The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1256: Locking Evil Locks

Before the endless years, the strong people who were exiled into the Great World of Xuan Huang were some of those who committed heinous sins, be they the Hongmeng, the Great Waste, or the Xuan Sect.

For example, the original emperor of the Hammuds, when he succeeded him, he massacred many people, worshipped evil gods, and was finally exiled into the great world of Xuanhuang.

It can be said that the exiles in the Great World of Xuanhuang, the third religion, the ninth class, the fish dragons are mixed.

These exiled people all have one thing in common: they are branded with spiritual shackles, called locks of evil.

This “lock of evil”, the external force is unresolved, must rely on its own strength in order to be able to break through. Those exiles who fail to flush the "lock of evil” will not be able to leave the Great World of Xuanhuang. Once they leave, the “lock of evil" will immediately turn into flames and burn their souls until they burn them to ashes and smoke.

Breaking the lock of evil is not easy. It requires a combination of two forces. One is its own strength, which must reach a certain height.

The second is the power of goodwill.

And the so-called "power of kindness" is the determination to change the past, keep the mind of kindness, do more kindness, can accumulate the power of kindness little by little.

The power of kindness seems simple. In fact, it is quite difficult to accumulate enough power of kindness. Don't forget that Jiangshan is easy to change his nature. Every time he encounters one thing, he always subconsciously starts from the evil side, and it is difficult to really do good.

Moreover, perhaps there are many exiles who have no intention of leaving the Great World of Xuanhuang.

Therefore, there is no need to worry that exiles in the great world of Xuanhuang will break out to harm the human race.

Indigenous peoples in the Great World of Xuan Huang are bound by some kind of prohibition and cannot easily leave the Great World of Xuan Huang.

In that very distant past, when the Great Emperor of Time and Space created the Great World of Xuanhuang, many factors must have been taken into account.

The gates of the Great Yellow World, always like the gates of hell, are quiet and open, causing numbness in the scalp.

This time, the Holy See of Kyushu opened the Great World of Xuanhuang. The main purpose is to wait for the divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu to enter, grind them up, and finally, those who come out of the Great World of Xuanhuang will be eligible to enter the final Imperial Mountain and compete for the seal of the Emperor.

It is therefore clear that the Holy See of Kyushu will not close the Great World of Xuanhuang within a hundred years.

This day.


A red light, plundering from the sky, crossing the sky, a few blinks, came over the entrance to the Great World of Xuanhuang.

It was a woman in a red robe who looked incredibly beautiful. Her skin was white and snowy. Her body was uneven. No, the eyes reflected in her eyes, but she looked quite steady.

She stood still in the air, on the beautiful body, the pressure emitted, but it was the air around her, the oppressive float, the bird in the air, still outside a thousand feet, could not come any closer.

“The great world of Xuan Huang has been opened, and today we have come to see it, and it is true. ”

The woman with the red robe frowned slightly: “Then it is obvious that it is time for me to go in and be truly baptized. ”

After Yan Bi, the woman in the red robe did not hesitate at all. She flashed and swept towards the mysterious door of space. In an instant, she rushed into the great world of Xuanhuang.

Zongzheng Qingzi, the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, is ranked fifth on the divine guardian list, how powerful, can you imagine.

It can be said that Qin Yi's most powerful enemy, Tian Yu, is currently in Shen Di Ling Garden. In her hands, she will never make it out of ten tricks!

Obviously, in the past, this monarchy, too, had entered the mausoleum where it existed with the Northern Wilderness, and now it is just getting out of there.

All the divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu have basically experienced five layers of heaven and earth cages. Some of them are still struggling there. Some of them are out of poverty.

Yet another time later, a young man dressed in a silver robe with silver hair came to the entrance of the Great World of Xuan Huang, after a moment of silence, and suddenly smiled slightly: “I am alone, I am curious about the so-called Great World of Xuan Huang. ”

Yan Bi, his body swayed and turned into a silver ray. He also rushed into the great world of Xuan Huang.

Loneliness, also the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, and a powerful and terrifying divine guardian, ranked second on the divine guard list, after Luo Feng and Qianqiu Shui.

Yet another few days later, Taku Zhenxiao, ranked third on the Shen Wei list, also came here. Without saying anything, he rushed into the great world of Xuanhuang Huang.

Day after day, people came and entered the great world of Xuanhuang, these entrants, the divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu, and other folk practitioners of strength.

This time, the Holy See of Kyushu opened up the Great World of Xuan Huang and struck three great positions, of which there are naturally a number of hidden masters, and many of these hidden masters actually showed up, rushing into the Great World of Xuan Huang, in order to explore the mysterious world.

Kyushu mainland northern wilderness.

The third floor of the mausoleum.

Qin Yi, Femme Femme, Xin Bamboo, Xia Jiuyu and four people, there is no way to know that the Great World of Xuan Huang has opened up. At this time, they are still hiding in caves, unable to walk out of the house.

Nowadays, after several months, Yanmei, Yan Zhuxin, Xia Jiuyu three people, still failed to refine more than a thousand drops of Emperor's liquid, all three colorful women, as if they had been saturated, the tray legs were sitting there motionless, quietly refining Emperor's liquid.

Qin Yi, on the other hand, is still trying to unseal the sealed password on the third floor of "Ten Fang Hells”. These days, the harvest is still negligible, and only five mishaps are listed.

Moreover, if the arrangement is correct and cannot be verified, it is necessary to wait for all 120 sealed passwords to be listed before trying to know if they are correct.

“This third layer of sealed passwords is absolutely as difficult as deciphering a heavenly book. ”

Qin Yi smiled helplessly. He came down for months to arrange his efforts. He felt that his head was about to burst open, making him almost give up.

But obviously, he can't give up.

Remember, when they enter the fourth floor, the enemies they face are the ancestral records.

Six months later, Yanmei, Bamboo Heather and Xia Jiuyu finally refined all the Emperor's liquid.

And the cultivation of Femme Flame also succeeded in breaking through the four and a half steps of the Empire Road.

Xia Jiuyu, successfully broke through to the four realms of Empire Road.

As with Qin Yi, the culmination of the three realms of Emperor Dao.

“So, according to the previous plan, we will go to the water curtain house to see if Fang Baiyi, Gongmen Seikawa and Lu Yutang are interested in entering the third floor. ”

Femme Yan customarily touched her forehead: “If they don't mean anything, let's go see Chen De Bo once again and smell them. ”