The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1158: Strong Wins

At this time, the anger from Xia Jiu Yinna's delicate body, even the dead, can feel it.

Had it not been for the rules of the game, she would have rushed over and fought with the Orient Palace.

“Grass, I can't keep watching, this Orient Palace is really using myself as a fairy king! ”

“Doesn't it depend on a flowing heart? Fucking arrogant here! ”

“I really want to teach you, how powerful is his so-called luminous heart? ”

Outside the martial arts, an angry curse was sounded, and it was clear that the madness of the Orient Palace had completely pissed everyone off.

However, in the way of the current semi-finals, these people can only curse.

In the face of the anger of the people, Donghong Fu always sat there indifferently and did not care about these people at all.

In his view, these people, they're just clowns jumping beams, that's all.

On the other hand, Dongzhi, Qin Yi, Feiniang and others, feeling the anger of the people outside the field, they are all joyful, that's what they want, that's the effect.

At that time, Dongzhi just needed a few random words, enough to stir up all these people and beat up Donggong Fu.

Ultimately, Xia Jiuyu suppressed the fierce anger in his chest and forced it to go on without erupting.

Remembering the previous discussions with Dongzhi et al., a long exhalation, then slowly appeared on the delicate little face with a charming shallow smile, looking far away at Donggong to teach: “Donggong Fu, I'd like to take a look, how long can you be arrogant? ”

The Orient Palace looked at her indifferently and said softly, “I don't think I'm being paranoid. You're just a jumping clown in my eyes. ”


Xia Jiu-Yin's long eyelashes blinked lightly, then she stopped saying anything more. She shook her body and turned into a bright red light. In the eyes of the people, she swept past and returned to her seat.

“Now, the second semi-final begins. ”

Ancestral phoenix announces that the beautiful voice still contains an extremely ambitious voice, suppressing all the abusive noises outside the field.

Semifinal 2: The ultimate main dust and non-smoke of the White Tiger division, against the ultimate main East Palace of the Xuanbu division.

With the words of the ancestors of the phoenix gone, that elegant temperament, like nine days of fairy dust non-smoke, instantly turned into a white light, burst out, blinking between the eyes, is already born in the center of the martial arts field.

Then her delicate slender hand flipped and a pink slender sword was held in her hand.

With the advent of this pink sword of war, an invisible sword is also spreading, instantly filling every inch of space here.

“Dust is not smoke, you are like Xia Jiuyu, just a jumping clown. ”

Looking far into the center of the martial arts, the white Qian shadow, Donggong Palace told Xu Xu: “Just admit you lost, you can never be my opponent, otherwise I wouldn't say you're just a jumping clown. ”

Dusty, non-smoky, shallow eyebrows, slight flashes, but eventually no seizures, just shaking the beautiful head: “No, if I hadn't beaten myself, I would not have lost easily. ”

Rumor has it that the East Palace exhaled slightly, so he stopped saying anything, stood up from his seat, headed towards the center of the martial arts field, and walked slowly.

Tap, tap!

The sound of the footsteps given by the East Palace seemed to contain powerful imperial forces, which easily suppressed the noise outside the field.

With every step he takes, the entire earth is shaken by a hidden shake.

Apparently, he deliberately took such a heavy step that he wanted to prove to everyone here that she was the true protagonist of this heroic club.

Donghong Fu finally came to the position of about thirty yuan in front of the dust and non-smoke, stood still, then turned his hand and took out his inky sword, in a high position, indifferently looked at the dust and non-smoke: “You still need not use the heart of the light to defeat you easily, I will never use my heart of the light in front of a jumping clown. ”


The dusty, non-smoky character, is quite simply, no more bullshit, the delicate toe when even a little on the ground, with this power, the whole man and the pink sword of war, in a straight line, meteoroid towards the forward East Palace, burst.

Dong Gong Fei also said nothing more, he held an inky sword and quickly greeted him.

“Ping-pong! ”

Between them, they fought together, two white figures, in the center of the martial arts, constantly staggering.

And that strand of pounding air wave, followed by a huge wave, impacted on all sides, impacted on the chest of the people appearing on the field, as if an invisible blunt instrument, brutally impacted, quite unpleasant.

Donghong Fu is very strong, but dust and non-smoke are also the ultimate champions of the White Tiger field, and naturally quite weak.

Over time, the battle between the two men became more intense. The two shadows were constantly intertwined, from the ground to the air, and from the air to the ground. It was impossible to tell who was who.

It lasted for half an hour, and the two men's intermingled figure just suddenly stopped there quietly.

At a glance, people only saw the inky sword given by the East Palace. It was already immobile to resist the dust and non-smoke on the sizeable breast. As long as the East Palace gave a gentle push, the sharp inky sword could easily pierce the dust and non-smoke heart.

The dust stood there without a smoke, and that elegant little face swept away in secrecy.

“As I said, you're nothing but a jumping clown in my eyes. ”

Looking at the dust and non-smoke in front of him, the Orient Palace made a faint statement: “If it wasn't for the rules of the game, it would only be lighted. I believe that you are a corpse now. ”

After Yan Bi, he took away the inky sword, no longer looked at the dust and non-smoke. He turned around slowly, all over his body, always through an extreme indifference.

Dust and non-smoke also put away the pink sword of war, silently retreated to the field, but there was no loss of defeater on the face, hands up to the foot room, all through a strand of elegance.

She was able to hold on for half an hour in the hands of Dong Gong Fu, and this kind of performance is actually quite good.

“Dong Gong Fu, the ultimate master of Xuanbu division, fought against Bai Tiger division, the ultimate master of dust and non-smoke, and finally, Dong Gong won. ”

Ancestor Phoenix announced the results, paused, and went on to say: "According to the race system, the semi-finals and finals will take place in a row, then the finals will follow. ”