The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1215: Qin Yi Appears

“What are you waiting for? We'll kill him now and loosen up the public servant. Isn't that it? ”

The Gate of the Descendants of Blood Fish Ascending River is the most impulsive. Immediately, if you don't say anything, you have to rush outside the temple to pine the public household and destroy it.

However, as soon as he turned around, he had to stand still.

Only at the entrance of the hall, a young man dressed in a black robe was walking in.

At first glance, this visitor gives an extremely comfortable feeling, as if the whole person is compatible with the heavens and the earth, all covered and hidden in an impeccable seven.

And the biggest characteristic of this person, in one word, is handsome, so fucking handsome, that's over his fucking handsome face, always with a faint smile.

Seeing this man, Fang Baiyi's eyes immediately passed a glimmer of joy: “Qin Yi, what are you doing here? ”

- What? - What?

That's right, this is Qin Yi!

The public gate Asakawa and Lu Yutang were both suddenly stunned, standing there, incredibly blinking.

“Meet the two seniors. ”

Qin Yi took a breeze and went into the hall. He paid tribute to the public gates of Seikawa and Lu Yutang, and then the other party nodded baiyi: "I wanted to come and discuss with you about what happened to Kobe Song recently. ”

Mai Fei has seven spiritual whales, let them all out. It is not difficult to master all the movement here.

Likewise, there will be no difficulty in finding this curtain house in Fangbaiyi.

However, this trip, Qin Yi came alone, because Femme Yan, Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu were still hiding in that cave, trying to refine Emperor Liquid, Qin Yi did not want to spend their time.

In the light of the current messy third layer, there will be a great deal of movement in the near future.

Normally, the wisest thing to do is to improve your strength as much as possible before a great deal of movement arrives.

“Seniors in the public service, this must not be too impulsive, but must also sit down and plan in detail. ”

Qin Yi made a request to the public gate Ascension River.

Several people sat back on their seats.

“Qi Yuxuan, when things settle down, the light is glowing, and with time, it will become a great instrument. ”

Seeing as Qin Yi's attitude is respectful, the divine color has always been steady and tolerant, Lu Yutang has a certain fondness for him: “This is it, how can such a young man be a demon? ”

“Two seniors, I think Miss Baiyi has explained this to you, I was framed by the public household. ”

Touching his nose, Qin Yi said: “The public household is playing with loose ends. It is an arrow of double-sculpture plots. You can kill me without having to blow ashes. Second, you want to take advantage of the opportunity to plunder a cultivation resource. ”

“So that's how he set you up? ”

Seikawa, the public gate, said, the chest has some ups and downs, obviously he is still quite angry: “If you are not strong enough, it is not the public household pine opponent, the three of us can help you. ”

Qin Yi's practice is very high. The public gates of Ascension River and Lu Yutang can all be seen at a glance.

It is quite difficult to survive on this third level. It is even more impossible to destroy the existence of public household pine.

That's why Asakawa, the public gate, said so.

“Thank you for your kindness, but not yet. ”

Qin Yi shook his head and smiled slightly: “In fact, to kill the public household pine, there is no need for us to do anything at all. At that time, we just need to publicize the matter. Then, the practitioners present here will naturally transfer their hatred of me to the public household pine. ”

“Yeah, that's exactly what I meant, so that's why I said that I knew a few seniors who were a little prestigious. ”

Fang Baiyi smiled happily.

“Yeah! ”

The public gate Asakawa slapped his forehead and suddenly realized: “Why didn't I think of something so simple? ”

“How did you know you were a pig? ”

Lu Yutang beside him, disdainfully spat at the public gate Asahikawa.

“Hey, you old bastard, how can you talk? Who's the pig? ”

Public Gate Seikawa is furious.

Seeing that these two were about to make a scene again, Qin Yi and Fang Baiyi couldn't help but cry. Qin Yi waved his hands in haste: "Let's talk about the action now, two seniors. When I was just outside, I heard Miss Baiyi say that there is also a residual diagram on her body. In my opinion, this time, the three of you can go to the public household pine concert together...

“But you go there just to beat up the holy alchemy map, to pine the public, not to make a slight snake blow, not to mention to expose his plot in person. ”

Lu Yutang is better, but the nature of the public gate Ascension Chuan is quite impulsive. Qin Yi is really worried that if he is impulsive, he will ruin his whole plan.

“Why? Kobe loose this bastard, I can't wait to rush past him, beat him hard, and report his crimes to the world. ”

The public gate Ashikawa said harshly, breathing heavily.

“Don't be so reckless, senior public servant. ”

Qin Yi shook his head: “First, the power of the public household pine is unpredictable, telling you the truth. This man is ranked 29th in the Divine Guardian list of the Holy See of Kyushu. Moreover, that was a long time ago. He is now afraid of more than this ranking. If the senior so recklessly killed the past, he is afraid that he will not necessarily get cheap. ”

Gongmen Seikawa is descended from the ancient spiritual beasts, and his strength is naturally extraordinary. Qin Yi can feel this, but he does not think that this person will be an opponent of Gongzhu Pine.

After a pause, Qin Yi went on to say: “Then again, if we rush over now, uncover the true face of the public household pine, and tear his face off, then obviously, the matter of the holy refinery pool will no doubt follow the soup. I estimate that there is a holy refinery map on the hand of the public household pine, and he will convene a mapping meeting. Think about it. If we tear his face off with him and make him the target of the crowd in an instant, his residual map will naturally not be able to be taken out again, so now, we can only be patient. ”

“You're right, old man. Learn from it. It's called being brave, being as impulsive as you've been all your life. What climate can it be? ”

Lu Yutang dropped the stone downhole.

“You old bastard, you can only say me, you're not a bird yourself, so tell me, what climate have you become? Stuck on this third floor for hundreds of years, it didn't make it to the fourth floor. ”

The public gate stared at Lu Yutang with dissatisfaction and looked at Qin Yi again: “Little brother, what's your plan? ”

Obviously, he already has a certain admiration for Qin Yisheng.

Lu Yutang and Fang Baiyi are also doubtful looking to Qin Yi.

“Wait till you find the Holy Refinery. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly: “If we can truly find the Holy Refining Pool, I think there will surely be a large number of practitioners to go to, in front of the people practitioners, to unmask the public household pine, he will instantly become the public enemy, so that we can both find the Holy Refining Pool and use the hands of the people to kill the public household pine, the public household pine to give us an arrow double sculpture, so, we will give him one arrow double sculpture, how do the three people feel? ”

“Very good.”

Gongmen Asakawa was the first to speak in favour: “This time, for the big picture, I promised that Gongmen Asakawa would not be reckless, withstand the urge to beat Gongmen Pine, hey! ”

On the other hand, Fang Baiyi and Lu Yutang both had a happy face.