The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1211: Zhu Gong Lake

“At present, there is a great opportunity to kill the public pine, so, kill or not? ”

Qin Yi frowned and turned his mind: “If he killed, he simply eliminated a strong enemy. If he did not kill, he would have a certain chance in the future to earn violent profits, but now there is a risk. Once he was discovered by the public household, then, his chances of killing him would be gone. Once the public household realized that he was Qin Yi, so he stormed away, then, several of himself, from now on, he feared that he would truly fall into a place of wanton robbery. ”

“Playing is heartbeat, gambling, not killing Kobe Song first. ”

Qin Yi made a decision soon.

Moreover, the strength of public household pine, how strong is it, is still an unknown number, and if it cannot be killed, it will be a big trouble.

“You guys are taking it here now, I'll go out and have a look at this public pine. ”

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi said to the three women.

Yanmei is such a smart woman. She immediately understood Qin Yi and wanted to relax the public household. She whispered, "You should be careful yourself, we are here. If something goes wrong, you call us immediately. We rush out the first time and work together to relax with the public household. ”

Qin Yi nodded his head and after fixing his mind, he went straight out of the cave without further delay.

Outside the cave.

The public household in the silver robe is loose, standing quietly outside the cave's thirty lengths, looking at the cave with a faint look.

Looking at Qin Yi coming out of the cave, the public pine eyebrows had to slightly smile: “Are you? You're the one who just struck a golden palm print, dumped me directly, and at the same time killed Wang Fuguang at extremely fast speed, plundering Emperor's liquid? ”

The public household pine glanced at Qin Yi's eyes, obviously confused.

Because he could feel the repair in front of him, for the third floor of this demonic garden, it was a weak explosion, only the repair in the middle of the imperial realm of the second realm.

This kind of repair, don't say to dump yourself with one hand, only in the hands of Wang Fuguang, can not walk out of ten tricks.

Looking at this powerful enemy in front of him, deep in Qin Yi's eyes, a slight slaughter intent passed, and soon returned to normal: “This brother, my name is Zhu Gonghu. ”

Qin Yi casually said a name and then shocked him. “What are you talking about? Was the bastard Wang Fuguang killed? Ha ha, great, what a pleasure, damn it, this bastard is finally dead! ”

“Did you really not kill Wang Fuguang? ”

The eyes of the public household pine, gently became unusually sharp, seemed to see through the soul of Qin Yi.

“Brother, what did you say? ”

Qin Yi blinked in surprise: “I was dreaming, all I wanted to do was kill the bastard Wang Fuguang. I just hated that I didn't have the strength. I had to squat in this cave all the time to avoid the pursuit of Wang Fuguang. ”

When I think of Qin Yi's cultivation, I was somewhat disappointed, and looked at Qin Yi's divine colour, the public household pine had believed in seventy-eight points, and stood at a pause. "Indeed, you are a scoundrel, and it is a miracle that you can survive on this third level. Tell me, what the hell happened when you said you were hiding from Wang Fuguang? ”


Qin Yi whispered in his heart, but on the surface, he didn't move: “In fact, I and Wang Fuguang, were they companions, or from the second floor all the way to the third floor, are companions who have never been separated, they broke into the central ladder in the past, it was only since Wang Fuguang that they broke through...

Qin Yi opened his eyes and said nonsense: “In fact, besides me and Wang Fuguang, we had two other companions, Black Tiger and Black Leopard, but for the sake of the existence of more than 300 drops of Emperor's liquid in this ancient tomb, Wang Fuguang, a heartbreaking lunatic, suddenly killed Black Tiger and Black Leopard, then shot at me. Where I was his opponent, I could only escape, and then hid in this cave...

“Brother, you tell me, this bastard Wang Fuguang, in order to swallow the emperor's liquid, he disregarded the brotherhood so much, is he an animal? ”

“He's not an animal, and you're an idiot. ”

After the public household abandoned the sentence, it was no longer delayed, and the whole person rose and a few blinks disappeared into the sky.

