The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1155: The Lungs Are Furious

It's so angry that the Orient Palace feels like its lungs are about to burst open!

In front of Qin Yi, not only was he the murderer of his brother, but he also fiercely pitted 120 drops of Emperor's liquid, letting himself chase the blood ghost.


Buzzing and other people beside each other, after learning the truth, were all stunned and staring at each other.

It was so much fun. Qin Yi, the killer of the Orient Palace song, not only took himself off clean, but also fiercely pitted the Orient Palace to give him a hand. Is there anything more interesting than that?

At the same time, he couldn't stop crying, and Buzzing Lonely Qing and others, looking into Qin Yi's eyes, were filled with worry.

“Qin Yi, do you know what happens when you pit me like this? ”

The words slowly spit out in the mouth of the Orient Palace, as if it had frozen 10,000 loads of ice, it seemed that the blood in the human body could be frozen at an instant: “You were the one I had to kill, now you still kill my brother, and so pit me, I will tear you to pieces, then pull your soul out, seal it in my weapon, and make you part of my weapon for eternity. ”


Qin Yi touched his nose and smiled slightly: “Are you tired of wearing an indifferent face all day? ”

It's time to tear your face apart with this person.

“Pfft! ”

Hearing Qin Yi's words, Buzzing Lonely Qing and others, all of a sudden his hands covered his mouth, couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Suddenly, they realized that the laughter was very uncomfortable and timely, so they quickly shut their mouths and held their laughter to death, holding their cheeks red, so unfortunately painful.

“Qin Yi, I have to admire you. You have such a big heart, you know you are going to die, but you can still make jokes. ”

Donggong Palace has always looked at Qin Yi indifferently. Xu Xu said: “Do you want to see me look crazy? You will soon get what you want. After this martial arts club, I will attack you immediately, and then I will kill you wildly...

“Not only will I kill you, but I will also kill Yanmei frantically, as well as Oriental Chi, who actually and conspired with you to pit me, she is also guilty of all sins. By then, the new leader of this" Messenger of Hell "organization will be me, and then I will be the master of the second level of this demonic garden. ”

Leaving this conversation behind, Donghong Fu stopped staying, turned around and slowly left.

In his eyes, Qin Yi is already a dead man, he will not waste his lips and tongue on a dead man.

In fact, he had already figured it out. Even Qin Yi did not pit themselves. When this hero would be finished, he would immediately attack Qin Yi.

Now, after Qin Yi confessed the truth, he would just take a more deflationary way to kill Qin Yi and them.

In any case, Qin Yi and Yanmei are dead, there will be no second situation.

And what surprised the East Palace slightly was that Qin Yi would tell himself the truth very frankly, instead of choosing to keep it hidden.

“Where the hell did this kid get the courage to ignore the threat to me? ”

The East Palace gave the eyebrows a tight, self-reflecting look.

Obviously, he can't think about it right now, so come on.

“Qin Yi, what now? Now, this man knows that you killed his brother Donggong Song, and he puts a hard hole in him. After tomorrow's two games, he will surely kill you and Sister Mei in the most brutal way. ”

Buzzing and turning his face, he looked at Qin Yi and sighed heavily: “In my opinion, you should never have told him the truth, but should have run away. ”

“Yes, this Orient Palace gift did not use the heart of the light, just in Xuanbu District, easily took over the ultimate master, if he used the heart of the light, how strong the fighting power, I dare not imagine. ”

“Qin Yi, I think you should run now, this is a dead end! ”

“ …… ”

Zhaoxue Nine, also chirping, said open, all eyes are full of fear.

Run away?

Qin Yi stood still slightly and saw people's fears. His heart flowed slightly through a warm stream.

“Previously, the East Palace gave me the task of killing Mei Mai, and now we are no longer sharing the heavens. Although the East Palace gave me the appearance of a constant indifference, my heart was already completely insane. He's completely mad. Do you think I can get away with it? ”

Qin Yi Xu Xu said: “And now, Donggong Palace has given me more than just Mei Mai, but also Dongzhi. If me and Mei Mai escape, what about Dongzhi? We can't let Dongzhi run away with us, can we? ”


Buzzing lonely and others, temporarily plugged.

Now they are also members of the "Messenger of Hell” organization and naturally do not want the Orient to abandon them.

Dongzhi, but the backbone of Hell's Messenger, once she escapes, the entire Hell's Messenger organization will undoubtedly face dissolution.

“Put it down, it'll be fine, don't think too much. ”

Qin Yi intimately rubbed her lonely hair and revealed a warm and slight smile to her. Then, she also stopped staying and turned back to the training room.

Standing still, looking at Qin Yi's slow departure, Weng Lonely Qing and others all sighed helplessly.

The scene in front of us is obviously a dead end, Qin Yi and them, how exactly do we break this dead end?

If this death cannot be broken, after tomorrow's final, the deaths of Qin Yi, Yin Mei Ma and Dongzhi will follow.

Buzz and loneliness and other people, their faces are full of strong worries.

The next morning.

The big square in front of the Hell Messenger base is a hot place. Not only were the practitioners who were settled in this Hell Messenger base yesterday, they all came to the square. Many of the practitioners who did not sign up for the competition also came here to watch today's semi-finals and finals.

And the members of the “Messenger of Hell" organization itself, including Ancestor Phoenix, Ancestor Wan Jian, Yuwengyang, Buzz Lonely Qing and others, are all on the move.

Among the noisy crowd, Qin Yi, Yanmei, and Yanzhu Xin shadows sat in the front row of the crowd, while Dongzhi, dressed in red armor, sat beside them, on that beautiful little face, but also quite dignified.

Sitting opposite them are Donggong Fu, Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song, Dust and Non Smoke.