The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1219: The Devil

“How else can you see, Qin Yi that demon, whenever I meet him, I swear, absolutely a hammer, smash him into a meatloaf! ”

Nayo in a suit of armor, immediately angry.

“I only hate this man for being too sly and acting like a dragon, I can't see the end of his head, otherwise I have to tear him apart! ”

“Such a demon should go straight to the 18th floor of hell! ”

“ …… ”

As soon as Qin Yi was mentioned, the atmosphere in the palace immediately became intense. Everyone present, all of them biting teeth cut, appeared quite excited.

Qin Yi, dressed in a cloak, sat quietly there and looked at everyone's angry and filled face. He could not help but laugh.

But it's obvious that he's happy in his heart, because the more people hate themselves now, the more thoroughly they'll be when they turn themselves over.

Of course, at this moment, the happy mood, in addition to Qin Yi, there is one person, the public household pine.

The emotional scene in front of everyone is exactly what he wants to see.

He glanced at the faces of the people, Xu Xuyi swept away, and insisted on Qiu Yuli: “The captain, and the public gates Ascension River, Lu Yutang, Fang Baiyi. The two of you seem to react a little calm. I want to ask, how do the four of you feel about the devil Qin Yi? ”

Demon, you're paralyzed!

Qin Yi scolded in his heart, and said in a mute voice: “This Qin Yi is really disgusting, it's just that I haven't seen him myself, and I don't have much to say. ”

“Yes, the three of us, agree with this cloak man, of course, if I saw him do evil with my own eyes, I would tear him apart with my own hands! ”

The public gate Asahikawa angrily said.

But no one knows that his anger is directed at the public household, not at Qin Yi.

“Very good, the name of the senior public servant, I've heard it before, you all said that, then, Qin Yi, the devil, certainly won't live long. ”

The public household went on to say: “Rest assured, the demon Qin Yi, so bloodthirsty and greedy, in a month's time the Holy Refining Pool operation, he will surely appear, and, coincidentally, several friends, who have met Qin Yi once, recognize this person, by then, as soon as he shows up, we will kill him, face so many practitioners, even if this person has natural talent, will not escape. ”

Everyone nodded and looked excited when they heard the words.

In their view, a month later, not only can we get a lot of cultivation resources, but we can also bring the demon Qin Yi to life.

Qin Yi sat there and looked at the public household pine through the cloak. He just felt that on his face, it was a capitalized word "pig”.

That's right, all along, in Qin Yi's eyes, the public household pine, is a pig herded by himself!

Now, the day to slaughter this “pig” will soon come!

Qin Yi's handsome face under the cloak gently emerged with fanaticism.

Conservative estimates indicate that the amount of God's liquid in the public household is no less than 2,000 drops of Emperor's liquid.

The blood in Qin Yi's body boiled slowly. He touched his nose through the cloak: It makes people look forward to it. This pig is really fat. Hey!

The meeting was concluded.

And the people departed.

Never a lifetime of public pine, the body in the silver robe, like the spear gun, stood on the top of the graveyard, and saw the flow of that road, and went out.

The handsome face looked very calm and did not see a slight expression: “A real massacre will soon come...”

What is King's Landing?

He thinks he is at this moment, is!

It's just that he can't even dream about it. He's been treated as a domesticated pig without even knowing it!

If he finds out about this, he'll just throw up three liters of blood!

“Gaga, the Holocaust, is our favorite thing. ”

Blood clouds flowing, blood ghosts, blood-blooded bodies, jumping from the clouds to the public pine.

However, in the face of the public household pine, the face of the blood ghost, there is not much respect.

He has always been, and will not be respectful to anyone, even if he is the leader of the public household, and it is impossible to ask him to pay homage to the public household.

In his view, he is the heir of the blood witch, noble, sacred, and the worldly arts and crafts people, even those who practise higher, are merely generalized bodies. Should he be the heir of the blood witch, to celebrate a generalized body?

No way!


The public relaxed and glanced at the bloody ghost: “It's a rare opportunity for you to grow yourself. ”

The bloody ghost of today has long been one of the important members of the "dark night", and in the heart of the public household Pine, its position even surpasses the ghost, the charm, the wind and the shadow.

Blood ghosts break through the boundaries of life and death. Growing up at an alarming rate, it won't take long to become one of their best men.

Next moment.

Ghosts, shadows, and wind shadows all appear like ghosts beside the public household pine.

“Lord Kobe, how confident are we that the Emperor's liquid in the Holy Refinery will be plundered in its entirety after a month of action? ”

The ghost asked.

The shadows and wind and shadows are also the eyes that will be confused and look at the public household.

“Now, I can be sure that there must be plenty of emperor liquid in the Holy Refinery, otherwise the maker of the Holy Refinery would not have drawn that map because it was unnecessary. ”

"As for how certain the public household is, it is imprecise. It depends mainly on the timing. Although we are all elites in the ‘dark night', no one dares to say that there is 100% certainty in the face of so many practitioners. Of course, if it is not successful, it is no big deal. At most, it will continue to assassinate for a while. ”


The wind in the white robe laughed happily: "After this operation, we've learned that we've all had plenty of emperor fluid on us, and this is the perfect time to assassinate and plunder. ”

“That's exactly what I meant. ”

Public Household Song praised and looked at the wind and took a pause. Then he said: "By the way, in the past, the two ghosts and the charming shadow had had a face-to-face photo with Qin Yi. How did he look? ”

He was very interested to know what kind of man Chiaki Shui was trying so hard to kill.

But how does he know that so far, he has met Qin Yi twice!

“I can't be specific because this person doesn't have any obvious characteristics. ”

The ghost said slightly helplessly.

“Who says there are no obvious features anymore. ”

The glamour beside him was to put the sexy glamour red lips on his face and then smile with a gloomy shallow smile: "Isn't the boy handsome? Handsome people's hearts, they all jump straight, hip-hop. ”

This idiot!

The three public household pines, ghost shadows and wind shadows are all forced to shake their heads, quite helplessly.

“What's so obvious about handsome? There are so many handsome men in the world. ”

"So, when you meet him again, can you still recognize him? ”