The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1157: Xia Jiu's Victory

And the endless knife, followed by the swelling, scratched hundreds of feet outside, watching the cheeks of all the people, was a raw pain.

Don't forget, Nine Songs, that's the ultimate player in the Blue Dragon division. In the previous preliminary game, all practitioners in the Blue Dragon division were severely stepped under their feet, how strong their fighting power is, imaginable.

His opponent Xia Jiuyu, descendant of the Crane Nation, strength and physical defense, are not her strength, speed is.

In the face of the huge blue knife man that was constantly and wildly slaughtered, Xia Jiu-Yin Nachana's moving delicate body suddenly shook, that one turned into a red man, and between the continuous blue knife man, it traveled at great speed.


Curious, Qin Yi prompted the left hand of the demon to enter the state of emptiness. Between the moment, the attack speed of Jiu Song and Xia Jiuyu more than doubled slowly in his eyes.

Even so, however, it is still quite difficult for him to distinguish Xia Jiuyu's strike trajectory.

“Xia Jiuyu, well deserved descendants of the Crane Nation, such speed is not much worse than when I used water element seeds. ”

Qin Yi sighed.

“The speed advantage of the Cranes is not reflected in battle, but in escape or pursuit. ”

On one side of the East Palace, he said faintly.

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yanmei are both curious to look to Dongzhi.

She touched her forehead and said, "Can you be specific? ”

Dongzhi nodded: “For example, if she wants to hunt you down, you do a quick run, run in front, she becomes a crane, just fly, can catch up with you. ”

Great flying speed!

Qin Yi and Fei Fei Mai heard her gaze and breathed cool air. This is the first time they have heard it. There is actually a speed of flight in the world, which can be comparable to the instantaneous shift.

“So, this second level practitioner is usually reluctant to mess with Xia Jiuyu, because she wants to hunt you, it's really simple, but you have a certain difficulty hunting her. ”

Oriental Shiba smiled shallow.

Qin Yi and Feiniang were forced to take a fresh look and gauge Xia Jiuyi.

It has to be said that having an unparalleled speed is a great advantage. Even without strength, it is not easy for the other party to kill itself.

But it's easy to slay your opponent.


After a slight meal, Dongzhi continued: “After this heroic meeting, Xia Jiuyu is willing to break through the central ladder with you. It's good news for you, she will be a good partner. ”

Qin Yi and Yanmei nodded suddenly.

In the center of the martial arts, the fierce battle between Xia Jiuyu and Jiu Song continues.

Nine songs are better than Xia Jiuyu in strength and momentum, but Xia Jiuyu is better than speed, her whole person completely turned into a pale shadow of red, in the continuous blue knife mantle, constant shuttle, no matter how sharp the knife method of Nine Songs, it is impossible to break her.

There was no sound of a fight throughout the war.

And the people in the out-of-the-field battle, one by one, opened their eyes and looked at the center of the battlefield without blinking, and the two fought wildly.

“These two are the ultimate champions of the Green Dragon and Peacock Divisions. Such a battle is a real pleasure! ”

“This is the true strength of the Nine Songs. It is too fierce. I am afraid that the practitioner of the imperial realm will not be able to resist the knife and will be instantly torn apart. ”

“Nine songs are strong, but Xia Jiuyu's speed is amazing. It's been almost half an hour since the battle. Nine songs haven't even taken her coat yet. ”

“ …… ”

A sound of amazement rang from the crowd in the out-of-the-field game.

And the Orient Palace is filled with all kinds of talking sounds, but all the time, it is just sitting there indifferently, against the battle between Xia Jiuyu and Jiu Song in the field, don't worry about heart.

In his eyes, no matter how stunning the performance of Nine Songs and Xia Jiuyu was, it was nothing more than a jumping clown, and he deserved no more attention.

He is the protagonist of this Heroes of Death Club from the East Palace, and, soon, he will be the master of the second level of this demonic mausoleum, and it will not happen by accident!

In the center of the martial arts, the battle between Nine Songs and Xia Jiuyu, after a whole period of maintenance, with Xia Jiuyun's fast and tongue-in-cheek figure, a sudden meal, Nine Songs' wild attack with the Big Heavy Warrior Knife, also came to a halt.

At first glance, Xia Jiu-Yin's fiber jade palm was already against the neck of nine songs. As long as she tried hard, the head of nine songs could be ripped off by one hand.

The results of this trial are clear.

“Nine songs of the ultimate winner of the Green Dragon Division, against Xia Jiuyu, the ultimate winner of the Peacock Division, Xia Jiuyu won! ”

With the announcement of the results by Ancestor Phoenix, the pot was blown up throughout the martial arts, also in the middle of nowhere.

“Xia Jiuyi was famous for a long time on the second floor of this magical mausoleum, and the power of battle was remarkable. ”

“Needless to say, don't forget, she is descended from the Divine Nation. Nine songs can be held in her hand. It is already quite difficult to persevere in defeat. ”

“ …… ”

Outside the martial arts, there was a sound of amazement. The people present were all staring at Xia Jiuyu and admiring him.

Xia Jiu was also not humbled at all. He raised his delicate little face slightly, holding a slight arrogance, and openly accepted the admirable gaze. Then, he twisted his dead ass like a proud cock and slowly left.

“Still nothing but a jumping clown. ”

Suddenly, an indifferent voice came from outside.

Xia Jiu's shadow slowly left the scene, suddenly, turning around, looking at the speaker's eyes, became as cold as a blade: “Donggong Fu, what are you talking about? ”

It shows that she, in that chest, is burning with anger.

Obviously, this speaker is the Orient Palace Fu!

Everyone's eyes at the venue were brushed all over the Orient Palace and they blinked incredibly.

In the face of everyone's eyes, Donghong Fu was always sitting there indifferently, indifferent, only to the already angry Xia Jiu faintly said: “I'm just describing a fact, don't be so angry. ”

“The truth is you're paralyzed! ”

Xia Jiuyu's temper was quite hot. He drank immediately and stared at Donggong Fu.

Her name is Xia Jiuyu. She is a very poignant descendant of the Tsuru clan. She has a fairly good divine heritage in her body. Since stepping into the cultivation world, she has been the most talented genius in the eyes of the world. At this moment, she has been assigned by the Orient Palace to be a jumping clown!