The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1170: Complete Closing

An Oriental Palace is just a gift. In the crowd's peak of the Holy See in Kyushu, it is nothing.

Ten thousand steps back said that even if Qin Yi was not killed in the mausoleum, he finally got out of trouble. After entering the great world of Xuanhuang, the master he faced was a completely different level of existence.

In any case, it is impossible for Qin Yi to step into the Imperial Mountain and compete for the Imperial Decree.

Magic Mausoleum, 2nd floor.

“Messenger of Hell" base.

With Qin Yi using "Ten Hells” to destroy the East Palace, the scene planned by Dongzhi is quite a huge death hero, and it is also a complete conclusion.

Obviously, after this Death Heroes' Meeting, the second floor of Shen Di Ling Garden is already heavily damaged, and there are many peak strong players, who have been warped in the first four divisions.

Of course, this effect is exactly what Dongzhi wanted, and only then can she be the master of the second level of this magical mausoleum.

After this big wash of cards, the entire second level of the Mausoleum of the Divine Demons has basically been unable to find the power to counter the "Messenger of Hell” organization.

Now Dongzhi, it can be said that on the second floor of this magical mausoleum, only his hands cover the sky and become the supreme being.

In a spacious hall.

Dongzhi, Qin Yi, Yanmei, Yanzhu Xin, Xia Jiuyu and others were all present.

Successfully, on the second floor of this magical mausoleum, a major card wash was carried out, and the Dead Enemy East Palace was exterminated. Dongzhi was in a great mood, and everyone looked radiant.

Her eyes fluttered and her eyes swept slowly on the faces of the people. “According to the previous agreement, Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song and Dust Non Smoke, the ultimate bandits of the three main divisions, the Emperor's liquid won in the preliminary round, belongs to each other. ”

According to the news, Xia Jiuyu, Jiu Song and Dusty Non Smoke are all three people, and their faces are full of intense delights.

The three of them were in their respective fields and plundered more than 400 drops of Emperor's Liquid, which is a tremendous asset.

“As for Qin Yi. ”

Dongzhi turned his eyes to Qin Yi: “In addition to the emperor's liquid that you finally killed and plundered from him, it is naturally yours. In addition, you kill Dongzhengzhi and become the leader of this hero's club, and according to the regulations, you will receive 200 drops of Emperor's liquid reward. ”

Saying, her jade slapped, the long finger on the Na ring, a golden flash, the next moment, exactly 200 drops of Emperor's liquid, appeared on the table.


Looking at 200 drops of Emperor's liquid on the table, everyone here was stunned and opened their mouths and blinked incredibly.

“Dongzhi, this, not to say, you listed the rewards, but...”

Qin Yi touched his nose.

“Was it just a shaker? ”

Oriental Chi smiled shallow: “I never said that. Oh, it was all just a guess. I didn't say anything at the time. ”

She went on to say, "Of course, 100 drops and 500 drops of Emperor's Liquid in the second and third place are not there, that's the shaker, but you haven't decided on the second and third place either. Aren't you?”

In fact, there is no such thing as a hero meeting. Dongzhi is just trying to kill Donggong Fu.

In this situation, Oriental also kept its promise to reward Qin Yi with 200 drops of Emperor's Liquid. Everyone present was forced to take a fresh look and measure Oriental Lawn.

Dongzhi has an iron wrist, male figure shocked the world side, but at the same time, it also has a quite noble side, which is irresistible.

It is also because of this that in the past she was able to become a generation of holy daughters in the village of the Praetor, and now on the second floor of this mausoleum, the head of the "Messenger of Hell” organization.

Some people, naturally, are kings, like Oriental Lawn, even though she is a woman.

And some people, naturally, are just cannon ash material, and even if he is ambitious, eventually, he will climb to the top of the cannon ash for other practitioners, completely silenced in the rivers of the ages.

For example, less flames!

Next, Qin Yi was also welcome, and put 200 drops of Emperor's Liquid from Dongzhi into Na Qing.

“Well, this is the end of the hero thing. As Xia Jiuyu mentioned earlier, after this hero's meeting, you will break into the central ladder. Now you get more than 400 drops, which is enough for you to flush before breaking into the central ladder. ”

Dongzhi shifted his gaze to the nine songs and the dust and non-smoke: “What are you two going to do next, break into the central ladder together, or stay on the second floor of this demonic mausoleum? If you chose the latter, I would prefer you two to join our Hell Messenger organization. ”

Nine songs and dust and non-smoke are the ultimate players in the field. With such a top player, she will naturally not miss the opportunity to solicit.

“On the third floor of the Divine Demon Garden, what kind of cultivator is there? At present, it is an unknown number. I am a conservative. Let's stay on the second level for a while. ”

Dust is not smoke, he said slowly.

She has an elegant and pleasant temperament, not to mention a beautiful and intoxicating voice.

Nine songs on one side, also nodded: “I also chose to stay here on the second floor. As for joining Hell's Messenger, Oriental Chi, you are now the queen of the second level. Do I have any other choice? ”

Rumor has it, Dongzhi flashed, spinning, hands covering his mouth again, happy “giggle” smile: “If you think so, that would be great. Now, things are clear, Qin Yi, Yanmei, Yan Zhu Xin, Xia Jiuyu, will break through the central ladder, while the nine songs and the dust are not smoke, is to accept my solicitation and join the ‘Hell Messenger’ organization. ”

Everybody disperse.

Qin Yi and others, instead of rushing to break into the central ladder, temporarily stayed at the base of the "Hell Messenger” organization, the cultivators who existed on the third floor of Shenmu Garden, obviously with the cultivators here, are not a level of existence, and more importantly, once they reach the third floor, they will face the public loose this powerful enemy.

Therefore, it is also quite necessary for them to make a rush before breaking into the central ladder.

Refinement room.

Qin Yi, Yin Mei Mai, and Yan Zhu Xin are all here.

In addition, Xia Jiuyu, who then broke into the central ladder with them, was also arranged by Dongzhi to join Qin Yi and the three of them.

“Qin Yi, you don't know much about 'Ten Fangs of Hell’, let Zhu Xin talk to you in detail. ”

After Maiden smiled shallow at Qin Yi, she looked at Bamboo Heaven again.


Rumor has it, Qin Yi will look confused and look at the flaming bamboo.

Yan Zhuxin nodded, Xu Xu said: “Qin Yi, do you know who killed the blood monk from the East Palace before? ”