Apparently, he went after the non-existent killer.

He didn't want to waste any time in front of a fool.

In this mausoleum of God, this cage of heaven and earth, you speak of brotherhood, not fools and what?

Looking at the direction of public household pine disappearing, Qin Yi's rhythm gradually restored the calm and compliant appearance of the past: “Interesting, I really didn't expect that my first confrontation with public household pine would take this form," Zhu Gonghu "," public household "! ”

Such a scenario, just think about it, makes people cry.

Of course, this time can relax the public household, easily ignore the past, naturally because the public household is relaxed, I have never seen Qin Yi.

Although in the past, Ghost and Meishang described the characteristics of Qin Yi to the public household, but he could not have dreamed that he would encounter Qin Yi here.

Besides, the “Zhu Gong Lake” that Qin Yi just showed, from beginning to end, is a word "shudder”. It doesn't look like Qian Qiu Shui at all. The person who tried so hard to kill was Yi, he didn't even think to Qin Yi.

“Now that Kobe Matsu doesn't recognize me, maybe in the future, there will be a better show? ”

Touched his nose and Qin Yi smiled slightly.

Public Household Matsu now only knows that he is a "Zhu Gong Lake”, he will only meet himself again in the future and will not do it.

Assuming, of course, that the Ghost, the Shadow and the Blood Ghost are not present.

Enter the cave.

Femme, Xin Bamboo, Xia Jiuyu and the three of them came in safely, all relieved in a dark breath.

Next, without further delay, they returned at great speed. Two days later, the four returned to the cave and began to concentrate on refining the Emperor's liquid.

This time, more than ninety drops of Emperor's liquid are divided per person. Although the quantity is small, it also takes a certain amount of time before it can be refined.

Of course, this is also nothing for the three of us, Meizu, Xia Zhuxin and Xia Jiuyu, because he possesses nine curved bodies and refines Emperor's liquid twice as fast as the average practitioner.

Sitting on the ground, he turned his hand to take a drop of Emperor's liquid and swallowed it directly into his belly. Nine curves in Qin Yi's body produced nine balanced strands of suction, which divided the essence of that drop of Emperor's liquid into crazy melons.

Still five hours, that drop of Emperor's Liquid, is nine songs, and the melons are split clean.

Qin Yi took out the second drop of Emperor's liquid and began refining.

After winking, more than a month passed, more than ninety drops of Emperor's liquid were also refined by Qin Yi.

“Nice, the Emperor's Three Kingdoms Mid-Step. ”

After seriously feeling the various functions of the body, Qin Yi smiled slightly. He was quite satisfied with the result.

His eyes swept in the cave, and he saw the three lovely women, Xia Zhuxin and Xia Jiuyu. He was still as if the old monk had settled in. He sat there with his legs and quietly refined the Emperor's liquid.

Qin Yi's mind suddenly remembered Yang Shiqi, Long Yan and Xuanlan.

“When we entered the third floor from the second floor, the three of them also happened to enter the second floor from the first floor. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi exhaled softly: “They have been on the second floor for some time now, don't know what the current situation is? ”

For a moment, Qin Yi's mind bred a strong feeling of thought: “For too long, I haven't seen Sister Yang, and Xuanlan is also...”

On the first floor, he also met with Dragon Flame, but Master Yang and Xuanlan no longer had any chance to get along since he was promoted to Shen Wei.

Of course, in addition to Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, Xuanlan, there are also a group of Qin Yi's late people, such as Dongzhi, Ancestor Phoenix, Ancestor Wan Sword, Yuwengong Yang, Buzzing Lonely Qing, and Zhaoxue Jiu.

With her pompous wrist, Dongzhi jumped to the second level of dominance, Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Xuanlan and others, under her cover, naturally there is no danger.

And the problem is, now, the second level of refining resources are already somewhat scarce.