The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1252: Prince Hammuqi

Everyone was staring back at each other.

Only in front of them, sometime, a huge golden man of hundreds of husbands emerged, glittering with gold, muscles buoyed inches by inches, full of power.

The giant golden man stood proudly there with a hundred-length golden sword, as if a golden mountain were standing there, and Hamqi was already set on the chest of the giant golden man, still sitting with his legs on the plate, the ancient piano pillow on his knees, comfortable.

“Anu, kill me. ”

Hamachi suddenly drinks cold, and the ten fingers begin not to listen to the vibrations on the ancient qin, playing wonderfully smooth notes.

With the ancient harp of Hamqi playing, the giant golden man seemed to give life immediately, holding a hundred golden swords, step forward, rocking the mountain, instantly rushing to the front of the five knife river kings.

“Let's give you guys a taste of Anu's 20% fire attack. ”

Ham Qi on the chest of a giant golden man smiled, his hand playing the violin, but he didn't stop: “Killing Lullaby, chapter one. ”


The sword trajectory of a giant golden man, perfectly blended with the sound of Hammuqi, smooth, constantly waving between, if idle clouds, like running water, infinitely huge swords, constantly traveling, watching people's eyes confused.

So strong!

Everyone below, be it the Holy See of Kyushu or the allies of Hammaki, is appalled.

“Let's go together and break his yin and yang trick! ”

The Knife River King drinks cold.

Immediately, the five peak masters, Qi Qi, carrying their weapons, rushed to the giant golden man.

“Ping-pong! ”

The men fought instantly together.

The five Knife River kings, although they have not yet broken through to the Imperial Dao, are also a genius among geniuses. The five of them joined forces, and the killing power is not small.

However, they struggled against the giant golden man, but they were somewhat feisty.

“There are five chapters of Kills, and every previous chapter, the fire gradually gets 20%, and chapter five, the fire gets 10%. ”

Hammuqi said faintly.

Obviously, the strength of the Golden Man depends entirely on the music played by Hammuqi. The more the music is played, the more green the fire, the stronger the Golden Man's fighting power.

“Besides, I can tell you that Kills is just one of my subordinate songs, and I have the subordinate song Destroyer, the superior song No Kills. ”

Hammuqi introduced slowly and looked at the five peak masters such as the Knife River King: “It seems that you are not too timid to resist my Killing Ceremony, Chapter 1. So, try Killing Ceremony, Chapter 2, Chapter 2, 40% of the Fire. ”

After Yan Bi, the song played by his ten fingers suddenly turned, becoming more and more smooth, and the rhythm was also quite fast.

The song controlled the sword of the Golden Man. As the "Killing Ceremony" escalated to Chapter 2, the Golden Man's attack also suddenly became more sharp and sharper. Between the swords, a terrific sound of emptiness was cut out, and the killing intentions that emanated from it also surged.

The five Knife River kings, suddenly became unbeatable, the knife retreated, completely in the downwind, the weapons constantly collided with the Golden Man's Golden Sword room, the arms numb, the tiger mouth cracked, the flesh and blood blurred.

“Hang on to me dead and dead. You must not let Hamiqi's yin and yang tricks succeed. ”

The Knife River King roared.

All five Peak Archbishops fought to resist.

They are the Tingwei of the Kyushu Holy See and must not be ashamed of the Holy See of Kyushu.

“Oh, it's a miracle we haven't defeated yet! ”

Hammuqi was slightly surprised and smiled slightly: "Okay, let's take a look at the power of chapter three of the Killing Ceremony. ”

“Tinker Bell...”

Killing Ceremony Chapter 3, from its ancient qin, runs wildly.

As this chapter plays out, the golden sword in the hands of the golden man is like a mountain falling into the sea, wildly sweeping the sword to the five kings of the river.

“Pong!” “Pong” “Pong”...

The five Knife River kings, can no longer resist. In the blink of an eye, Qi Qi was struck by the golden giant's golden sword. He flew out and fell hundreds of fathers away. The wolf was overwhelmed.

“Damn it! ”

The slender king in the red robe, her chest collar split, revealing a luscious white skin, her delicate little face filled with anger.

“All of you, defend the Church of Kyushu! ”

The Knife River King drank furiously and swept the knife in his hand.

“Kill these bastards! ”

“Kill him! ”

Below, the upper court guard of the Holy See of Kyushu, Qi roared, the momentum was dramatic, the platoon went down like a sea slaughter.

“Well done, I, Hammaki, have long wanted to trample the Holy See of Kyushu! ”

Hammuqi, embedded in the chest of a giant golden man, could see the first Kyushu Holy See rush to slay him. In the eyes of the two colors of blue and red, a slaughter appeared: “Get on with it, and trample the Kyushu Holy See! ”

As he gave the order, the cultivators also drank with Qi Qi's anger, killing the Kyushu Holy See with madness.

A massive slaughter, to see the beginning.


Right now.

“He Fang Xiaoxiao dared to come to my Kyushu Holy See to make trouble? ”

A cold drink sounded suddenly.

The next moment, only a white light appeared in the middle of each horse, a middle-aged man in a white robe.

Seeing the white robe man, the Knife River King and others, as well as the other court guards, they were all very happy and hurried to congratulate: “Meet the King of Childhood! ”

That's right, this man is the King of Toddlers!

With the emergence of the King of Childhood, a vast mountain of divinity, also rapidly moved from the sky, between blinks, came over the Holy See of Kyushu.

The high echelons of the Holy See, they're all here!

The crown guard of the Holy See in the lower Kyushu, like an instant finding the main bone, came in a thorough direction.

And the people who cultivated the strong, led by Hammuqi, also had to stand still for a while. Neither was the attack, nor was the retreat.

The vast mountain of the Holy See, inhabited by the high ecclesiastical level of Kyushu, floated quietly over the Holy See of Kyushu, a symbol of authority at the time, ancient and powerful, which in the eyes of the world could never be climbed.

“Gentlemen, you have all misunderstood that the eighteenth level of hell is merely a legend. ”

King Bo Ming stood proudly there, looking at Hamqi and the people behind him who cultivated the strong, said faintly: “Now, where the mysterious gates of time and space lead, called the Great World of Xuan Huang, including our Holy See of Kyushu, nobody knows what kind of existence Xuan Huang Great World is, we only know that there are many ancient strong people in exile, but rest assured, there is some kind of restraint in this great world of Xuan Huang, the strong people in it, can't get out. ”