The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1196: Escape

“Can't you finally touch it? ”

The ghost was already covered in the rickets of spider web blood, and suddenly jumped from the ground, then waved his hand: "Go, make sure to break this boy, the corpse, pull his soul out, smelt it into the weapon. ”

Immediately, the three ghosts, the Phantom and the Blood Ghost, with which the river water was poured out, were all impenetrable anger and rushed to Qin Yi.


Qin Yi in front, on the palm of his hand, suddenly appeared a little bloody tower.

The bloody tower is less than five inches tall, surrounded by a string of golden symbols that look mysterious and ancient.

As Qin Yi poured Xuan Qi into the bloody tower, only the first layer of the bloody tower was seen, and suddenly a piece of blood burst out.

The bloodstream swept up and quickly gathered over the bloody tower into a bloody monk.

The blood monk closed his eyes and sat there on a suspended tray, pinching a string of blood buddha beads in his hand, reading vague Zen words in his mouth.

This is…

Seeing the bloody tower, suddenly appeared the blood monk, the ghost, the ghost, the blood ghost three people, just rushed halfway, had to stand still again.

Obviously, the blood monk, a corpse, has been dead for years without a trace of life.

But at the moment when the blood monks appeared, all three of their souls could not help but tremble. As in the moment, they fell into hell, and the unstoppable breeding of their hearts grew with fear.


Before they had returned to God, they saw the blood monk's hand. Three blood buddha beads suddenly struck out and turned into three streams, each of which quickly struck the three ghosts, the Phantom and the Blood Ghost.

The unparalleled speed contained on the blood buddha bead instantly puts a blood hole in the body of three people.

What a horrible force!

Ghosts, ghosts, and bloody ghosts, all of them have a strong shock on their faces.

“Qin Yi, what kind of Fabao are you? Why didn't you take it out before? ”

Although the blood ghost broke through the boundaries of life and death, the hole in his body that was struck by the blood buddha beads, in a few breaths, was completely healed, but at this moment, he was very uneasy in his heart.

He fought Qin Yi for many years. He knew basically what the killing tactics were on Qin Yi. Now, Qin Yi suddenly took out such a horrible blood tower. At the same time, he was shocked and confused.

Staring dead at the blood tower on Qin Yi's hands, the blood ghost's brain flashed, and thought of a possibility: “This little blood tower, isn't it" Hell of the Ten "? ”

“Obviously, you're absolutely right, it's ‘Ten Hells’. ”

Qin Yi held onto the small blood tower and looked at the blood ghost with a faint smile.

“Ah, you bastard, this is my pharaoh, you have to give it back to me! ”

Rumor has it, the bloody ghost growls on the spot.

His heart, this moment, is dripping blood.

“What, is that your magic treasure? Blood ghost, how did you give him all this magic? What the hell is going on? ”

The ghost said, incredibly blinking.

And the shadow beside it is the look that looks like a brag pen, looking at the blood ghost, shaking his head unrelenting sigh.

Such a horrible Pharaoh, the bloody ghost actually gave way to Qin Yi. Has this bloody ghost's brain ever really been caught in the door? What an incredible barrel!

“This‘ Hell of the Ten ', a hereditary treasure of our Yan clan, was bought by my son from the auction with five million Kyushu Lingyuan stones, but later, Qin Yi's kid pit passed. ”

Blood ghost is itchy with teeth: “This‘ Hell of the Ten 'had a password seal, and no one has ever been able to decipher it. So, even though we hated it in our hearts, we didn't care too much. Who wants to, Qin Yi this kid has now deciphered the seal code. ”

So that's it!

Ghosts and Shadows are gone.

But anyway, even such heirloom treasures can be taken out of the pit, and the son of the bloody ghost is really stupid.

“Exactly! I just came through the pit from Young Master Yan's pen. So what? If you can, just come and get it. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

“That's our pharaoh, give it back to us! ”

Blood ghost growls.

Next moment.

He stomped on the blood cloud and rushed to Qin Yi at all costs.

Qin Yi relied on "Ten Hells” and stepped forward, while again instilling Xuan Qi suddenly into “Ten Hells”.

As Qin Yi instilled Xuan Qi in it, the sound of the blood monk Sang Na reciting the Zen language suddenly became huge.

At the same time.


Six blood buddha beads, suddenly in the hands of the blood monk, suddenly punched out, still striking the three blood ghosts, ghosts and charms.

The unparalleled power on the blood buddha beads once again punched their bodies straight through.

“Blood ghost, run, deal with this boy, let's go! ”

The ghost of the three blood holes has been easily struck out on his body. He has long lost half his heart in love. He immediately drank loudly, without any further delay, and spread the speed with the two Shadows, towards the rear, exploding.

This time, they “dark night”, the soldiers themselves are divided into two ways, the wind shadow has taken “dark night” with other members, assassinating ten tomb owners, by then, they will blame Qin Yi.

Qin Yi will soon become the public enemy here, the three of himself, there is no need to fight with Qin Yi here at all.

Besides, the three of them don't seem to necessarily be rivals of the four of Qin Yi.

“Dark Night", mainly involves some mysterious operations, which are not necessarily very strong when it comes to real personal strength.

Moreover, the Shadows and the Shadows, although the two leaders of the Dark Night, have their strengths, one is to analyze the situation, the other is to gather intelligence. If it comes to fighting power, they are inside the Dark Night, they are not ranked. In the Dark Night, there are some people who are stronger than them.

“Boy, you wait for this seat. Sooner or later, this seat will be called 'Hell of the Ten'. This is the treasure of this seat! ”

Ghosts and shadows go away, if blood ghosts stay here, it is purely to seek abuse, there will not be a second situation, apart from being severely ravaged.

He stepped on the blood cloud and turned into a huge blood ray in the air. He walked behind the shadows and glamour, and quickly swept away. A few blinks disappeared into the sight of Qin Yi and others.

Qin Yi did not chase, because chase is also useless, blood ghost is simply an immortal existence.

“Xia Jiuyu, how do you feel now, can you fly in the air? If we can, let's go back now. ”

The three of them have returned to the ground. Qin Yi asked with concern Xia Jiuyu, who had beaten and healed his injuries.