The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1259: Change of plans

“So we can't go to the fourth floor yet, and in any case, we have to kill the bloody ghost on the third floor. ”

Qin Yi's face became a little iron blue, in his eyes, with a strong killing intent.

At this moment, he thought of Fang Baiyi, Gongmen Asakawa and other late people.

In addition, he thought of Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Xuanlan, Dongzhi and others who had not yet entered the third level.

If you let the blood ghosts stay on this third floor, these people will undoubtedly end up being slaughtered by the blood ghosts as a material for his upgrading.

After slaughtering all these practitioners, then, the third floor of the whole demonic garden will fall into the hands of the Blood Ghost. Later, he will be able to squat here and come up and kill a bunch of them. By then, the big third floor, apart from the white bones all over the place, is afraid that only the Blood Ghost, the evil creature, will remain.

Blood ghosts can then be fabricated as usual on the fourth and fifth floors.

So, by then, the blood ghost will have grown to a height that you can totally imagine.

Looking at the hundreds of dry corpses, Qin Yi suddenly realized that their biggest enemy now is not the Fourth Floor of the Patriarch's Record, but the Blood Ghost!

“I mean, it is also necessary to completely erase the evil presence of blood ghosts before we can enter the fourth level. But the problem of blood ghosts has long crossed the limits of life and death, which is the existence of immortality. In addition to looking forward to the blood ghost knowledge in the blood jade painting. ”

Femme looked at Xin Zhu: “Xin Zhu, how has the blood witch spirit in the blood jade painting been moving these days? ”

“A little more powerful than before, but far from the resurrection of the blood witch ancestors. ”

Takeshi smiled bitterly.

The spiritual knowledge of blood in the blood jade painting itself depends on the absorption of flaming bamboo hearts and the release of the Xuan Qi, to grow a little bit, this process is undoubtedly extremely long.

“But in the present situation, obviously, we can't wait for the bloody witch to be reborn. When the bloody witch is reborn, we're afraid that the bloody ghost will have killed us all over the world. ”

Qin Yi frowned: “Son monks in ‘Ten Fangs of Hell' and Qingyang Zi were apprentices of the Blood Witch during their lifetime. Perhaps they can completely erase the reversal of the Holy Light of the Blood Witch. ”

“For now, that's all we can hope for. ”

Xia Jiu's Phantom beside him said: “Before we have the strength to suppress the blood ghost, we will attack him. If he grows to the point where we cannot suppress him, then we can only watch him grow into a monster who treats hundreds of millions of heavens as dogs and slaughters millions of miles of blood. ”

So it was settled, the plan changed temporarily, Qin Yi several people decided to remove the evil creature Blood Ghost before entering the fourth level.

Without removing the bloody ghost, the aftermath is endless. It won't take long. The whole heavens and the earth will be charred with life.

Next, Maiden Flame takes out the map of the beast, releases the seven ghosts inside, and searches for traces of blood ghosts.

And for sure, if the Blood Ghost really squatted here to slaughter a practitioner preparing to break through the ladder, then he should be around here, not too far from the central ladder.


Qin Yi himself inspired the left hand and elicited powerful spiritual power.

Today, Qin Yi's cultivation has broken through the middle of the three realms of the Patriarchate, and after its spiritual power was elicited, the coverage reached more than 30,000 people.

Everything in this range will go directly into his mind in the form of a picture.

Half a month later, the seven spirits returned.

At the speed of Lingwu's flight, for half a month, you can almost fly all over this third layer, and the blood ghost can't even form.

“The Blood Ghost is not far from here, and now he's hiding under a cliff, silently refining the essence he has previously absorbed. ”

Through the images captured by a ghost, Maiden easily discovered where the bloody ghost is: “So, do we kill now? ”

Qin Yi shrugged his eyebrows and shook his head: “No, if we kill now, if we kill the grass snake, don't forget, once he hid in a cave or in a graveyard town, Lingwu won't be able to find him, why don't we wait here for him to show up? ”

“Makes sense. ”

Femme nodded: “Now that he has chosen to squat here for some slaughter, he will come here again when he breaks into the ladder, just off the ladder, I don't know when. ”

“The ladder breaking into the third floor from the second floor is a 100-day round, from this third floor into the fourth floor breaking into heaven and earth, should be 200 days up and down, the question is, we don't know how many days have passed since the last round of breaking into the ladder. ”

Qin Yi said.

“Nevertheless, we now find a place to hide, where blood ghosts crouch and slaughter practitioners preparing to break through the ladder, then we also crouch and kill him. ”

A red-haired Xia Jiuyu, while still on the second floor, was quite ill-eyed at the blood ghost. In the eyes of the show, a killing intent appeared.

Next, Qin Yi four entered a nearby cave and waited for the blood ghost to arrive.

This cave, not far from the central ladder, Qin Yi elicited spiritual power and was able to cover the vast square.

Over time, some practitioners came here, ready to break into the central ladder and enter the fourth floor, but these practitioners, while surprised by the hundreds of dry corpses in the square, were not alert.

Three months later, forty or fifty practitioners have gathered here.

As in the past, these practitioners soon allied themselves, in triplets, between alliances and alliances.

The practitioners present on this third level have already had two experiences breaking through the central ladder and naturally know how to do it, which is in their best interest.

“Depending on the situation, the next wave of ladders will begin soon. ”

Qin Yi, through his spiritual power, took all the movement in the square. At a glance, he frowned and said: “Then the blood ghost should be here soon, get ready to fight. ”

Rumor has it that the three people, Maiden, Xin Bamboo and Xia Jiuyu, are all in a spiritual shock. In the eyes of the three, they are all gently passing a slaughter intent.

Qin Yi turned his hand and took out “Ten Hells” and entrusted it to the palm of his hand: “The bodies of the child monks and Qingyang Son, this next war, will play a vital role. Whether the blood ghost is completely wiped out in this world or will grow into a great demon head, see hundreds of millions of people as dogs, blood slaughter millions of miles, depends on them. ”