The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1260: It's a little exciting.

The three flaming women, all lighten their heads, each other's face with a divine color, become a little heavy.

Obviously, this war, they're gambling, and now nobody knows what's going to happen.

Once they lose, the consequences will be unthinkable.

Next, it's all in their expectations.

Two days later, Qin Yi's spiritual power coverage...


Haven't seen anyone yet, an extremely sharp laugh is suddenly sounding and hearing people's scalp.

The next moment, you see the distant sky, and suddenly there's a bloody fog, like a giant monster head, suddenly descending into the world.

And then, as the blood clouds stamped, the speed came, and it was so fast, it drew a huge bloodshed out of the sky, and a few blinks, it came over the big square.

Blood ghosts stood proudly on the cloud, as the Gestapo came, gazing greedily at the dozens of practitioners beneath.

These practitioners, they're all his own materials.

“Gaga, the training resources of ordinary practitioners are extremely difficult to obtain, but the training resources here are everywhere, wonderful! ”

The ghost of blood stood on the cloud of blood and laughed joyfully.

In the cave, Qin Yi perceived the blood body of the blood ghost through spiritual power. It was actually as high as ten characters. It was like a blood tower. It stood there, above that blood body, endless blood, constantly floating, seeing people's hearts, a chill that could not be contained.

“In the past two years, the evil creature Blood Ghost has indeed grown a lot, its strength is absolutely above the public household pine of that year. In these two years, it is not clear how many innocent cultivators he has slaughtered to make him grow to this height. ”

Sighing at himself, Qin Yi's face, Iron Green's horrible, couldn't help but drink cold: “Paralyzed! ”

Feeling Qin Yi, that outburst of anger. Femme Yan, Xin Bamboo and Xia Jiuyu were all forced to stand still. For a moment, they were all in the same place.

They've never seen Qin Yi so angry!

At the same time, in the minds of several people, there was confusion. This guy took the wrong medicine, and for no reason, he suddenly started such a big fire. Why?

“Did I do something wrong? ”

Xia Jiu threw up her pink little tongue, glanced at the flaming lady and bamboo, and asked carefully.

“Don't know. ”

Maiden and Xin Bamboo are both shaking their heads blindly.

“Let's go, kill the bloody ghost, this evil being! ”

Qin Yi waved his hand, iron blue face, the first to rush out of the cave.

All three of Femme Yan, all of them took that rather tempting red moist mouth and stunned Zhang. Only then did they realize that Qin Yi had such a big fire, because through powerful spiritual power, they perceived that the blood ghost had appeared.

“The appearance of a bloody ghost made him so angry? I think I suddenly don't know him. ”

Xia Jiuyu blinked that red eyelash quite unexpectedly, and then the show's eyes flowed again. She looked at Yanmei and Bamboo Heather, respectively: "I found a serious problem, I think… some of them are attracted to him. ”


Femme and Bamboo were both stunned and shouted: "No! ”

Once he became Qin Yi's lover, the consequences will be quite serious. He will definitely be pushed down regardless of whether Qin Yi agrees or disagrees, and the piston mode will be activated.

When both of them became lovers with Qin Yi, Xia Jiuyu later came to the top. How could this be possible? Don't you owe him so much for being his lover for so long?

“Hmm, I knew you two would react, afraid I'd force the wood back. ”

Xia Jiuyi's rather sophisticated Jong-nosed, humming her softly, looked at the delicate little face, some unscrupulous, and then suddenly she smiled shallow: “I'm kidding you, look at this makes you two nervous, huh! ”

Luckily, this damned niko, he was kidding us.

Both of them relaxed in a dark tone.

Paralysis, you scared the baby!

Without further delay, the three men rushed out of the cave and walked behind Qin Yi's dust, heading towards the square in front of the central ladder, quickly rushing off.

Not long ago, a few people came over the square, and the scene here had become a little messy, and the bloody ghost had begun to massacre.

The blood body has reached ten fathers of him, the strength of the battle should be really amazing, one blood clap, the people who have been made into the three realms of the Patriarchate will be slapped, there is no room for any resistance at all.

By the time the four Qin Yi arrived, several practitioners had already died under the blood of the blood ghost, because one by one, Qin Yi they could not even save.

And these practitioners, by this time of year, still don't mean to fight the bloody ghosts together, they're totally separate, and many people have even scared their legs softer, which makes it easier for the bloody ghosts to slaughter.

And now the blood ghost, the speed at which blood is drawn, is a lot faster than before, that long, bloody nail, hold on to the practitioner's body, a few breaths, is able to absorb all the blood in his body and turn it into a dry corpse.

“Blood ghost, you stop me! ”

In the sound of anger and drink, Qin Yi's figure was pulled out. He had already appeared in front of the blood ghost. There were three people beside him: Femme Flame, Xin Bamboo, Xin Bamboo, and Xin Bamboo. The word "one” was arranged there.

“Turns out it's you, kid. ”

The blood ghost looked back and looked at Qin Yi several people. On the face of the dead man, a strong fire of hatred immediately appeared, his hands loose, a dry corpse, and it fell to the ground.

“This seat has been searching for you for a number of days, but it has not been found, and now you have appeared. ”

The voice of the blood ghost, sharp and cold terrible, that feeling, like a sword, stuck in my heart: “Good, then let's settle the accounts today. The books between us are too thick. ”

Before that, Qin Yi several people almost let the blood ghost suffer.

Not only that, Qin Yi he killed his son Yan Few.

Killer's revenge, not God!

Looking at Qin Yi several people appeared, all the other practitioners were relieved, okay. Now, finally, someone is defending them against this demon.

Qin Yi's name, although it used to sound on the third floor of this magical mausoleum, but there are few people who truly know Qin Yi, and the name “Qin Yi", although it sounds extremely loud, may not really be heard by all practitioners here, after all, this place is too big.

Qin Yi ignored the blood ghost for the time being, but swept his eyes to the other practitioners: “Face the evil blood ghost, no matter what kind of opponent you are, you must join hands and deal with him unanimously first, understand? As you have just done, each camp, a plate of sand, and eventually there is only one thing left, which is to be slaughtered by all the blood ghosts, drained of blood, and nourished by him! ”

He was so righteous, his voice was filled with pounding imperial power, like a spring thunder rolled over. For a moment, he was a practitioner in the presence, stunned, his face was shameful.