The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1153: Intentions

In fact, this bureau, she is a steady winner, because Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song, Dusty non-smoking three people, there is no other choice but to cooperate.

Throughout the negotiation process of this murder, Qin Yi, Yanmei and Yanzhu Xin were all silent and listening.

“Do we really need to join forces to destroy the Orient Palace? ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and did not move the mysterious secret words: “I don't know how powerful the first layer of 'Ten Hells’ is, can you destroy the East Palace? ”

Meanwhile, the flaming lady and the flaming bamboo hearts around her are also beautiful eyes. She glanced at Qin Yi and then smiled silently.

Obviously, at this moment, they also thought of Qin Yi's “Hell of the Ten”.

“Tomorrow, if you three are unable to destroy the East Palace, then I will incite other practitioners to join hands to destroy the East Palace. These practitioners are all madmen, and it is not difficult to incite them. ”

Dongzhi smiled shallow at Xia Jiuyu.

It is said that Xia Jiuyu and the three of them are delighted. If they can stir up other practitioners and deal with Donggong Fu together, they will no longer have any concerns about tomorrow's action.

The East Palace is strong, but in the face of so many practitioners, he has no chance of winning.

After a few people had a secret discussion, the matter was settled. In tomorrow's final, Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song and Dusty Non Smoke joined forces to fight Dong Palace Fu.

If the three of them are in danger, Dongzhi will incite other practitioners to deal with Dongzheng Fu together.

Anyway, the Orient Palace must die tomorrow!

In this regard, Qin Yi and Feiniang's heart is full of gratitude for Dongzhi. Although Dongzhi is also for himself, he is removing the stumbling block that has become the dominion. More importantly, he hopes that he can do his part to help both of them rid themselves of this powerful enemy.

If we do not take advantage of this heroic meeting, we will remove the East Palace, then after this heroic meeting, Qin Yi and Feiniang are really in danger.

Of course, Dongzhi doesn't know, Qin Yi has unblocked the first floor of "Ten Hells”.

“Qin Yi. ”

After discussing the extermination of the East Palace, Dongzhi was also a lot easier. The whole person looked at Qin Yi with a glorious look: “What are you going to do after this heroic meeting? ”

Rumor has it that Qin Yi, Yanmei Mai and Yanzhu Xin are all looking at each other.

Qin Yi shrugged. "Go break through the central ladder. If you break through, enter the third floor. If you don't break through, you can also see your strength. How much difference does it make to enter the third floor? ”

“Breaking into the central ladder? ”

Dongzhi blinked unexpectedly: "Did you forget that Kobe Pine is on the third floor? And if I hadn't, the Blood Ghost would soon be on the third floor. ”

“It's okay, we're just trying to break in. ”

Qin Yi's flaming lady beside him smiled shallow: “If we can't break through, even if we want to enter the third floor, it's impossible. Moreover, the Great World of Xuan Huang will open in no time. If possible, we hope to get out of this demonic garden and enter the Great World of Xuan Huang as soon as possible. ”

Oriental Chi frowned slightly, softly his head: “You can plan this, after all, the third floor is also vast, and it is not easy for the public household to hunt you down. Moreover, there are fewer practitioners in the third tier than in the second tier, where the resources are relatively more abundant. ”

After a pause, Dongzhi went on to say: "However, I do not intend to invade the central heavens and the earth at the moment, ‘Messenger of Hell', which I have been running for so many years, and I hope that it will continue to be handed down on the second floor of this magical mausoleum, so I will have to train at least one successor to enter the third floor. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi et al.

Hell's Messenger, which has been the work of Oriental Chi for many years, naturally doesn't want to see it after she leaves, as it falls.

“Well, actually, I have plans to break through the central ladder. ”

Xia Jiuyu beside him looked at Qin Yi three happy smiles: “How about we come together then? ”

“Absolutely. ”

Qin Yi nodded.

Xia Jiu's meeting wanted to break through the central ladder, and no one was surprised.

Let's not forget that she is of divine descent and has a strong heritage, which, once awakened, is a remarkable rate of growth.

Moreover, if you truly break through the ladder and reach the third floor, in that strange world, one more friend will take care of you.

Next, Dongzhi introduced Qin Yi several people to a central ladder that existed on this second floor.

Qin Yi several people understand that there is a central ladder with this second floor, not far from this “Hell Messenger” organization base, from here about 1,000 kilometers to the east, you can see the central ladder.

The height of this central ladder, the same as the height of the central ladder on the first floor, is also 3600 floors.

Space gravity and space resistance are also present in these 3,600 storey steps, however, neither of these forces is powerful and their role is mainly to prevent the practitioner from directly emptying the sky while breaking into the central ladder, rushing into this 3,600 storey world, completely losing the significance of breaking into the ladder.

Whether or not there is also a disturbed space-time in the last 300 stone steps is an unknown number. In fact, that disturbed space-time in the last 300 stone steps of the first central heavens and earth was deliberately added by the White Tiger.

Unlike the central ladder on the first floor, the White Tiger will have to take a 100-day break before accepting the next challenge.

As for the other provisions, like the presence of the central ladder on the first floor, each time the central ladder is broken, only the first three persons will be eligible to challenge the white tiger, and the three unexpected persons will be returned directly to the bottom of the central ladder.

Next, people chatted for a while, then Dongzhi led Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song, Dust and non-smoke people to say goodbye.

In the training room, there were only three more Qin Yi.

Femme Yan and Xin Bamboo did not waste time. When they sat on the floor, they began to work hard to refine Emperor Liquid. The last time they were in the tomb of a rugged Emperor, and the Emperor Liquid obtained on the body of Femme Yan, they still had a lot of unrefined liquid.

Qin Yi, on the other hand, went out of the training room and wandered around in the organizational base of this “Hell Messenger”.

“Qin Yi. ”

Just getting out of the square, with a little excitement, was coming from behind.

Qin Yi's leisurely steps forced him to take a slight pause and turn around, while a few familiar Qian shadows also leaped into Qin Yi's sight.

He saw nothing but the silence of many days. He was leading Zhaoxue and Zhaosoo, nine of them, and walking towards Nana.