The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1184: Do You Look Like A Wolf?

“Well, since neither of you is willing to leave, I naturally cannot ask for it. ”

Femme Flame smiled shallow.

With Xia Zhuxin and Xia Jiuyu, their power will naturally be a lot bigger.

Xia Jiuyu, descendant of the crane, has an unparalleled speed, with her around, what actions to take in the future is naturally a lot of convenience, and other practitioners want to kill her, it is also extremely difficult.

And Xin Bamboo, of the four of them, strength is the weakest, but she has a group of blood Holy Ghost Wolves, suddenly unable to prevent, release this group of blood Holy Ghost Wolves, enough to cause any practitioner, a lot of trouble.

More importantly, she is the only hope of killing the bloody ghost, this evil creature.

So, in fact, they have to protect it.

If she falls into misfortune in the future, then the hope of annihilating the bloodthirsty ghost is truly gone.

By then, the entire cultivation world will be trapped from this mausoleum with blood ghosts, thus ushering in a havoc.

“So now, let's plan for what we're going to do on the third level. ”

Yanmei's eyes were so beautiful, on the faces of Qin Yi, Yanzhu Xin and Xia Jiuyi, Xu Xuyi swept: “First, we must find a place to rest. In this regard, I suggest that we still find a more hidden cave, as in the second floor, so as not to attract too much attention. ”

“It is indeed more appropriate. ”

Qin Yi and Yanzhu Xin, both nodded in favour.

Without delay, Qin Yi immediately prompted his left hand to cover the area of about 25,000 square feet, quickly finding a cave.

The three of them, as Qin Yi entered the cave, found that the cave was relatively spacious and dry.

“This cave, it's not bad. ”

Xia Jiu Yi stood in the center of the cave, his eyes swept in the cave, that beautiful little face slightly appeared an awkward color, looked at the flaming lady and the bamboo, then looked at Qin Yi in a ghost: “Do you really think it's appropriate for the four of us to live in this cave? ”

“Why not? ”

Femme Femme frowned slightly and looked confused at Xia Jiuyu: “But why do I think that we are in the same room as the wolves? ”

“Pfft! ”

As a result, Xia Jiuyu's words had just fallen, and the flaming bamboo hearts beside her were obviously immediately thought of the scene where she began to meet Qin Yi. When her hands covered her mouth, she smiled and shook with a twitch.

Femme Yan also touched her forehead, and she couldn't help but cry.


Qin Yi had an embarrassing cough and looked at Xia Jiu and blinked unexpectedly: “Do you think I look like a wolf? ”

“Like, very like. ”

Xia Jiuyi nodded seriously: “Before that, I sensed you several times, sneaking a peek at Meizu and Bamboo's hearty breasts. ”


Qin Yi, Yin Mei Mai, and Yan Zhu Xin were three people, and suddenly they were like five lightning blasts, unable to move there.

They never thought that Xia Jiuyu was not only temperamental, but also so straightforward.

Damn, that's embarrassing!

Even Xia Jiu perceived her sneak peek at Meizu and Bamboo's breasts.

Obviously, Qin Yi, at this moment, really wanted to find a seam and go straight into it.

Meanwhile, Femme and Xin Bamboo stood there in a daze. Both cheeks appeared gently with a shy and moving red moisture. She cast that very strange look at Qin Yi slowly.

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

Next moment.

At the same time, the two huge chest apparatuses in front of them laughed without regard for their image. They were all running up and down, causing a wonderful tempting ripple.

They are shy, but at the same time, there is an unknown amount of sweetness in their hearts.

It's so much fun, this guy, usually peeps into his chest.

They feel quite proud to have Qin Yi do this.

“What do you mean, peeping? ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and had to hold his breath when he died: “Xia Jiuyu, what do you know? I'm looking at you generously, like now, and I'm looking at you generously. ”

Qin Yi really looked at the two small breasts in front of Xia Jiuyi and swept them generously.


This colored embryo, what a shame!

He touched Qin Yi on his chest and swept his eyes. Xia Jiuyi sipped lightly.

Even if she is a delightful person, she can't help Qin Yi such a shameless tone. On both cheeks, a rare appearance of shy red moisture appeared, and the appearance looked quite beautiful and beautiful.

But her heart flowed through an unknown sweetness.

“Come on, don't make a scene. ”

Femme flamed her face correctly, but the crystalline jade cheeks still appeared faintly red, even the two with huge chest size, obscure light and quite, said: “At present, we don't have a good plan for this third layer. ”

After a pause, Maiden Yan continued: “So, during the release of my Lingwu to investigate the news, Qin Yi went outside to collect some medicine, try to refine some more medicine to cure injuries and Dan, while me, Zhuxin, Xia Jiuyu and the three of us, stayed here to fight and practice, what do you think? ”

“No comment. ”

Qin Yi, Yan Zhuxin and Xia Jiuyu all nodded.

The practitioners present on this third level, with the practitioners on the second level, are not at all a level of existence, they have just entered this third level, naturally they must act with care, an imprudence, the third level of this demonic mausoleum, will be their burial place.

Naturally, it is also essential to refine as many injury-medicines as possible.

Next, Maiden Flame turned her hand and took out the map of the beast, releasing the seven spiritual whales.

Qin Yi also went out of the cave to collect the materials needed to refine the Nine Spirits for Soul Return Dan.

The materials used to refine the Nine Spins of Soul Dan are just ordinary medicines. The difficulty of collecting them is not very great.


In order to act with caution, in the process of collecting medicinal materials, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to cover the range of about 25,000 square feet.

Qin Yi reached the current height, the sense of spirituality has reached a higher level. As he covered the range of about 25,000 feet of spiritual power, everything in this range, is directly in the form of a picture, reflected in his mind.

“What a wonderful feeling. ”

After discovering this, Qin Yi felt slightly happy.

It is an indescribable sense of clarity, as if he were the center of the earth, the whole of which is clear to him.