The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1253: The Green Emperor Now

“Huh, Bo Ming Wang, you say this isn't going to the 18th floor of hell, it's going to the 18th floor of hell? Where's the evidence?”

Hamqi grinned coldly.

“Without any evidence, we, the Holy See of the Kyushu, merely retain a message from the first generation of Popes. ”

"If you don't believe me, you can go in and check it out. ”


Hammuqi drank with anger and trembled with anger.

Above the mountain, the Yellow Emperor in his golden robe looked quietly at everything below, without any expression on his face.

After a while, turn around and say to the Qianqiu water around you: “Now, the great world of Xuanhuang Huang has opened, you are ready to enter, first step, you will get the first chance, grasp the first opportunity, then you will have the possibility to kill Luo Feng. ”

Kill Luo Feng?

Thousands of autumnal waters slightly flashed, and then a faint slaughter appeared in those extremely soft eyes.

In his dreams, he wanted to kill Luo Feng, but unfortunately, the two cultivated, always at the same grade, with strength alone, wanted to kill Luo Feng, impossible.

Obviously, in order to kill Luo Feng, just enter the great world of Xuanhuang first, and get the first chance, which is wisdom.

Although Luo Feng has not yet appeared, he will definitely enter the Great World of Xuanhuang, because only practitioners who come out of the Great World of Xuanhuang will finally be eligible to enter the Emperor Mountain and compete for the Imperial Seal.

“By the way, the Yin and Yang technique performed by His Royal Highness the Prince from the world of Xuanzheng is quite astonishing. If you fight him, what are your chances of winning? ”

Huang Dirao watched Qiushui with interest.

“100 percent. ”

Qianqiushui said faintly.

“Don't forget, now that he's done it, it's just a junior tune, and he's got a superior tune. ”

Huang Di said.

“It doesn't make any difference to me whether it's a junior or a junior. ”

Qianqiu Shui said: “I just watched carefully and discovered that the giant golden man is not a real existence, it is just an illusion, then, there is only one possibility, the giant golden man, should be the spirit of the ancient qin, don't forget, this Prince Hammuqi, what is now practiced is the art of yin and yang, so to beat him, break the spirit of the qin. ”

“How? ”

The more Huang Emperor showed interest.

“Breaking its filament, unable to play, the spirit disappears naturally. ”

Qianqiu Shui smiled: “The Pope, see how I break it next, just one move. ”

He said, his palm slapped, a little silver sword appeared in his palm, and some of his vultures' eyes appeared gently to kill him.


Right now.

A ray of green flashes suddenly appeared in the sky like a green ghost.

“His Highness Hammuqi, in fact, you knew it was the Great World of Xuan Huang, but you had to go to Kyushu Church to make a scene. ”

The loud voice, scattered between the heavens, was the ray of blue light: “I know you have some resentment in your heart for the Holy See of Kyushu, but in the past, you Hamu ancestors, the original emperors of Hamu, believed in the evil god, even caught thousands of defenceless people to kill, to worship the evil god in order to obtain the ultimate transformation of Yin and Yang, his hands filled with the blood of innocent people, and finally put into the great world of Xuanhuang Huang, it is also a sin...

“If you want to enter the great world of Xuanhuang, look for your Hamu ancestors, nobody stops you, just go in, but if you want to treat the Kyushu Holy See as a soft persimmon, and count all the previous years' grievances on the Holy See of Kyushu, obviously it is not a wise choice, I advise you to stop, otherwise, don't say that you are a Prince Hamu Qi, even if the Holy See of Kyushu destroys your empire, you don't need too much energy! ”

The luminous words, powerful and shocking, are extremely unpleasant.

His attitude is even more unusual. Put it down. If Prince Hammuqi dares to rebuild it again, the Holy See of Kyushu will have the possibility to destroy his empire directly.

After that, the light flashed and disappeared.

- What? - What?

It turns out that Hammuqi knew long ago that it was not an eighteen-story hell, but the Great World of Xuan Huang. This time, inciting people to practice the strong to come here, it was intentional to breed events, and to settle some resentment with the Holy See of Kyushu.

And who the hell is that talker? Why do you know so much about it?

All the horses and horses present held together, like five thunderstorms.

“Prince Hamqi, what's the matter with you? ”

“It is outrageous to deliberately say that the mysterious gates of time and space, the gates of hell on the eighteenth floor, incite us to come to the Holy See in the Kyushu. ”

“ …… ”

All the practitioners on Hamiqi's side were angry. Prince Hamiqi deceived them.

Many of these practitioners, many of whom have already broken through Empire Road, are very weak and come from all walks of life.

In the face of the angry practitioners, the prince Hamqi, set in the chest with the giant golden man, was silent, and the words were lazy to explain.

“Damn it! ”

The Yellow Emperor on the mountain, looking at the disappearing green light in the sky, was suddenly angry and drunk, his body flashed, and disappeared directly in place.

Apparently, it's going after the rays.

Thousands of autumn water stunned there, stunned open mouth.

Not long later, the yellow emperor in the golden robe suddenly appeared next to Qianqiu Shui. The face of the Chinese characters was obviously annoyed.

“Yellow Emperor, what was that ray before? ”

Qian Qiu Shui Shui asked, the mind, has actually guessed a few points.

“Yes, he is the second pope of the Qing Emperor, the Holy See of Kyushu. ”

Exhaled softly, Huang Emperor said: “I really didn't expect this time to open the great world of Xuan Huang, he came back from the Xuan Zongjie world to see it. That's right, I heard some movement from Prince Hammuqi at the time of Xuanzheng's world, which is why I rushed here. ”

“It should be. ”

Chiakiushui nodded: “What does the Pope mean just now? ”

“I want to compete with him and prove before him that I am fully capable of becoming a true Pope of the Kyushu, not temporarily. ”

Huang Di seemed a little excited: “I want to prove to him that I, Huang Di, am much stronger than the Qin Yi boy he likes. ”

Qian Qiushui then said: “Qin Yi that boy, what is it? Compared to the Pope, there is a difference between clouds and mud. So, did you catch up with the Green Emperor? ”


Huang Dynasty shook his head: “The Qing Dynasty is too fast. It seems that in the past two years, there have been quite a few breakthroughs in the practice. I can't catch up with him. Now he should return to the world of Xuanzheng. Forget about him. I get stuck talking about him. ”