The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1161: Changes in rules

Xia Jiuyu only felt the ink spot, as if it were a concentrated hell, emitting endless death breath. The death breath in the heavens and the earth covered her instantly.


Xia Jiu shouted, maximizing his speed, and once again, his body disappeared directly in place.

The next moment, she appeared hundreds of husbands away.

However, the attack from the Orient Palace did not stop, the tip of the sword turned, and Xia Jiuyu, who was shadowed towards hundreds of husbands, stabbed the third sword.

With the stabbing out of his sword, the original magnificent inky sword disappeared in an instant, and the previous endless killing intent disappeared with it.

And the trajectory of his sword, which is also weird to the point, seems to be completely out of the heavens and the earth, and looks extremely slow.

What's that supposed to mean?

Looking at the slowly stabbed ink sword, Xia Jiu was stunned there and blinked incredibly.

However, the sword given by the Orient Palace appears to be only extremely slow, but in fact it is too fast to describe.

Haven't waited for Xia Jiu to return to the gods, the East Palace gave her the inky sword of war, which has already reached her chest.


Xia Jiu was shocked, a wide wing, and quickly turned toward the East Palace with the sword burst into the stab. At the same time, the huge body, turned into a very faint shadow, quickly swept aside.

Just the next moment, she fixed her eyes, Donghong Fu in front of herself, holding the inky sword, towards herself, the speed still seemed quite slow, the sword did not emit a hint of breath.

“Damn it! ”

Xia Jiu delicately drank, dared not be slightly lazy, spread the speed again, burst to the other side.

However, at first glance, the East Palace gave the figure with the inky sword stab and appeared in front of it.

It seems that all sides of this martial arts field are like ambushing the East Palace Fu.

Such a scenario is desperate for her.

“This third sword of mine, it's called" The Ten Sided Ambush. "How's that, pretty powerful, huh? ”

The Oriental Palace speaks faintly.

“Nice. You're paralyzed! ”

In the rage, Xia Jiuyu had to expand the speed again and sweep aside.

But unfortunately, the scene is the same, her figure has not stopped, only in her sight, the East Palace gave a pair of extremely indifferent eyes, holding the 10-length ink sword, and came towards herself.

And the speed of the sword, it still seemed pretty slow.

How did that happen?

Xia Jiuyu was so desperate, this third sword given by the East Palace, when it was really scary to the extreme, seemed to contain some kind of heavenly and earth law, it was completely impossible to speculate by common sense.

There was no other option, Xia Jiuyu had to expand his speed again to avoid this ghost-like sword.

This time, she burst out hundreds of feet away, and just once, a pair of extremely indifferent eyes flashed in front of her.

Xia Jiu glanced at him and saw only Donggong Fu in front of his own eyes, less than a meter away from himself. Those two extremely indifferent eyes looked at her without moving.

And the inky sword given by the East Palace sometime turned into an inky sword. It is gently on Xia Jiuyu's chest. As long as he pushes it at will, Xia Jiuyu's chest will inevitably appear a sword hole.

“Xia Jiuyu, I'm sorry, you defeated, it seems you can't be in front of me, for your jumping clown proper name. ”

The East Palace gave that handsome near-evil face a rare smile: “Now you look at me again, don't you suddenly feel that I have a look like a king? ”

Xia Jiu-yin's huge crane body has become a human form, and the red eyelash blinks incredibly gently: “Do you have the look of a king? Pfft, don't be ridiculous, I think you're more or less like an asshole. ”

Listening to Xia Jiuyu's ridicule, Dong Gong Fei was not angry, but said indifferently: “You can say whatever you want. Anyway, the current results have come out. You defeated the north, I, Dong Gong Fei, the head of this heroic club, hand over all the emperor's liquid on you. ”

At this moment, he, beneath his indifferent appearance, was somewhat happy, and now, as he had expected, he easily defeated all his opponents and seized the head of this Hero Society.

Next, he will win a huge batch of Emperor's Liquid.

Now that the leader has been taken, then, it is time to attack Qin Yi, Yunnan and Dongzhi.

Everything was going according to his previous plan.


Right now.

“Wait a minute. ”

A beautiful voice, but suddenly, it rang outside the battlefield.

The Oriental Palace gave a slight glimpse, looked around, and found that the person who spoke was the Oriental Lawn in the red armor. He was forced to look at Oriental Lawn without a word.


With a slight cough, Oriental Shiba looked at the Oriental Palace and faintly said: “There are some changes in the racing system, Oriental Palace Shi. Sorry, you are not the leader yet. We have just discussed this. Next, Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song and Dust Non Smoke, the ultimate owners of the three main divisions, will join forces to fight you. If you can defeat them all, you can become the ultimate owner. ”


As Dongzhi's words came out, everyone in the room had their chins shattered and their eyes blinked incredibly there.

The long established system of racing can still be changed three times and five times, when it is really a laugh.

“Well done, I agree with both hands! ”

“I agree, didn't the Orient Palace always say that everyone was just jumping clowns? Let Xia Jiuyu, Dusty Non Smoke and Nine Songs fight him together to see if he is qualified to say that we are jumping clowns. ”

“Ha ha, Dong Gong Fu, don't be angry so you can better support your great shore! ”

The people who came back to God couldn't help laughing happily.

Tomiya Fu has always said that people are just jumping clowns, people have long been angry about this, so this scene, though surprising, is undoubtedly the most they want to see.

At this moment, Xia Jiuyu, who remained in the center of the martial arts field, and the two songs and dust and non-smoke people outside the field, also hid a delightful color on their faces. At the same time, in those eyes, there was a slow burning of war.

“Oriental Chi, are you pitting me? ”

The Oriental Palace is standing quietly in the center of the martial arts field. The immobilized look at the Oriental Palace is still constantly indifferent, without any expression.

It's just that even a fool can feel it right now, beneath his indifferent appearance, wrapped in tremendous rage.