The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1203: Massacre

There are thirteen of these abrupt practitioners, including Blood Ghosts, and there are two Shadows and Shadows, Horan.

Obviously, these people, they are members of the Night.

Thirteen members of the original "dark night”, including the public pine, have now risen to fourteen with the addition of blood ghosts, but the public pine has been closed for cultivation.

And the first young man in the white robe, undoubtedly, was the wind shadow.

“Qin Yi, you? ”

Looking at the sudden appearance of ghosts, charms, blood ghosts and twelve other people, Hu Yan Zhengyang was almost angry with his lungs: “Turns out you still have so many people. Ambushing around here is despicable! ”

And the other six practitioners, all of them, were shocked and angry, and bitter in their hearts.

How could they possibly be opponents when so many people suddenly appeared?

Obviously, the "dark night" had already been targeted, seeing as they were understaffed.

“Despicable? ”

The wind smiled lightly: "Yes, I am, but what does that matter? Anyway, none of you will survive today...

“Oh, by the way, to correct one thing, actually my name is not Qin Yi, my name is Feng Ying, these people around me, are a professional organization dedicated to killing and setting fire to people, want to know the code name of our organization, what is it?" Dark Night "means to bring a dark night to the practitioners of the third level of the Devil's Landscape, don't you think, we are a very interesting organization? ”

“What? Your name is not Qin Yi at all, you are the ‘dark night’? ”

Rumor has it, Hu Yan Zhengyang's body tremendously trembled, and his heart is very restless.

And the other six practitioners around them, all of them, were shocked.

As the owner of the city, Hu Yan Zhengyang naturally has some talent, his mind slightly turned, even when trying to understand the whole thing: “You guys are playing with a knife to kill people, is this to make that innocent Qin Yi the public enemy of this third level? And when did the third floor of this mausoleum begin to exist, your so-called" dark night "? ”

“Exactly. We're playing a knife killing trick. ”

The unusual shadow of the demon, the delightful smile, the two supermassive seats on the chest, are all laughing up and down, shaking a wave of moving ripples: “As for ‘dark night’? It's always been there. Oh, it's just that our usual actions, they're more covert, and you haven't found us in a long time. ”

Clearly, in the “dark night” view, Hu Yan Zhengyang and other seven people are no different from the dead, there is nothing to hide in front of the dead.

“Dark night? All right, good! ”

Hu Yan Zhengyang's face was horrible, and suddenly he waved his hands: “Brothers, go, fight these despicable bastards to death! ”

“Ping-pong! ”

As he gave the order, the men and women of both sides, instantly, fought wildly together.

“Gaga, this seat can kill again. It hurts! ”

The blood ghost stepped on the blood cloud, laughing wildly, the coarse blood arm burst out, the blood palm instantly rose to dozens of lengths, a wind rolled up, toward Yan Zhengyang and others, fanned the past, and one hand fanned two practitioners who could not escape, fanned hundreds of lengths away.

The strength of Zhengyang and others cannot be questioned. Anyone who can enter the third level of cultivation has the strength that cannot be ignored.

But unfortunately, there are 13 members of the Night, and they are only seven, nearly twice as many.

The disparity in numbers, coupled with the members of the "dark night", is also a phenomenon that is completely conceivable in the face of this wild war.

In the fierce battle between the two sides, the waves like giant waves, in the collision of weapons with each other, constantly swept apart, almost crumbling the heavens and the earth.

“Boom! ”

At some point.

The graveyard below, can't stand so many people to fight, the wave of energy coming out, suddenly collapsed and razed to the ground.

After two hours, the chaos was completely over.

Everything is as expected by the "dark night", Houyan Zhengyang several people, although each one is a good hand, but not a good hand in the “dark night”.

All seven were killed, including Hu Yan Zhengyang.

Of course, a lot of the members of "The Dark Night" are also seriously traumatized, but at this moment, these injured practitioners are completely indifferent to their wounds, and everyone's face is full of fanaticism.

“I can't believe this time, we killed seven people enough, and the harvest should be good. Let's loot all the emperor fluids from those seven. ”

The haunted figure, that miserable white face, was also raging with fanaticism.

Even when two “dark night” members were washed out, seven bodies, including Hu Yan Zhengyang, were looted.

“What interests us here is the blood of these people. ”

Blood ghosts rush down from the cloud and follow the excitement towards the bodies of Zhengyang and others, then suck blood madly.

Shortly afterwards, Hu Yan Zhengyang and others' bodies were sucked into dry bodies by blood ghosts: “These seven practitioners are not weak, so they become the footstones of the seat, good. ”

Blood ghosts feel like they've grown up a little bit, and they're having a good time.

Killed all the way down, so far, the blood ghost has grown a lot more than when Xia Jiuyu was hunting him in the primeval forest in the west.

The ghosts, too, looted more than 200 drops of Emperor's Liquid on the bodies of several people in Houyan Zhengyang.

This is a rare harvest, ghosts, etc., which is quite exciting.

“Okay, let's keep moving. ”

The ghost said: "Try to stay hidden and don't be too exposed. ”

Blood ghosts and others nodded happily. ”

“Wait a minute. ”

The wind in the white robe suddenly said: “Before I saw Zhengyang, I instructed a boy named Tatemuhei to lobby for the other tomb owners, as well as the sect lord. Are we ambushed here, waiting for Tatemuhei to lead the other tomb owners and the sect, then ambush them all, and do a big job? ”

Rumor has it that everyone is forced to stand there staring at each other.

“Hee-hee, that's a good idea, or we'll follow the wind, ambush here, do a big job. ”

I turned the shadows of the world upside down and laughed happily.

And the rest of you, you know, are all excited.

“Confused. ”

But the ghost said, "With so many tomb owners gathered with the Patriarch, can we resist them now? If we don't eat them, our identities will most likely follow, don't think too much about it, or leave. ”