The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1193: His name is Qin Yi

Surely, it is not easy for those who can be with the descendants of the Crane, and he is very interested in knowing their identities.

And the shadow around the ghost shadow was also the eyes of the demons, slightly condensed, and showed a strong interest in Qin Yi and Feiniang.

“The woman in the red robe, a divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, was named Meizu Yan. ”

Blood ghosts coldly say.

The Holy See of Kyushu!

Rumor has it, the ghost and the charm are both slightly unexpected.

Their “dark night” rudder princess, Matsushi, is also a divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, whose identity, the “dark night”, is known to all thirteen.

In fact, on the third floor of this mausoleum, the Holy See of Kyushu, the number of divine guardians is not very large, and there will never be more than ten people. It is a good fortune to write about the number of people who can meet on this vast land.

“As for the young man who is helping Xia Jiu to heal his wounds, he is also a divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, and he is also the biggest enemy of this house. He wants to frustrate his bones and lift his ashes in this subdivision! ”

Speaking of Qin Yi, the fire of hatred in the eyes of the blood ghost clearly swelled a few more points.

“This man is also the divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, which is kind of interesting. ”

The shadow raised the beautiful corner of her mouth slightly, and outlined a shallow charming smile: “She looks super handsome. She looks so handsome. Her heart is pounding and pounding. ”

She even licked the pink little tongue on its full, alluring red lips, filled with the most primitive tease.

Seeing her like this, the flaming lady in front and the flaming bamboo hearts are all forced to blush, revealing the color of disgust.

It's so embarrassing to seduce such naked men's tickets!

“Meishan, it's time for you to stop being naughty. ”

The ghost next to Meizhou also said, then looked curiously at the ground, focusing on Qin Yi, who was cured of Xia Jiu's physiological injuries: “Blood ghost, what is the name of this person? ”

“His name is Qin Yi! ”

Blood ghosts squeeze these words out of their teeth.

It is also abundant to see how deeply he hates Qin Yi, absolutely pouring out the river water, can not be washed away.


His name is Qin Yi!

Rumor has it, the ghost and the charm are both like thunderbolts, suddenly suddenly, for a moment, completely stunned there.

Then, they looked at each other calmly, and each other's faces slowly emerged with a delightful smile.

Ever since these days, they have been bitterly asking Qin Yi this person, I really didn't expect that at this moment, he sent himself to the door.

It's so hard to break through the iron shoes and find nowhere!

“Giggle, giggle! ”

Looking down, Qin Yi, who was healing Xia Jiu's phantom wounds, smiled and smiled. The two large seats with super scale in front of her chest were all shaking violently. She saw the population dry tongue, the blood of the animals in her body, and boiled very nasty.

“I didn't expect the script to be like this, so divine, so wonderful. ”

Mei Shadow tears are about to come out, foxy eyes, looking at the ghost: “What do you think, isn't all this wonderful? ”

At this moment, the ghost looked at Qin Yi on the ground, and his face was full of fanaticism, nodding his head: “Indeed, this is a great miracle, I even wonder, is this a dream? ”

Looking at the ghosts and the shadows, that was obviously a very unusual reaction, and the blood ghost confused the eyebrows.

On the other hand, the two people across the street are more alert, and at the same time the mind is confused.

And the talent of Femme Flame is also visible, just a moment of confusion, is habitual lifting of the fiber hands, touching the glossy and full forehead, eyes blinking at the ghosts and shadows: “Obviously, you are the people of the public household pine. ”

“Ah, Kobe Matsu! ”

His side of the bamboo, that tempting little red mouth, stunned Zhang, directly and delicately exhaled.

After spending such a long time with Qin Yi, she still knows many things about Qin Yi. Naturally, she knows the public household pine. In the third floor of this magical mausoleum, Qin Yi is a very powerful enemy. The other party is ordered by Qian Qiushui to wait here for Qin Yi's arrival and then kill him.

Unexpectedly, now, a man and a woman standing in front of them are the people of the public household who let go.

Below, that was with Qin Yi, who was being healed by Xia Jiu, and listening to the words of Femme Yan, he also had to slowly raise his head and look at the ghosts and shadows that stood in the sky.

However, he was calm and had no emotional fluctuations.

Now, when Xia Jiu's life and death are at stake, he cannot be distracted at all. Otherwise, if his fluctuating emotions affect the stability of the Xuan Qi delivered to Xia Jiu's body, Xia Jiu Yi is most likely to be unbearable and die suddenly.

Hearing Meizu revealed her identity, both the ghost and the shadow, were forced to look at Meizu quite unexpectedly.

“Your name is Maiden Yan? Well, we do have some talent, and as you said, we are the ones who let go of the public household. ”

Ghosts don't hide their identities either, he said faintly.

Anyway, Windshadow has led other “dark night” members in a series of assassinations on this third level before blaming Qin Yi.

It won't be long before Qin Yi becomes the public enemy of the third floor of this magical mausoleum.

Even the ghost of the old plot had to admire the public household pine trick, it is really high!

“Here we go! I can't believe you saw that. That's good. ”

Meizhan smiled happily: “I'm just curious, Meizhan, how the hell do you see that? ”

“It's simple.”

"Until then, you didn't know Qin Yi at all, but when the bloody ghost mentioned Qin Yi, the two of you were unusually happy, which is obviously not normal. ”

"But the problem is, we've just come up to the third floor, and haven't had any other practitioners here for a long time. We've only known that Kobe Song has been on the third floor, waiting for Qin Yi to come up and kill him, so the problem is obvious. You're not Kobe Song people, who else can you be? ”

At this time, Xia Jiuyu below, under the effect of the whole eight nine turns back to Souldan, plus Qin Yi fully helped her heal the wounds, so that she finally had the most dangerous moment.

“Xia Jiuyu, how are you? How are you? ”

Qin Yi put his palms on Xia Jiuyi's spine and Xia Jiuyi's delicate body was lying in Qin Yi's arms. Qin Yi asked with concern.