The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1148: Blood Ghost Reproduction


The sudden attack gave the defenseless East Palace a direct shot of the green rock on the ground, shot like a spider web, suddenly tortoised apart.

And Dong Gong Fu was also on the ground, lying in a shit-eating position.

Off the field, including Qin Yi and Feiniang, all of them instantly returned to God. They set their eyes on it. They saw only long-delayed blood ghosts, pedaled blood clouds, on that tall blood body, endless blood, constantly floating, and saw human scalp numbness.

The next moment, the blood ghost a large blood arm, probing down from the blood cloud, toward the practitioners outside the field, shot hard, many practitioners could not avoid, was shot in the face, directly fanned into the sky.

“Kill him! ”

Femme Yan reacted the fastest, the jade hand flipped, instantly took out the blue sword, the whole man and the sword in a straight line, towards the blood ghost in the sky, stabbing.

The sound of the "snort”, the sharp blue sword of war, after crossing the long sky, directly penetrated the chest hole of the blood ghost, as the flaming woman stirred the sword, the blood ghost chest, a large hole appeared.


Blood ghosts don't care about the big hole in their chest. Blood palms slap, fast fan to Femme Flame, one hand, fan Femme Flame straight.

Fei Fei only felt the power transmitted by the blood palm, of all the tens of millions, she could not resist, Hannah's touching delicate body, fanned out.

Only in the next moment, Femme Flame fell into a warm embrace again. She glanced at her and saw only one handsome face that she could no longer be familiar with, right in front of her eyes.

Looking at the nearby handsome face, the warm-hearted slight smile appeared, the flaming woman stunned, the slightly blinking eyes, a buzz of obsession.

In the heart, a warm, gentle flow passed.

“Mai Mai, how are you? Are you okay? ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Maiden flamed back to God and jumped out of Qin Yi's arms and shook her head: “It's okay. ”

“That's good. ”

Qin Yi completely let go of his heart.

“Surround this evil creature! ”

In the delicious sound, only the Oriental Lawn in the red armor was seen, the jade hand flipped, took out the silver gun and waved, first came up to the sky, instantly came to the air, blocked in front of the blood ghost.


The next moment, the rest of the practitioners, all rise and surround the Blood Ghosts directly.

Whether or not he can kill the blood ghost, this time he hit himself, Qin Yi naturally can not miss this wonderful opportunity, it is also to turn his hand and take out his Yan Yun Long Gun, turning his face to look at the Bamboo Heaven behind him: “Bamboo Heaven, in any case, Yan Wing De is your own uncle, you stay here, kill him, leave it to us. ”


She nodded nicely, her eyes filled with gratitude. Although she had completely broken off with the blood ghost, she could not do it if she were to attack the blood ghost. No matter how evil Yan Wing De was, she had an indelible blood relationship with him.

Besides, Yan Wing De loved himself a lot before becoming a bloody ghost.

“Qin Yi, you're really good, huh. ”

Hearing Qin Yi's instructions to Yan Zhu Xin, Yan Mei Mai smiled at Qin Yi after she was stunned. Her heart was filled with happiness.

“Come on, don't grind. ”

After the intimate scratch of Meizu's pretty nose, Qin Yi waved his hand and burst into the blood ghost with Meizu. With the practitioners, he surrounded this immortal evil creature.

At the same time, the Orient Palace, which had been successfully attacked by the bloody ghost, had rushed up, holding the inky sword in his hand and staring indifferently at the bloody ghost.

“Gaga, do you want to beat the hell out of this seat? Have you forgotten that this seat is immortal? ”

Faced with the siege of the cultivators, the blood ghost had no fear whatsoever and laughed heavenly.

The next moment, the blood ghost stopped laughing, full of blood hair, that burst to a thousand places, swung hard, suddenly dispersed, covered the day, suddenly bound all the people here, even the East Palace Fu could not be spared.

“Fuck you all! ”

In the roar, only the blood ghost will be full of blood hair, swinging wildly, and all the bound practitioners, including Qin Yi, Feiniang, Dongzhi, Donggong Palace, were thrown into the sky by him.

It's so raw!

This evil presence seems to have grown considerably since Qin Yi last met him in battle with the Orient Palace.

Such a rate of growth is rare in the world.

It's a pity he's an evil blood ghost. If he's a normal practitioner, with such a growth rate, I can't imagine how much it would have accomplished over time.

Of course, a normal practitioner can never have such a rebellious growth rate.

Not yet have people returned to God, the blood ghost has turned into a huge shadow of blood, rushing toward one of the relatively weak practitioners.


In the rush, the blood ghost shook his blood hand suddenly. The ten sword-like blood fingers pierced the long sky and stabbed the practitioner at great speed. In between blinks, it was on him, passing through his body, leaving only ten blood holes.

Blood ghost attack, no pause at all, big blood arm, followed by a look, suddenly grabbed the practitioner in his hand.


With his strength, the practitioner's body burst apart and became a bloody mist.

“Gaga, that's nutrients! ”

Blood ghosts burst into the fog laughing, absorbing the fog wildly.


The East Palace was transformed into a white shadow, rushing to the front of the bloody ghost, the inky sword split, the black flash, the inky sword is the head of the self-blooded ghost split, from its crotch.

One sword is to split this evil creature into two valves.

However, it was divided into two blood-bloods, but it was not separated. The bloody ghost was only on the bloodcloud for a moment, and then suddenly he laughed furiously: “Donggong Fu, haven't you tried it before? With your heart of light, you can't kill this seat. Now, you want to kill this seat with a broken sword. This is ridiculous! ”

His voice, suddenly cold: “Dong Gong Fu, you bastard, chased this seat for so long, ruined this seat, if you have a chance in the future, this seat will definitely break you to pieces! ”


At this time, Qin Yi, Feiniang, Dongzhi and other master practitioners have also rushed forward very quickly. Without saying a word, they will each attack the blood ghost on the cloud with their weapons in their hands.