The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1162: The Heart of Light

Even saints will be angry if they are so badly pitted!

Dongzhi didn't say anything, but just looked up at the delicate little face and looked proudly, meaning quite obvious.

That's the pit. So what?

Qin Yi, Yanmei Mai, and Yanzhu Xin are in a theatrical mindset, happily watching this scene.

Looking at the arrogant Oriental Shiba, the mouth corner of the East Palace finally smoked lightly, which is enough for the surface, at this moment, he, really pissed off.

Dongzhi gave Dong Gong a terrible look, ignored directly, then waved a white hand toward Nine Songs and Dust and Non Smoke: “You two come now, join forces with Xia Jiuyu to fight Dong Gong Fu. ”


Nine songs and dust and non-smoke pairs echoed each other. Then, the Xuan Qi in both of them followed the burst, and turned into two streams, towards the center of the martial arts field, burst out. In between winks, it stood with Xia Jiuyi.

Between the flips of the palms, both of them held their weapons in their hands.

“It was a conspiracy from beginning to end, a conspiracy to kill me, wasn't it? ”

That indifference reached the ultimate eyesight, on the face of the three Xia Jiuyu people lined up in front of the word "one”, Xu Xuyi swept away, Donggong Fu said.

“Exactly. This is a conspiracy to kill you. ”

Xia Jiuyi and the three of them, have not yet spoken. Dongzhi outside the birth has said with a light smile and faint smile.

Things have come to this point, there is no need to hide from Dong Gong Fu anymore, in any case, the end of Dong Gong Fu today is one, that is, death!

There can be no second scenario!

“Why is that? Dongzhi, don't you know that I belong to Chiaki Mizuki, you designed to kill me today, don't you fear that Chiaki Mizuki will tear you to pieces in the future? ”

The East Palace gave strength to the chest, the fierce anger, the slowly spitting words in the mouth, as if it were a demonic sound coming out of hell, the blood in the human body could be heard, as if it were frozen in an instant.

“Qian Qiushui, very strong, ranked first on the Divine Guard list alongside Luo Feng, but what's to be afraid of, you're just a walking dog under his command. ”

Dongzhi shrugged that delicate incense shoulder, no matter what the shallow smile. After a pause, he continued: “As for why I set up such a big game to kill you, that's because Qin Yi and Feiniang are my friends with Dongzhi, I would never let them both die on your hands, this is one...

“Secondly, I will not destroy you today with the nature you have given me in the East Palace. In time, you will destroy me and take away my ‘Messenger of Hell' organization and become the master of the second level of this mausoleum. So today, this is where you're buried, and there will never be a second situation! ”

In the conversation room, Dongzhina wears red armor on her delicate body, she has already exuded a flash of flashness, and she feels like a king.

“Hip-hop, Higashimiya Fu, how do you feel when you know the truth about this heroic event? ”

Xia Jiu smiled delightfully.

The nine songs and the two dust and non-smoke people beside them did not say anything. The silent gaze of the two people at the East Palace has ignited tremendous warfare.

“Okay, okay! All right!”

Tomiya Fulian said three good words: "I'd like to see if you can kill me today. Come on!”

“Let's go, kill this bird man! ”

In the delicious sound, Xia Jiu's hands waved. Nachana's moving delicacy was transformed into a giant immortal crane again. She took the lead in giving it to the East Palace in front of her and quickly swept away.

Nine songs and dust and non-smoke, is a nonsense, carrying their weapons, walking Xia Jiuyu's back dust, quickly killing to give to the East Palace.

With the attack of the three top experts, the entire space of the martial arts field was heavily distorted as if it were to be crushed directly by the absolute pressure emanating from the three of them.


“The heart of light! ”

Watching Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song and Dust non-smoking three people killed at great speed, Donggong Palace suddenly had a cold drink.

With this cold drink, a strange scene occurs, only Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song and Dust non-smoking people are easy, they are all rapidly aging.

Endless hours, rapidly lost on them.

The three of them rushed to the half, and the face was getting a little old, and they were not only getting old fast, they were getting smaller.

And the three of them are slowing down a lot.

This velocity of time flow, too fast!

By the time the three of them rushed into the face of the Orient Palace, their faces had become very old, and Xia Jiuyu's body, too, had become only one ordinary crane size, nine songs and dust non-smoke, as well, had become only about one meter old.

This scenario, when it's really weird, is like a hallucination.


Looking at his face, he instantly became three very old Xia Jiuyu, and the East Palace gave him a frivolous cold hum: “It's ridiculous that these three beaming clowns want to kill me, too. ”

Donghong Feng was too lazy to deal with them, shaking in shape and blasting hundreds of them straight back.


Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song, dust and non-smoke attack, all hit the ground, the whole earth, shaking with one.

“The heart of light given by the Orient Palace seems to be much stronger than in previous years. Even Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song and Dust Non Smoke joined forces to do nothing about him. ”

Dongzhi off the field, looking at the situation, that shallow eyebrow, suddenly turned around, delicious to the practitioners around him: “What are you still standing here doing? Today is the best opportunity to destroy the Orient Palace. If you miss it, it will never happen again. Don't you want to prove to him your strength? Aren't you the jumping clowns in his mouth...

“Moreover, if the Oriental Palace is given immortality today, in time, once he has become the master of the second level of this mausoleum, all of you must bow down to him, and if there is a slight breach, there will be no place to die! ”

Yan Bi, Dongzhi turned his hand and took out the silver gun. The whole person turned into a bright red figure. He took the lead in giving it to the Oriental Palace in the center of the martial arts field and stabbed him.

“Destroy the Orient Palace Fu! ”

“Kill him! ”

The practitioners of these wars have long hated the Oriental Palace gift, and Oriental Shiba, in any case, instantly boiled their blood, each taking out their weapons, turning into a flow of paths, and making a mad rush to the Oriental Palace.

This place is a mess!

Between the blinks, there were only Qin Yi, Yanmei and Yanzhu Xin, sitting there in awkwardness, incredibly hard to blink eyes.