The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1156: Semifinals Opening

At this moment, Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song and Dusty Non Smoke's eyes are all already hidden burning a battle intent. Only the Orient Palace gift in white robe will always give a feeling of indifference.

Obviously, these four people, basically, represent the peak of the second level of the Devil's Landscape.

At some point.

Oriental Chi nodded softly towards the Phoenix ancestors nearby: "Let's go. ”

Ancestral phoenix, the windless, immediately stood up and began to announce the race. In that beautiful voice, there was obviously a fierce imperial power, and the noise on the field was suppressed instantly.

“Today's game is the semi-finals and finals. The two winners in the semi-finals will enter the finals immediately...

“The next semi-finals, the four players in the competition, will select their opponents by drawing lots…

“It is important to note here that in the semi-finals and finals, no one can be hurt, four contestants have come to an end, while the winner can still plunder the other's training resources at will. ”

That's it!

As Ancestor Phoenix announced the race, everyone here blinked incredibly.

“Since when has the final of the second level of this mausoleum become such a mercy? ”

“This is a very different style from the first round! ”

“ …… ”

A noise, in the crowd, spreads in an instant.

Sitting opposite Qin Yi and others, the East Palace Fu, in the indifferent eyes, also clearly passed the unexpected color.

Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song, and Dusty Non Smoke, are the usual color of God, light to the end of the game system, still yesterday, Dongzhi has already told them.

Ancestor Phoenix pressed Fiber Hands down and stopped the noise on the field: "Now, all four contestants come up to draw lots and decide their own opponents in the semi-finals. ”

Yan Bi, she flipped her hands and took out a bamboo barrel, which contained four bamboo tags.

These four bamboo stamps do not say the names of the four, but the order of appearance of "1” and “2”.

Without delay, the opposite East Palace Fu, Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song, Dust and Non Smoke four people, immediately rose up in front of the ancestors of Phoenix and drew lots.

Soon after, the drawing of lots by four persons was completed and the results were as follows:

Dong Gong Fu: 2.

Xia Jiuyu: 1.

Nine songs: 1.

Dust non-smoke: 2.

According to the sequence of appearances drawn by the four players, their opponents, naturally, are also obvious, and the two players in the same appearance are the opponents.

Put the bamboo stamp back in the bamboo cylinder, Donggong Palace gave the shadow that was about to leave, another slight meal, slowly turned around, indifferent eyes, behind the face of Qin Yi, Feiniang Yan, Dongzhi, Xu Xu Xu sweep.

Then, his handsome, almost demonic face, finally appeared with a slight smile: “Three jumping clowns, this is the end. ”

Feeling the deep eyes of the Orient Palace, that intense killing intent, Qin Yi three people, all just smile slightly, this is not on the mind.

“Goddamn it, am I blinded? It's a miracle that the East Palace gave this bird a smile. ”

“What does that mean? Say that Dongzhi, Qin Yi and Yanmei are the jumping clowns, and say that this is the end of everything? But the three of them didn't compete today, did they? ”

“Why are you saying this to the three of them for no reason? Is this Oriental Palace gift also a comedy invited by monkeys? ”

“I see this Orient Palace Fu, is a mad dog. Yesterday in Xuanbu District, my only honorable face, really disgusted me. I only hate that I defeated the formation before he appeared. Otherwise, I must challenge him. Even if I die, I will slap him hard before I die. ”

“Who says no? This Orient Palace is so crazy, he actually says that other practitioners, in his eyes, are just jumping clowns! ”

“Tsk, now, the Orient Palace has even scolded Oriental Chi, of which I'm afraid there's something else. ”

“I suddenly had the feeling that today it was more than just the semi-finals and finals. It seemed like a better show. It was really exciting! ”

“ …… ”

A low noise, around the martial arts field, once again diffused, like the tide, poured into the ears of the Orient Palace.

However, Donghong Fu was not moved by this, but returned to his seat indifferently.

His height, for example, naturally does not produce any emotional fluctuations for what he sees as a rather ridiculous voice of discourse.

Only Qin Yi, Yanmei and Dongzhi were able to generate emotional fluctuations.

Anyway, today, these three must die!

At that time, they must be killed in a cruel and exasperating manner, and then their souls must be withdrawn and sealed in their weapons, so that they may become part of their weapons for all eternity.

When you think about the three of them, what you did to yourself, the East Palace gave you a sense of what was in your chest, that burning rage that was going to blow your whole body apart.

He looked indifferently at Qin Yi, Yanmei and Dongzhi across the street, and the Orient Palace only felt that their faces were all written in three identical words:

Die! Die!

“The semi-finals, now. ”

With the announcement of the ancestors of Phoenix, the sound of the discussion surrounding the East Palace gave up again, the attention of the people was drawn back to the semi-finals.

The first appearance of Xia Jiuyu and Jiu Song, also from that seat, burst out fiercely, instantly came to the center of the martial arts field.

A nine song with brown hair, quite pulled out shape, proudly stood in the center of the martial arts field, as if a straight spear had been inserted there, all over his body, hidden and vibrant.

His weapon, a hegemonic knife of war, two meters long, half meters wide, above the knife, a green light, a sharp knife, from the blade, hidden from the heart, can not help to breed chills.

Opposite it, Xia Jiuyu, is bare-handed and unarmed.


If the two of them are not redundant, even when the war is raging together.

Although prior to that, there had been some secret discussions, and the two of them had actually made little sense to try, at this point the fighting between them was also unequivocal.

Nine songs of battle knife Bimang Dasheng, stabbing people's eyes, are all hidden pain.

He held a war knife and opened it wide. Each knife was cut out. The curved knife on the blade was more than a dozen lengths long. The platoon fell into the sea towards Xia Jiu and rushed towards the ghost. This sky was all picturesque.