the power of the first level of "Ten Hells”, whether or not to kill the Orient Palace Fu is an unknown number, it must wait until it is known.

For a moment of silence, everyone looked at the Oriental Palace in the center of the martial arts field and looked at it from the same distance. In the moment of silence, he just felt all over himself and just wrote two big words:

Dead man!

Martial Arts Center.

“Feel my strength? You can admit you lost. Just give me the Emperor's Liquid and I'll spare you your life. ”

The Orient Palace slowly lifted the inky sword in its hand, pointing to more than a dozen stretches of flood force, and it was accompanied by an unusual burst of pressure. For a moment, the air around it was compressed and floated.

“Want me to lose? Tomiya Fu, aren't you kidding? There's obviously no problem in wanting emperor fluid from me, but you have to beat me first. ”

Honglina burned a fiercely warlike look, staring dead at the Orient Palace Fu in front of him, the long gun in his hand, was prompted by his bright air, suddenly, it rose to more than a dozen lengths.

Feeling the fearless will of the flood, Donghong Fu said nothing more, but stood still and looked at the flood.

His eyes, always indifferent to the extreme, let people's hearts and minds breed a lull of despair.

The entire vast Xuanbu division, at this moment, did not make a single sound, the eyes of all the people outside the scene are focused on the East Palace empowerment and flood power.

Even the air is as if it were solidified at this moment.

Next moment.

The East Palace inspired him, with the inky little sword, towards the flood force in front, and stabbed him hard.

Its body in a white robe, in the sight of the people, drew a white light, like a white lightning bolt, passing through the long sky. In the moment, it swept before the eyes of the flood force.

“Get out of here!”

In the rage and drink, the long gun in Hongli's hand, suddenly shook up, swept hard, and hit hard to the East Palace.

However, the speed imparted by the East Palace reached the limit. As the long gun of the flood power swept quickly, the whole person turned into a very faint shadow, the flash burst out, the long gun of the flood force, attached to his collar, swept past.

“Oriental Palace Fu, isn't it legendary that you have a half-light heart? I'd like to see how terrible your so-called heart of light is. ”

Hongliyang, pointing to that already set in the middle of the sky, suddenly overlooking his own East Palace gift, full of dark hair, madly dancing.

“You, it seems, are not qualified enough to see the heart of my light. ”

Dong Na suddenly reached the extreme voice, coming down from the air: “You are just a jumping clown in my eyes, that's all, oh, not just you, all the practitioners registered here, to me, it's just a jumping clown, no one deserves my heart of light...

“I, Dong Gong Fu, am the master of this Xuanmu division. No, I should say that I am the master of this Heroic Society! ”

The Orient Palace stands quietly in the air, the white robe slowly floating in the room, all covered with a very unpleasant arrogance.

Obviously, his words, not only to Hong Li below, but also outside the martial arts, were heard by all the practitioners who participated in the contest.

Indeed, with his words, the practitioners outside the field, even his lungs almost blew up.

Even some elegant female practitioners, after hearing what the Orient Palace has given them, are quite tempting breasts, also constantly ups and downs, hidden in the wonderful ripples that dry the male tongue.

“The Orient Palace gave this bastard everything, saying that everyone is a jumping clown! ”

“He just wants to be torn to pieces! ”

“The last thing that happens to a person who can't be forever is usually extremely tragic. ”

“Yes, if this contest is in front of him, Hongli is finally dead on his hands, the next time I play, I want him to keep his eyes open to see if I'm a jumping clown or not? ”

“Take it with you, let me go first, I will kill him with one knife, you will no longer have the chance to confront the Donghong Emperor, the next opponent is me! ”

“Do you think you have me strong? Everybody rest for a second. Next time I go, I have to tear the bastard's hand off the Orient Palace. Damn, how dare you call me a jumping clown! ”

“ …… ”

Off the field, a scolding sound, diffuse, even in the distance, can feel that tremendous anger.

None of the practitioners who can enter the second level of the Divine Mausoleum can be generalized. However, in the eyes of the East Palace, they are just some jumping clowns. Many people are reluctant to rush into the field immediately and give the East Palace a hard kill.

“This East Palace gift is about suppressing other practitioners in the mood first. ”

Qin Yi in the crowd smiled helplessly and then looked sympathetically at the flood force in the center of the martial arts field: “Next, the flood force is going to be miserable. The East Palace gave him no mercy in order to prove that he was only a jumping clown in front of himself. ”

Rumor has it that Maiden Yan and Dongzhi and others are silently lightening their heads.

Martial Arts Center.

The Oriental Palace stood quietly in the void, deafening to the screaming and cursing noise outside the scene, its whole body, through an extreme indifference.

And what happened next, confirming Qin Yi's speculation, was correct, only he was seen holding an inky sword, suddenly turned into a very faint fiction, and quickly dived down from the air.


With this dive, the inky sword in his hand, has not yet attacked the flood force below, a pounding wave of air, since he first hit hard, suddenly blowing up on the ground, swooping to all directions.

With a long gun, Hongli stood proudly in the middle of the air wave blowing up, but he was also stunned.

Next moment.

“Dong Gong Fu, go to hell! ”

In the blast, Hongli single-handedly held a long gun and suddenly went up against the sky, facing the East Palace subduction.