The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1223: Unsealing the Second Layer


Femme and Bamboo snorted, and her cheeks burned instantly.

This Xia Jiuyu, the sexuality is just as vulgar as the “bad boar" in front of him, and he actually uses the idiom "pop” directly!

“Xia Jiuyu, what do you mean? I haven't even entered a wonderful life with Qin Yi. ”

Xia Qiu glanced at Xia Fei's impatient white face.

“I haven't even started piston mode with this bad guy. ”

Yan Zhuxin also glanced over, and some of the ghosts said: “The three of us are still fake bags for the original load. ”

“What, you've been in the same room for so long, it's still loaded? ”

Xia Jiu sneered, but as if she saw the Hulk, she incredibly looked at Maiden and Xin Bamboo. She also looked at Qin Yi: “Are you all right? ”

“You're the one with the problem. ”

The pink mumps on both sides of Bamboo Heaven drummed negatively, then sighed again: "Do you think we don't want to start piston mode with him? It's just never been a good time. ”

“What time does it take? ”

Xia Jiuyu did not hesitate to take that tempting red mouth: “If it were me, if I wanted to push him down directly, would he be willing to turn it off? Sleep him first and then say, he hasn't even had a crack, what kind of lover is that? I was told that the feeling of crackling was fantastic. ”

This is outrageous!

Femme Femme and Bamboo snorted, suddenly a heartbeat, the cheeks of both were almost choked out of the water.

This Xia Jiuyu, you don't have to be proud to get to this point, this shameless words can be said so frankly.

However, at the same time as they were ashamed, they were both turning their eyes. The pair unconsciously sneaked a glance at Qin Yi, who was trying to decipher the sealed password.

Would it really be wonderful if it were to crap with this "bad boar"?

Look forward to it!

In the future, when the time is right, it is necessary to study the crackle and experience it.

Hmm... what a shame on the baby!

The conversation between the three people clearly drifted into Qin Yi's ears, causing Qin Yi's mind to unconsciously emerge some extremely unhealthy images, on the belly, a very shameful evil fire, gently rising.

Oh, shit!

This Xia Jiuyu is really unusual, luckily she is not my lover, otherwise, I don't even know how many times she has slept with me!

But is it really, like she said, fantastic?

Suddenly Qin Yi returned to God, hurried to shake his head, dumped these very unhealthy thoughts, and concentrated on deciphering the sealed password.

Another seven days.

There are three days left to head north to discover the Holy Refinery.

Also on this day, Qin Yi Chang exhaled, such as relieving the burden. His handsome face, though covered with sweat beads, gently appeared with a slight smile.

“Got it? ”

Seeing him like this, Femme Fire, Xin Bamboo, Xia Jiuyu and the three of them, are all happy, hurried to go forward, Femme Fire asked eagerly.


Qin Yi nodded: “Of these 120 sealed passwords, I have listed three smooth spells in total. I hope that one of these three spells is correct, if it is not correct, then there is no way, 120 sealed characters must be rearranged. Come on, let's go outside the three holes. ”

Four men came outside the cave.

Qin Yi threw the “Hell of the Ten” into the air, then poured Xuan Qi and fixed it in the air.

A three-inch tall little blood tower, so quietly suspended in the air, surrounded by a glimmer of blood, a string of golden sealed codes, haunting the surroundings.

The whole little blood tower, it looks mysterious and ancient.

The name ”Hell of the Ten" was obviously taken by the blood witches 20,000 years ago, and its meaning is “Hell of the Ten" relative to the bodies of its three disciples, Biao, Qingyangzi, and blood monks, preventing them from rushing out and being used by others with other intentions to harm the world.

Below the “Hell of the Ten", Qin Yi, Yan Zhuxin, Yan Meiniang and Xia Jiuyi all stood there, looking back quietly.

At this moment, the eyes of all four are a little nervous.

If the unblocking fails, then it must be re-deciphered.

And time is clearly running out, and now, only three days away from the day of action.

If Qingyangzi's body cannot be released, he is not sure to slaughter the public household. If he cannot be killed, the consequences will be unimaginable.

With the mind and strength of the public household pine, if there is mad revenge, it will be a situation that you can totally imagine.

“Success or failure in this move. ”

Staring at the small blood tower in the sky, Qin Yi exhaled softly and then began to recite the first spell.

However, after Qin Yi finished reciting the 120 characters into spells, the "Ten Hells” in the sky remained quietly suspended there, with no movement at all.

Obviously, the first spell, declared null and void, was wrong!

Qin Yi four people, staring below each other, the divine color on their faces, a few more points nervous.

Two chances left!

“It's all right, I always believed that the Left Hand of the Devil was all-powerful, and the next spell must be right. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly and said with comfort to Femme Yan, Xin Zhu Xin and Xia Jiuyu.


All three of them nodded.

Excluding all the miscellaneous thoughts in his heart, Qin Yi's attitude was pious and began to recite the second round of spells word for word.

But unfortunately, the result was some heartbreaking, and the sky's "Hell of the Ten” was still not responding at all, suspended there quietly.

At this time, even Qin Yi, who has always been calm, was a little restless, and his face became a little ugly.

On the other hand, Meizu, Xin Bamboo and Xia Jiuyu were all slightly pale and had a bad feeling in their hearts.

One last chance left!

If the last spell, too, cannot be lifted, then this time it will be completely declared a failure, and everything must be restarted.

“The last spell. ”

Looking at the “Hell of the Ten" in the sky, Qin Yi's divine color became a little heavy: “Can you unseal the corpse of Qingyang Son, just look at this sentence. ”

He shook his head, the divine color became pious again, and the last spell was slowly recited to the “Hell of the Ten”.

Femme Yan, Xin Bamboo, Xia Jiuyu three people, the color of nervousness reached the extreme point, even the hands, all subconsciously held together.

However, after Qin Yi finished reciting the third sentence of the spell, “Hell of the Ten” was still hanging there quietly, with no response.