The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1221: Plans

Looking in the direction of the disappearance of the three people, Qin Yi was slightly stunned and smiled helplessly: “I can't believe these three people are all in love, no wonder they can come together. ”

His voice, no more sand.

Two days later.

He has returned to the cave.

Femme Yan, Xin Zhu, Xia Jiuyu and three others, still sitting on the tray leg, silently refined Emperor Liquid.

They refine emperor liquid at about half the speed of Qin Yi, so so so far, they have some emperor liquid on each of them, which has not been refined.

“Qin Yi, how's it going? ”

When Qin Yi came in, Fei Fei opened her eyes and asked with a light smile.

Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu are also looking at Qin Yi with curiosity.

Qin Yi escaped from the cape and revealed his original face: “The remnants of the Holy Refinery Pool were originally divided into ten parts. It has been easy for the public household to gather them all together. Extremely later, he made the ghost copy ten parts. However, this is a very holy Refinery Pool treasure map, but it is not complete. ”

Qin Yi turned his hand from the ring and took out a piece of sheepskin and placed it on the stone table. The three flaming women took a look at it and easily discovered that the cat was tired.

“deliberately leave a blank space, not to copy, in case someone goes alone, hiding from the crowd, and swallows the Emperor's liquid that exists there. This person's mind is truly intimate and terrible. If he is not removed this time, there will be no great trouble in the future. ”

Femme lifted her slender hand and used to touch her shiny, full forehead.

Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu also nodded profoundly.

“That's what I meant. ”

Qin Yi said: "And this visit to the Holy Refinery Pool is set to take place a month later. Time is obviously a little pressing for us. Within a month, I must decipher the code of the second level of" Ten Fangs Hell "and unseal the body of Qingyang Son. ”

Qin Yi glanced at Bamboo Xin: “Bamboo Xin, are there any rumors about Qingyangzi in your Yan tribe, such as his strength, kung fu, etc.? ”


Yan Zhuxin shook his head: “The people of our Yan clan know only the blood witch ancestors of 20,000 years ago. There are three disciples, Biyao the Great, originally from a sect that has been exterminated - the Holy Sword Gate. Second disciple Qingyangzi, originally from Taoism. The three disciples are vain, originally from Buddhism, and as for the three men's work, they know nothing. ”

“In that case, we can only wait to unseal Aoyagi's body before we know what he really has. ”

Femme Yan exhaled softly: “However, the Taoist method is not only within the Yin Yang gossip. If Yin Yang gossip is incorporated into some killing tactics, it is also extremely horrible. I think Qingyang Zi's martial arts is this big direction. ”

Qin Yi, Yan Zhuxin and Xia Jiuyu are three people.

Some very high practitioners, after falling, not only will the corpse be strong enough, without a certain strength, to break it, but some martial arts will also remain.

As long as you push your corpse in the air, then the corpse will be your puppet and help you fight.

Of course, the power is not as good as it was in life, after all, a corpse cannot be compared to a spiritual creature on the same day.

Legend has it that 20,000 years ago, the corpses of powerful men were secretly stored and sacrificed into puppets to fight for them.

Though the strength of a corpse puppet is not as great as before, there is no such thing as death, and then there is no pain whatsoever, leaving it to the master to manipulate it, instead of engaging in a frantic slaughter.

Thus, the horrible extent of the corpse puppet is not much different than it was before.

The only way to destroy a corpse puppet is to scatter it all, even smashing its head.

This is also the main reason why, 20,000 years ago, the war between the two factions was so devastating.

The vagina door manipulated a large number of powerful body puppets and rammed them all over the place, how spectacular and fierce the scene was, imaginable.

In that war, neither faction knew how many cultivators had fallen and how many days of genius had become a pile of pink skeletons in that war.

The blood witch of the ancestors of the Yan clan was one of the geniuses who fell into that war!

Fortunately, after paying an extremely heavy price, that war was finally won, uprooting the vagina doors, and even now, perhaps with some vagina doors scattered everywhere, it is difficult to create a climate.

Otherwise, by now the world's greatest strength, it is not the Holy See of Kyushu, but the gates of the dead!

“By the way, one more thing, although I went to the Holy Refinery Discussion this time and didn't see the evil creature Blood Ghost, I estimate that they've been assassinating him everywhere since these days, this evil creature, should have grown a lot, which is a very difficult character to deal with, breaking the line between life and death, only the Blood Witch could wipe him out. ”

Qin Yi said to Bamboo Xin: “Bamboo Xin, have there been any signs of growth in the blood jade painting, the spiritual knowledge of the blood witch? ”

Since the second floor killed Few Flames, the Totem blood jade painting of the Yan tribe has been on the body of Bamboo Heaven, among which the blood witch's spiritual knowledge, any movement, the Bamboo Heaven can be clearly felt.

“The spirituality of the Blood Witch ancestors has been growing, only at a very slow rate, and I think for a month, it simply cannot grow to the point where it can wipe out Wing De. ”

Bamboo sighed softly, his face was gorgeous, slightly bitter.

Obviously, this is what was expected, but when I heard it from the mouth of Yanzhu, the three of Qin Yi still felt helpless.

“By then, the spiritual knowledge of the blood witch ancestors, if it is true that Uncle Wind cannot be wiped out, I will have to fight only once. ”

In the eyes of the bamboo-hearted show, emerged gently and decisively: “Uncle Wind not only slaughtered so many people, but also so many innocent practitioners after entering this demonic mausoleum, I will definitely not let him go, even if he is broken into pieces, I will kill him! ”

Seeing the decimation in the eyes of Bamboo, Qin Yi, Yanmei and Xia Jiuyu were all surprised.

Obviously, this Niko is ready to sacrifice herself.

“Jasmine Bamboo, don't mess around! ”

Qin Yi hurriedly waved his hand at Yan Zhuxin. "Anyway, the three ghosts, the charm shadow and the blood ghost all know us. We don't know the art of masquerading. We don't even have decorative items. Let's just say this. After a month of action, the three of you, don't show up, covertly entangle the blood ghost. Regardless of the strength of the blood ghost, it's enough for the three of you to join forces and ravage him a hundred times...

“And I put on a cloak and went with the crowd to explore the Holy Refinery, and in the course of the exploration, I would always release my spiritual power, cover my surroundings, watch your movements, and if something went wrong, I would come right over, and we would kill the public pine, and after we had completely turned the platter, we would figure out a way to deal with the bloody ghost. ”