The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1216: Games

“Okay, so let's settle this. After ten days, you take the residual image, go to the public pine for a while, and when you get there, remember not to show your horses and feet, not to pine the public pine and do anything to scare the snake. ”

Qin Yi repeatedly ordered.

In fact, more importantly, once he had broken up with the public too early, his pig farming plan naturally followed the soup.

After a pause, Qin Yi went on to say: “Then I won't go, but when I find the Holy Refinery, I will definitely go and make a scene. ”

“You are all the divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu. If you go, it is not very dangerous. By then, once he points out directly to the people that you are Qin Yi, you will be torn to pieces. ”

In Fang Baiyi's eyes, there was a colour of apprehension.

“Kobe Matsu has not seen me, but he has three men, ghosts, shadows, and bloody ghosts, who have seen who I really am. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose: “But it doesn't matter. By then, I naturally have a way to deal with it. ”

How do I get training resources if I don't go there myself?

How do you loot the Emperor's liquid from this fat pig?

Qin Yi had bought a black cloak in Yulan Mainland when he completed his “King of Champions” assignment in the past years. I didn't expect to use it again after so many years.

This was settled. Ten days later, Fang Baiyi, Gongmen Ascenshuan and Lu Yutang went to the first five public household pine, just to hand over the residual map and punch it into a complete holy refinery pool treasure map.

The evil deeds of public households are not revealed for the time being.

When the Holy Refining Pool is found, Qin Yi will go with him, along with Fang Baiyi three people, to unmask the public household pine, and give the public household pine the deadliest blow.

Farewell to Baiyi three people, Qin Yi walked out of the water curtain house, rushed out of the momentous waterfall, stood on a stone, and looked away: “Public household pine, this time, can you resist this deadliest blow? As the culminating guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, you do not understand the truth that many wrongdoers must kill themselves! ”

Qin Yi knew very well, this time, the public household pine, there is only one, is death!

Otherwise, the last person to die will be himself!

This is a game of intelligent strategy!

Until now, he and Kobe Matsu had only accidentally encountered each other once, but the comparison between the two had already been so exciting, both of them held hands and pushed each other into a situation where there was no place left.

In fact, the struggle between Qin Yi and Qian Qiushui or Huang Emperor has always been a battle of strategic excess power, and there is not much time to really fight in the face.

Most of the time, both sides are laying out a brilliant game, and true confrontation is usually a matter of time.

Of course, no matter how clever the layout, and finally speaking with strength, strength is the way to go!

When I think of this road down, it's all a clear battle with the killer set up by Qian Qiu Shui. It has always been like swimming wire. A little carelessness, it will fall into the land of the Ten Thousand Robberies. The bottom of Qin Yi's heart is that oil breeds exhaustion.

But he knew very well that his situation, even if he was tired, must be handled with a twelve point spirit, or he would die at any moment.

This is real grinding!

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi dumped his head, threw away these confused thoughts, and then fluttered slightly, rushing up to the sky and bursting towards the residence.

A few blinks, it disappeared into the sky.

Obviously, a loud movement, already on the third floor of this demonic mausoleum, was quietly born.

Time flies fast.

Between winks, ten days have passed.

According to the previous plan, in the early morning, Fang Baiyi, Lu Yutang and the public gate Asakawa were out of the Great Falls in front of the curtain house, and then burst rapidly.

Three days later, the figure of the three of them appeared outside a graveyard.

“It turns out that the two seniors of Seikawa and Lu Yutang, the public gates, have heard a lot about it. ”

The shadow of a shadow with a thick body appeared like a ghost in front of Fang Baiyi's three people. He respectfully said: “All those who can come are those who will give us face. Please, Lord Public Household and some other people, Ho Jie, have been waiting in the palace for a long time. ”

“Lead the way. ”

Fang Baiyi tried to behave kindly and smiled shallow.

Obviously, the ghost-like person in front of him is undoubtedly one of the employees of Kobe Song, which also confirms that in the past, Qin Yi and his family revealed their news. Behind Kobe Song, there is indeed an organization.

And it can be judged from the appearance of this person alone, this organization of public household pine, is in no way unusual.

“Then ask the three of you to come with me. ”

Haunted by the shadow, leading the way ahead, it was not long ago that Fang Baiyi threesome were introduced to the rather spacious palace.

Three-person gaze, slowly sweeping through the hall, found that there were already fifty or sixty people sitting here, the whole hall, a mess.

Obviously, only a few of these people have the remnants of the Holy Refinery, and most of them just want to find out exactly where the Holy Refinery is so they can wait until they find it.

And that sits in the chief, a young man in a silver robe, handsome as a young man, always with a smile of kindness on his face, but always with an invisible majesty.

“Obviously, this person is a loose member of the public. ”

Looking far away at the chief silver man, Fang Baiyi's eyes were deep, disgusted and faintly slammed past.

“Husband, I really want to rush over and smack his hypocritical face! ”

The public gate Asakawa whispered.

“Old man, don't be impulsive, remember our previous plans. ”

Lu Yutang beside him glanced at the public gate Asahikawa.

At this moment, Kobe Song also discovered Fang Baiyi three people, and suddenly smiled delightfully: “Two seniors, come a long way, when it really gave me enough face, my Kobe Song did not go out to greet you in time, please also Haihan, please sit down! ”

“It turns out the public gates Asakawa and Lu Yutang! ”

The other practitioners in the palace also found the arrival of Fang Baiyi three people, several people's faces, instantly emerged a color of admiration.

The public households Seikawa and Lu Yutang are not weak, and their personality is quite straightforward and delightful. In this third floor, the reputation is quite good.

Fang Bai sat in attendance, according to the three of them.

“Well, over time, more and more friends are coming to practice. ”

The public household glanced at the faces of the people in the palace, Xu Xuqi swept away, and smiled slightly: “This time, I will gather you all together in the hope that the holy alchemy pool map can be gathered together. If there are any residual marks on your body, hand them over. Let everyone come together and punch out a complete holy alchemy pool map. If you have no residual marks on your body, remember the exact location of the holy alchemy alchemy pool. These cultivation resources are all the wealth left to us by the immortal emperor. Everyone has a share. No one is entitled to swallow them alone, don't they? ”