The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1172: Kaoru

“So that's it. ”

Rumor has it, Xia Jiu had a pair of small breasts in front of her chest. She eased her breath: “Since there is no public household pine, there is no way to keep the rabbit, then there is no room for you to fight back. ”

“Exactly. ”

Qin Yi nodded, the problem was no longer tangled, and the spinning face said to Mai Mai: “Mai Mai, let WWI Lingwu go out and find out what's going on under the central ladder. How many people are going to break in? ”


Femme nods her head, then turns her hand and takes out the map of the beast and shows it.

“Pfft! ”

Immediately, a spiritual whale emerged from the soul map of the beast. At the same time, the body grew rapidly, and the sound of "flung” burned the flames of the bear.

Its wide wings, hard work, speeding toward the central ladder in the sky, burst away, a few blinks, buried in the pitch-black of the central ladder.

The four men stood still and waited for the return of Lingwu.

Half an hour later.

The spiritual whale reappeared in the sight of everyone, inciting the bear to burn the wings of the fiery fire, rushing toward this place at great speed.

Maiden slowly stretched out a delicate white jade arm, which quickly turned into an ordinary three-legged bird and fell into Maiden's palm.

To elicit a little spiritual power, to penetrate the eyes of Lingwu, to browse the image of Lingwu ingested, but the clear eyebrows of Femme Flame followed suddenly, the enchanting red lips, quite unexpectedly.

“Mai Mai, what have you found? ”

Qin Yi asked confused.

Habit touched her forehead, Femme said: “This second tier broke through the ladder, although not as many as the first, but there were also several dials, especially surprisingly, the blood ghost was present. ”


The Blood Ghost is ready to enter the third floor!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi, Yan Zhuxin, Xia Jiuyu, all had to stand still, incredibly blinking.

Shallow eyebrows, slightly shrugged, Femme Yan slowly said: “Think carefully, it's actually nothing, the blood ghost has broken through life and death, completely immortal existence, naturally will try to go to a higher level, then get out of here...

“And White Tiger accepts a challenge on this second level, and he has to wait three months before accepting the next challenge, so it's normal for us to meet him here. ”

That makes sense!

Qin Yi, Yan Zhuxin and Xia Jiuyu all nodded.

Obviously, the bloody ghost came here after the last hero meeting.

“Come on, let's go. ”

Femme waved her delicate hands: “Now we don't know how many days have passed since the last time the central ladder was opened and we can only wait. ”

When the four of them were no longer delayed, they each burst into four streams and burst towards the central ladder in the sky, slightly fluctuating.

Not yet.

And they swept over the plaza in front of the central ladder and slowly landed on the ground.

Qin Yi glanced around and swept. In addition to the blood ghost, there were ten other people here waiting to break through the ladder.

Qin Yi discovered that some of these people also appeared at the hero meeting that had just ended.

Of course, you don't have to think about it, there are some people who failed the last round of breaking and entering the ladder, staying here, waiting for the next round.

And perhaps out of consternation with blood ghosts, these people have long allied with each other, and only blood ghosts are alone.

The nature of the blood ghost is too brutal and bloodthirsty, no one dares to risk alliance with him.

According to the rules, the number of alliances breaking through the ladder on the first floor shall not exceed five, while the number of alliances breaking through the central ladder on the second floor shall be less than one and not more than four.

And Qin Yi and the others here, there are exactly four people, no need to alliance with other practitioners.

No longer pay attention to these practitioners around, Qin Yi four people, surrounded by a group, each leg sitting on the ground, practicing in the traditional cultivation method.

In fact, at their current height, the traditional cultivation method, the effect has been quite unclear.

Remember, the traditional cultivation method is to absorb the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, enter the Dantian, and then convert from the Dantian to the Xuan Qi, conveying it to the major meridian pulses in the body, thus allowing the body to function and make breakthroughs.

Generally speaking, the spirituality of the heavens and the earth in the air is very thin, and what they are now fixing is that it will only take decades to absorb it.

Of course, some special fairy lands are different.

“Huh, these kids, they're breaking into the central ladder too. ”

At some point.

The bloody ghost sitting on the blood cloud opened his eyes gently. He looked away at Qin Yi several people and bit his teeth. In those eyes, a fire of hatred erupted.

In fact, Qin Yi several people, just as soon as they arrived here, the blood ghost noticed them, only hindered themselves on this second level, is the existence of the human gods together, dare not to easily touch them.

Once it's done, it's only a matter of moments before it hits the group.

Therefore, keeping a low profile at this moment is a good idea. Although he has now broken through life and death, it is impossible to get cheap in the face of so many practitioners.

Obviously, however, the blood ghost can never let go of Qin Yi and his hatred with them, which can no longer be described in words.

“Wow, Qin Yi, look! ”

A delicate voice filled with surprises suddenly rang from the square.

And as this delicate cry sounded, all the practitioners on the field who were supposed to sit with their eyes closed slowly opened their eyes and looked at Qin Yi four people.

Qin Yi, a few of them, also opened their eyes towards each other, the delicate cry, but found it to be a beautiful girl in a pink robe.

The girl in the pink robe looked at Qin Yi and was full of enthusiasm: "Qin Yi, that's what killed Donggong Palace. Oh, shh, the male god in my heart. ”

“This idiot! ”

Looking at the appearance of the girl, Qin Yi was surrounded by the bamboo, and suddenly some dissatisfaction spat.

Femme Yan and Xia Jiuyu smiled silently and shallow.

“Kaoru, don't make a scene. ”

An old gray robe next to the girl in the pink robe whispered to her, and then smiled far away to Qin Yi with apologies: "Brother, I'm sorry to bother you, this is my granddaughter, I don't understand, please don't compare with her. ”

“It's okay.”

Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders.

There were two middle-aged men besides the old man in the pink robe.

The two middle-aged men, not only dressed the same, but also looked quite alike, and at first glance, they knew they were twin brothers.