The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1232: Provocation

“Until now, I still don't know what the name of this organization is, let alone how many members it has, but it's obvious that it's definitely not just these people, if they're the only ones, that it's hard to start a big storm on this third level. ”

Qin Yi sighed and looked at the three people in the crowd, Fang Baiyi, the public gate Ascension River and Lu Yutang, only to see them silently, only to rush the road.

“They listened to my advice last night, otherwise it would never have been so quiet with Asahikawa's character in the public sector. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi felt a little comforted.

The other practitioners here, they had nothing to do with him, even if they killed each other, had nothing to do with him.

But Fang Baiyi, the public gates Asahikawa and Lu Yutang are three people, but in any case, he can't watch them die. He can't do it if only they show concern for themselves.

He kept them as quiet as possible last night. He also did not want them to annoy the public household, lest he resent them and blame them. After a series of things, the public household pine has gained some prestige. He said that many people would still believe.

“Hey, cloak man, I've been watching you. What's wrong with you? You have to get a cloak and wrap yourself tight. ”

Suddenly, a slight voice came from behind.

Qin Yi burst into a looted figure and turned around. He could only see three practitioners behind him, surrounding him in the form of "pints”.

All three were young men, dressed in black robes and headed by a strong figure, full of flesh and face, very ugly and fierce, very easy to frighten children.

And the two people next to them, they look like Sven, but they have a few vultures in their eyes.

“I had a disease when I was a kid, my skin was like walnuts, and it was scary, so I always wore a cape. ”

Faced with the three of them, Qin Yi did not panic at all, and said with a dull voice.

This place is full of lunatics. These three black robe men will make unprovoked choices and are also in reason. Qin Yi is not surprised about this.

“Scary? ”

The man in the black robe laughed joyfully: "Am I scary? Now, I give you two choices, one is to take off your cape, the other is to take out all the training resources on you. We're not robbing you. You have a choice. Ha ha, I'd like to see if there are any uglier people in this world than my Cao Zong. ”

“I'm sorry, I don't have any training resources, and I can't take off my cape. ”

Qin Yi said faintly.

Seeing the movement here, all the other practitioners, stopped in shape, looked at the taste and looked here.

On the other hand, Fang Baiyi, the public gate Asahikawa and Lu Yutang looked at this place coldly. Although they had several ties with the cloak man, they had little interest in this man.

“If you say I don't have the resources, will I believe you? You said you wouldn't take it off if you didn't want to? It's not up to you. ”

Cao Zong, who looked fierce and ugly, suddenly reached out and grabbed Qin Yi's cape, tearing Qin Yi's cape off with his own hands.


Qin Yi shook in shape. Since the “taste” of the three of them was blocked, he rushed out. He instantly rushed out dozens of lengths and opened up. Sha Dumb and drinks with a cold voice: “Cao Zong, what do you want? We're not even in the Holy Refinery yet. Want to pick something up? ”

“What can you do if I choose?" ”

Cao Zong smiled and rushed forward again in an instant, trying to do something to Qin Yi.

However, the public pine in a silver robe suddenly looked at Cao Zong coldly in front of Cao Zong: “Cao Zong, with me present, do you think I will allow you to build it again? ”

At the outset, Kobe Matsu set up a leader's head, when he naturally had to stand up.

The next moment, the three ghosts, the charm, the wind shadow, and the two middle-aged men in the yellow robe also rushed over, standing around the public household pine, looking at Cao Zong and the three of them with a bad face.

“Kobe Matsu, what do you mean? ”

And surprisingly, Cao Zong was fearless and looked at the public household and said, “I want this cloak man to take off the cloak, uglier than anyone else, it's none of your business, is your hand too long? ”

And the two black robe youths behind them, the vulture's eyes, were all staring at the public household.

“Normally, I wouldn't mind, but now I'm going to the Holy Refinery, and I'm the initiator of this operation, and if you mess up, I don't mind killing you. ”

On the face of the public household, a slaughter has appeared, and the words spoken in his mouth have become a little cold.

Feeling the homicidal intentions of the public household Song, Cao Zong looked at the ghosts around him again. Finally, he chose to compromise. Suddenly he smiled faintly at Qin Yi: “Cloak man, this time, you are lucky! ”

After Yan Bi, he waved and withdrew behind the practitioners with two other black robe youths.

“Kobe Matsu, thank you! ”

Qin Yi thanked the public household for the song, and then looked far away at Cao Zong several people. He sighed in his heart: these people are miserable. The public household song is the first one to do it, only they are afraid.

They do things for no reason, they die early, and it's no wonder.

Of course, Qin Yi is well aware that a significant portion of the practitioners here will be buried in the Holy Refinery during this operation.

Now the wind is calm, but what awaits them is a mad fight.

“Nothing. Since I am the initiator of this operation, I must naturally be held accountable. ”

The public household smiled lightly and looked at Qin Yi's cloak without blinking: “Your face is really very ugly, don't you want to show people? ”

The ghost, charm and wind shadow several people, will also look at Qin Yi with curiosity.

“That's true. ”

The public household nodded: “As I said before, when I was a kid, I had a disease, and my skin became walnut-like, old and ugly, so as not to frighten people, and then my mother and I started wearing cloaks all the time. ”

“Tsk, it's ugly and scary. Since I was a kid, I've been wearing a cloak, and I dared not show my face. It's really miserable. ”

Reverse the shadows of all beings and lighten those seductive red lips.

“That's bad enough. ”

Public Household Pine sighed, then said: "But don't worry, this operation of the Holy Refinery is absolutely fair. As long as my Public Household Pine is present, you will not be discriminated against and I will do justice for you. ”

Now the public household pine, must try to be a saint, establish prestige, so that he can blame whomever he wants, the people will listen to him.

Obviously, this Saint's Card, which has been filled with bloody and murderous mausoleums, has had quite a remarkable effect, and for a while, most of the practitioners here have cast admiration on the public.