The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1186: Blood Ghost Trail

“Hey, I said Zhu Xin, why do you have to turn on the piston mode before I and Qin Yi can go to the wonderful world together? ”

Once she listens, she won't like it.

“I'm a sister, and you have to let me, of course, start piston mode with me first? ”

Takeshi lifted that lovely little snow-white chin slightly, and the delicate little face had already appeared in an arrogant colour.

“But don't forget, I know Qin Yi first, so you must go with me to the wonders of life before you can start the piston mode. ”

“ …… ”

Here we go again!

Looking ahead, the two disputed colorful women, Qin Yiton's head was as big as a battle, and he waved his hands in haste: “Stop it, now is not the time to crack, you continue to practice. I have already collected the medicine back, and I must hurry to refine this batch of wounded Dan medicine. ”



Femme Yan and Xin Bamboo, each of them put on a pretty good john nose, whispered to each other, and after a glance at each other, they continued to sit and practice.


A rather boring and at the same time quite shameless argument is finally over!

Qin Yichang exhaled.

Next, without further delay, he turned his hand from the ring and took out the medicines he had just taken. It took him an hour to cook them all dry with Xuan Qi.

Then he took out the medicine that had been given to him by the Leaf Master Tube when the miracle fairy tracked back in the day, and began refining the Dan medicine.

And Mei Ma and Bamboo Heartbreak, are also playing and practicing again.

Between winks, three days pass.

In three days, Qin Yi will take all of these medicines, which have been refined and more than one hundred and eighty pieces have been refined to return to Soul Dan.

And this batch of nine spinning soul dan, five quality, enough to reach more than 150, four quality, less than 30.

From this, it can be seen that Qin Yi's alchemy technology is also constantly improving with the constant refining of Dan Pharmaceuticals.

In these three days, the spiritual whale released by Maiden Yan finally returned to both.

Through the images captured by the two Lingwu, Qin Yi learned that the third floor of this demonic mausoleum is indeed very different from the second floor and the first floor. There are some tomb towns and sects here.

Of course, there are more graveyards and sects here than there are on the second floor.

There are 15 tomb towns, 7 parishioners.

And as you can see, there are a lot fewer practitioners in this third layer than there are in the second.

This is normal. The higher up this mausoleum, the harder it will be to break in.

These two spiritual whales just took this whole third layer of information and did not bring back useful information.

Another two days later, the third spirit returned.

Femme Flame elicits a touch of spiritual power, penetrates Lingwu's eyes and browses the images he ingests.

“Mai Mai, have you got any valuable information? ”

Qin Yi asked.

Side by side of the bamboo, is also to look at the curious eyes and look at the flaming lady.

“And yet, this ghost has taken the image of a bloody ghost. ”

The flaming woman exhaled lightly, and the divine colour on her face became slightly clotted.

“Where is Yan Wing De now? ”

Bamboo frowned and revealed a slight concern.

“He entered a pristine forest, where he wildly hunted the Flooding Beast, drawing the blood of the Flooding Beast and growing himself. ”

Femme Femme touched her forehead habitually and said: "The blood ghost is growing too fast, so it won't take long, his strength will be able to fight most of the practitioners in this third level, then he can come out of the original forest and massacre the practitioners here. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Bamboo-hearted faces have all become a little ugly.

“Blood ghosts, this evil creature, really comes out of the Blood Witch Holy Land, and every place you go, you bring a disaster there. ”

Qin Yi sighed softly.

And the flames around you are silent.

Blood ghosts will come into the world, almost to say, she is the culprit.

If she did not take the blood jade painting out of the Temple of the Blood Witch, when the blood ghost was still in the Blood Witch Holy Land, she would have been killed by the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf, and there would have been no subsequent serial massacre.

“Zhu Xin, don't blame yourself, everything is set freely. ”

Qin Yi spoiled and rubbed his sweet hair. “Isn't the Spirit of the Blood Witch powerful every day? I'm sure the Blood Witch will be able to wipe out the Blood Ghost completely by then. ”


Bamboo gently lightened her head. She saw Qin Yi's face with such a warm and slight smile. Her mood also became quite relaxed.

For the next three days, the fourth returned with the fifth Ling Wu.

Fei Fei did not read valuable information in the eyes of the two spirits, but only some practitioners, killing each other, plundering the cultivation resources.

“From the scenes of these practitioners fighting, it can be seen that the practitioners here are indeed stronger than the practitioners on the second level, and are generally afraid of being at least a little bit taller. ”

Femme sighs.

Qin Yi and Yanzhu were very heartwarming.

That's what they expected.

Still on the second floor, the power of Femme Flame is quite poignant, but entering this third level, I'm afraid it's not even moderate.

On the other hand, Bamboo Heaven is afraid that only the bottom can be mattressed. It is easy to kill her if you come out here as a practitioner.

Fortunately, she has a bunch of Blood Holy Ghost Wolves and a round of White Xuan Moon.

Among the several of them, Qin Yi's cultivation is the same as that of Bamboo Heaven, but his strength is undoubtedly the strongest one. Not only does he possess the rugged martial arts such as the Seven Types of Ten Demons, but he also possesses the heirloom treasures such as the Ten Fang Hells.

A few more days later, the sixth returned with the seventh Ling Wu.

In the eyes of the sixth Ling Wu, Fei Mai still did not read about the family.

And when she finished browsing the images of the seventh ghost, she had to smile lightly. “What a surprise, Xia Jiuyu went after the blood ghost. In that pristine forest, the blood ghost was hunted everywhere. ”


Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yan Zhuxin all blinked incredibly lightly.

“Obviously, Xia Jiuyu was originally going to that ancient forest in search of cultivation resources, who wants to encounter the blood ghost, Xia Jiuyu has always had a bad eye for the blood ghost, naturally do not want to see him slaughter the floodplain beast and suck blood to grow. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi speculated.

In this regard, Maiden and Xinxian Bamboo both agree.

Xia Jiuyu's sexuality, they still know that once they encounter the blood ghost, they will never let him go.

Moreover, still at the second level, Xia Jiuyu's power is slightly stronger than that of the Blood Ghost, and with its unparalleled speed, there will be no problem in abusing the Blood Ghost.