The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1199: Reporting


Ghosts, Shadows, and Blood Ghosts are all stunned and face to face.

Ultimately, the ghost swallowed the saliva, respectfully said: "My lord, this is not the case. ”


It's not like that!

The public household could not help but hold it slightly, rather surprisingly looking to the ghost.

Isn't that what he thinks? This was totally out of his pleasure, and the “dark night” operation has never been missed.

“Ghosts, shadows, both of you, this time seems to be a bad idea. ”

The public pine gaze has become a little sharp: “And the blood ghost you, since you have accepted the solicitation, that is, a member of the ‘dark night', when the three of you joined forces, let the descendants of the crane run away? According to the rules, the three of you are at a disadvantage and should be punished. ”

Dark night!

Blood ghosts burst out, and that's when we found out the name of their organization.

The ghost and the charm look at each other, and both of them are a little bitter.

Ghost: “Lord Kobe, this time, the three of us are really at a disadvantage, but it happened for a reason, not as you can imagine, we almost killed that Tsuruo descendant, only then...

The shadow of the god became a little excited again: “Qin Yi they appeared and saved the descendant of the crane from our hands. ”

“What, you mean Qin Yi? Am I listening right? ”

The communal household had a tremendous quake in its body.

“Lord Kobe, you have not misheard, indeed, at the last moment, the Qin Yi that we have been looking for has appeared. ”

The shadow beside him smiled lightly: “When we really broke through the iron shoes, it didn't take long to get here. Who would have thought that the descendant of the crane was actually with Qin Yi. This time, we finally saw the true face of Qin Yi. ”

“Okay, okay, okay! ”

The public household said three good words and was quite excited: “I can't believe this is happening. Tell me, what is going on with this Qin Yi? ”

He had never seen Qin Yi before, but only received Qin Yi's order to kill Qin Qiushui.

He was also quite curious about Qin Yi. Not long after entering the Kyushu Holy See, he was the first person to succeed in the promotion of Tingwei in the last batch.

He wondered what kind of person would give such importance to a peak god like Chiakishi.

Of course, he does not yet know that the real cynicism of Qin Yi is the third generation of Pope Huang Emperor of the Kyushu Holy See. If he learns about this, he is afraid that his chin will be shattered.

"This Qin Yi is quite remarkable," she sighed. “Besides the descendant of the Tsuru, there are two other women besides him. ”

“One of the women, named Mei Fei, I know that. ”

The face of the public household was loose, and the colour of the shadow was swept away.

With regard to the case of Mai Fei, when Qianqishui issued the kill order, he also mentioned that he knew that Mai Fei existed: "The three of you will fail, which means that you are not their opponents. Tell me, what's so special about that Qin Yi? ”

Mei Shadow nodded: “In fact, we didn't fight much either. He just took out a small blood tower, but that little blood tower was unusually horrible. There was a blood monk's body on it. By the way, the blood ghost said it belonged to them as a pharmacopoeia. Only in the past, when the Yan clan, Qin Yi pit took it away, the blood ghost knew the little blood tower better. ”

“As such, Qin Yi's little blood tower, called ‘Ten Fangs Hell’, is a hereditary treasure of our Yan clan, but there is a sealed password, which has always been undocumented. In the past, we bought it from the auction with five million Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones. Who wants Qin Yi this kid to go from the pit? ”

“Although he was extremely angry at the time, he didn't really care too much, because we always thought it was impossible for Qin Yi to decipher the sealed password of" Ten Fangs of Hell, "he pitted past and had little value. ”

“But you didn't expect it, but Qin Yi deciphered it. ”

The public household exhaled easily: “You underestimated Qin Yi. If he was just a general generation, Chiaki Shui would not be so excited to kill him. A ‘Hell of the Ten’ defeated all three of you. I also suddenly want to figure out one thing now. The second level of Orient Palace Fu must also have died under that ‘Hell of the Ten'...

“Tell me, what is the power of the Ten Fang Hells? ”

It is obvious that the ‘Hell of the Ten’ is terrible. Let's get to know it first, and there will be a bottom of it.

“The body of the blood monk that appeared on" Ten Fang Hells "should be a disciple of our blood witch ancestors, who died 20,000 years ago in the absenteeism war, he had a string of blood buddha beads on his hands...”

The Blood Ghost describes the power of "Hell of the Ten" in detail.

Because the blood ghost has only seen it once, there is no way to understand. ‘Ten Hells' actually has three layers, and now Qin Yi, just sealed the first layer of the monk's body, and unsealed it.

Listening to the description of the Striking Ghost, the public household loosened up: "That is, as long as it can resist the bloodshed of Buddha beads in the hands of the Blood Monk, then 'Hell of the Ten' will no longer be more lethal? ”

“It should be. ”

Blood ghost nodded.

“In that case...”

The public household shrugged and reckoned with the power gap between itself and Qin Yi.

Finally, the answer is: defeat Qin Yi with your strength, without any pressure.

After getting this answer, the public household relaxed the whole person, also became extremely relaxed, some disdainfully spanked: “Actually, that Qin Yi, too, is not as terrible as the legend says, of course, I am well aware that Qianqiu Shui is unscrupulous with his potential, afraid that one day, he will be at his feet...

“Now, Luo Feng and Qian Qiu Shui are in first place in the Divine Guardian list, that is, now the power of the miracle fairy tracks and the migratory peaks is on our side, basically in balance. If Qin Yi really protrudes and suppresses Qian Qiu Shui, then the balance of power between the two sides will be broken, so Qian Qiu Shui will strangle Qin Yi in the cradle. ”

Ghosts, shadows and bloody ghosts are not from the Kyushu Holy See, and naturally do not understand many things within the Kyushu Holy See.

They are only the men of Kobe Song, who let them do what they do.

“Qin Yi, a few of them, have no idea where they are again, Lord Kobe, what should we do next? ”

The ghost saluted.