The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1230: Warnings

“Cloak Man, what are you doing here? ”

Fang Baiyi whispered, quite a show Jong-nosed, whispered softly.

Seeing the divine colour of the three of them, Qin Yi could not help but laugh: he should have expressed his unwillingness to stand with them in the beginning and unveiled the ugly mask of the public household pine. The three of them have deeply prejudiced themselves.

“Cloak man, you go, you're not welcome here. ”

Seikawa, the public gate, behaved more directly, directly with his hands and waist. The tower stood in front of Qin Yi, the red face, the killer.

Looking at the murderous face of Seikawa in the public gate, Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay. "I just came to say a few words to you. I'll leave when I'm done. I won't delay three people much longer. ”

“If you fart, you fart, and then you leave. ”

Qin Yi is also an old man as he is now. However, Asahikawa, a public gate with a straightforward personality, did not show any respect to him.

In this regard, Qin Yi was also not concerned. Sha Dumb voice, habitually touching his nose, said with a slight smile: "Yes, when the Holy Refinery Pool visits the treasure tomorrow, the situation will only be quite volatile, even brutally bloody. You must be careful. If you are encouraged by some people, it is best to calm down and watch it change. ”

Thoughtful and well-thought-out, his gaze fell slowly on the cloak man's hand to touch his nose. I don't know why, he felt that the cloak man's nose rubbing motion seemed familiar.

When he noticed Fang Baiyi's gaze, Qin Yi slightly flashed. He touched his nose hand and smoothly touched his chin again.

Seeing this move, Fang Baiyi's eyes glided past the color of disappointment. For a moment, she felt that the cape man in front of her seemed to be one of her own.

“From what you've said, what do you seem to know? ”

In Fang Baiyi's heart, he was still a little unhappy. His eyes stared dead at Qin Yi. He seemed to want to see through his cape and pry into the true face below.

“I do know something. ”

Qin Yi was frank and said with a dumb voice, the other party stared at his face in vain and blinded.

“You know something, say it. ”

Lu Yutang walked up to Qin Yi with a keen look on his face.

“Three words and two words are hard to say. Anyway, you just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. ”

Qin Yi stopped staying, his figure shook, turned into a black light, crossed the night sky, a few blinks, was conveniently in the eyes of the three people, disappeared.

Fang Baiyi looked at Qin Yi in the direction of disappearing. Fang Baiyi sighed: “Why did this person suddenly come to remind us that we must wait for him to change tomorrow? Is he an enemy or a friend? ”

“The enemy is not much of an enemy, my friend, not much of a friend. Don't forget, he has made his position clear before he arrived. He doesn't want to make a fuss and stay neutral. ”

Lu Yutang frowned: “However, what kind of wind did this person hear and why do we have to change it? ”

“Although this man is weak and despised from the bottom of his heart, his heart does not seem so bad. Since he has kept us quiet, he should have his reasons. ”

Fang Baiyi exhaled softly: “So no matter what happens tomorrow, let's not impulse, just watch it change, be cautious, there is no harm. ”

She glanced at the public gate Asakawa, obviously the most disturbing one was him.

Although he was old enough, he was quite impulsive. He didn't know what basket he was going to stab.

“Miss Baiyi, what do you mean by looking at my husband like that? Is my husband that uncomfortable? ”

The public gate stared at Fang Baiyi with dissatisfaction: “OK, my husband promises that no matter what happens tomorrow, I will never be impulsive. As the cloak man said, watch it change! ”

“That's good, in general, because of your old impulse, I don't know how many big things are broken. ”

Lu Yutang on one side, coldly said.

“Hey, I said, you old bastard, why are you always talking about me? Why don't you pee and take a picture of yourself? What kind of a bird are you? ”

The public gate Asakawa was very dissatisfied and immediately angry.

“You old thing, how do you talk, what a pair of birds, you tell my husband clearly? ”

Lu Yutang was furious on the spot.

“I told you you look like a bird. Why, my mouth grows on my own face, I say whatever I want? What are you gonna do? Wanna fight? ”

“Who's afraid of who? Five Yin Claws, grab you straight off the plate! ”

“You old bastard, you want me to cut off my grandchildren? So vicious, watch out for thunder! I broke out, and then I pulled my heart out 100 paces and crushed all six of your dirty lungs. ”

“Cut, it's just a sculpture trick, I'm thirty-six flying swords, you're not close, you've been cut into thirty-six pieces by my flying sword. ”

“Thirty-six flying swords and other garbage weapons, in front of the old man, what can be done, the old man sacrificed the Flood God hammer, and one hammer will smash your broken copper and rotten iron! ”

“ …… ”

The white side, already squatting there smiling more than ever.

This has always been the case, the public gate Seikawa and Lu Yutang, the pair of living treasures, opened up at a discrepancy.

However, they never really did it, just the two of them talking about their own manoeuvres and confrontation.

Of course, they are not opening their mouths, but rather in a very serious manoeuvre, losing if the last one is mute, while the other is excited for days.

“Two seniors, stop messing around. ”

It was easy to stop smiling, Fang Baiyi said correctly: “When tomorrow's action is taken, according to the cape man, do not be impulsive and watch it become. ”

During the night, Qin Yi unfolded at extremely high speed and burst forward.

Although it was night, Qin Yi's gaze was not affected.

Normally, as long as it is repaired to break through to the Imperial Path and become an Imperial Presence, day and night are the same, even in the dark and pitch with no moon, it is possible to see clearly everything in sight.

A few minutes later, within Qin Yi's inspirational perception, a battle scene appeared.

There are only three people, Meizu, Bamboo Heather and Xia Jiuyu, surrounding the blood ghost and launching a mad attack.

The current strength of the Blood Ghost, although greatly improved, was only beaten everywhere and ravaged with no temper.

Its bloody body was constantly pouring blood. Many times, it was even directly crumbled by the three of them, but not long later, the meat in the sky was reorganized.