The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1251: Wind Waves

Unknowingly, a few months have passed.

However, Qin Yi's gains over the course of these months were negligible, merely listing the pathetic ten correctly.

And in the meantime, outside the mausoleum, the Holy See of Kyushu, something amazing happened.

Emperor Huang, the third belt of the Holy See of Kyushu, led the middle and upper echelons of the Holy See of Kyushu, working together to open a mysterious gateway to time and space beneath the Holy See of Kyushu.

The mysterious door was pitch-black, and a terrible shadow breeze blew out of it, causing creeps, numbness in the scalp, as if this mysterious gateway to time and space were the entrance to that taboo world.

That taboo world: hell!

So, beneath a Kyushu Holy See, there was news of eighteen layers of hell, just like the plague, overnight.

The world never thought that the Holy See of Kyushu still hid such a magic machine. The Holy See of Kyushu, the world's first power, actually sealed the eighteenth floor of hell. For a moment, let alone the world of gloom, even the world of great desolation and the world of glorious sects, were all in a sensation.

Eighteen floors of the gates of Hell have been opened, and the world is like a great enemy!

And while the world was shocked and frightened, it was speculating on the intentions of the Holy See in Kyushu. Why did the Eighteenth Floor of Hell open for no reason?

The mysterious gates of time and space, just barging silently beneath the Holy See of Kyushu, are frightening, but they do not escape.

Ten days later, some cultivators of high strength finally came to the Holy See of Kyushu to question the culprits of Kyushu Holy See, which asked why the Holy See of Kyushu should open the door to taboos?

Inside the Kyushu Holy See, there was also a panic. A single Tingwei and Archbishop, the Peak Archbishop, were all shameless, afraid of those who came together to cultivate the strong, and attacked.

“Gentlemen, don't panic. It's not what the rumors say. ”

The king of the sword and river in a golden robe stood halfway in the sky, with a bright voice and a fierce patriarchal strength.

By his side are Lieutenant Laohuai and four other peak masters: Fiber King, Rollo King and others.

And beneath them, the former Holy See of the Kyushu, was also a weapon that lit itself up and waited.

“This is what we at the top of the Holy See in Kyushu, and in fact, before that, we had no idea that there was a world beneath the Holy See in Kyushu, but I can assure you that it was definitely not some kind of eighteen hell, which, as we all know, actually did not exist in the world, it was just a legend. ”

The Knife River King continued.

“Not eighteen levels of hell. What is that? ”

“In my opinion, that's eighteen layers of hell, paralysis, and I'm all creepy standing here! ”

“Obviously, the legendary Eighteenth Floor of Hell exists, right beneath the Holy See of Kyushu, which has been blocking this information for a long time. ”

“But now the Holy See of Kyushu will suddenly open the eighteenth layer of hell that has been sealed. Where is the intention? ”

“ …… ”

The practitioners below are very excited.

“In my opinion, the Holy See of Kyushu is just the devil who wants to seal the Eighteenth Floor of Hell. The Ten Fang came out and massacred the mighty, giving the cultivation world a great cleansing, so that they can take complete control of cultivating the world! ”

A middle-aged man in a blue robe drinks coldly.

Obviously, this man is the leader of these practitioners, he comes from the world of the Xuan Sect, he is the prince of an empire, his name is Hammuqi.

Because he is in the royal family, not only has a wealth of training resources, provides his training, but also has an oddly high Yin and Yang master pointer of Yin and Yang technique, so this person is powerful and extremely horrible.

“The Holy See of Kyushu, after the extermination of the necropolis 20,000 years ago, became the culminating force in the cultivation of the world and has always lived on the right path. ”

Hammuqi's eyes, one blue, one red, still shining like a gem, looked very strange, facing the five great masters of the Kyushu Holy See, the Knife River King and so on, without any fear: “And the funny thing is that the Kyushu Holy See has always worn a hypocritical mask. Now, the wolf's ambition finally came out, and it actually opened the gates of hell to release the demons sealed in hell. As you know, 20,000 years ago, many Orthodox Gates should not have listened to the command of your Kyushu Holy See, but should have joined forces to extinguish you! ”

20,000 years ago, the battle between righteous and evil took place only in this glorious world, but because the situation was too great, the great wilderness and the Xuan Sect were also aware of the matter, which was even documented in detail in the history of the two sides.

“Your Highness, don't spray your blood in this mouth and ignite the wind. I repeat, this world beneath the Holy See of Kyushu is not eighteen levels of hell! ”

The chief of the general affairs hall, Lao Huai, took a step forward and drank cold.

“Today, even the gates of Hell have been opened, it is still a cunning argument, so shameless, today, let you see the yin and yang technique of our Xuanzheng world. ”

Hammuqi did not believe at all that it was not the entrance to the eighteenth floor of hell, and he swept up, his legs suspended above that altitude.

Later, he turned his hand and took out a three-inch long rectangular piece of wood, which quickly grew and grew.

When you look at it, you realize it's not a rectangular piece of wood, it's an ancient piano.

Hammuqi put the ancient piano pillow on his knees, stretched out ten respectable white fingers, on top of it, a beautiful set of beautiful and beautiful sounds, from the ancient piano, flowed out, clear hearts and ears, intoxicating.

“Before entering the Holy See in Kyushu, I also heard a little bit about the Yin and Yang technique of the Xuan Sect. ”

The sword and river king frowned and his face became a little heavy.

He is a man of the Yulan mainland, and the front entrance of the Xuan sect, the legend is in the Yulan mainland, closest to the Xuan sect world, can hear some news of the Xuan sect world, is also normal.

Besides, the art of yin and yang is the main scholarship of the Xuan sectarian world, where practitioners basically know more or less the art of yin and yang.

“The art of yin and yang is in itself a ghost, plus this man is also a prince, only fear that the art of yin and yang has long been practiced to become divine, everyone must be careful to cope. ”

The Knife River King has taken out his knife.

Yet Fiber King, Rollo King and others, also took out their weapons.

“It's ridiculous that a bunch of people who can't even break through Emperor Dao want to fight my Yin and Yang technique. ”

Hammuqi smiled, and the ten fingers swung on the ancient qin a few times, suddenly a huge golden ray, ejected from behind him, glaring, like a golden sun, stabbed people really blind.