The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1279: Shame on you, baby.

This stone hole is in the middle of this cliff wall, although outside the stone hole, there is a bare area, there is no stopping, but this cliff is as high as a thousand people, both below and above, it is difficult to find, ordinary people would never have thought that there would be a stone hole, there are still people inside.

And in the stone cave, it's quite spacious and dry, and after cleaning it up, it can still be used as a temporary living place.

“It's just that Xin Zhu hasn't woken up yet. Otherwise, let her cut a stone bed, a stone table, and a few stone stools make it even more perfect. ”

Femme Femme stood in the center of the stone hole, her eyes swept at the stone hole and said with some regret.

The bodily injuries of Bamboo Healing are almost healed, but the soul is severely damaged. It takes a certain amount of time to heal.

“Mai Ma, your injuries are not light yet. We'll fix them first, and then we'll make other plans. ”

Qin Yi also took ten pieces of five pints and nine pieces from the Na Qing ring and turned them back to Soul Dan and handed them over to Yan Mei Ma.

Previously, when she broke through the customs, Femme Yan bore the nine palms of the white tiger and nearly fell. Although people used Xuan Qi to heal her, the current wounds are still not light, and the cracks from the tortoise on her body are not yet healed.


Fei Mai nodded carefully and took the ten pieces back to Soul Dan. Without saying anything, she took all her breath down and then sat down on the floor with her legs and her luck healed her injuries.

“The number of nine spinning soul dans is not much. We must go out and collect some medicines to refine a batch of nine spinning soul dans. ”

Qin Yi discovered that there were only 20 pieces left to return to Souldan, and decided to go out and collect some medicines and come back to refine a batch of nine to return to Souldan.

Anyway, my own spiritual power is now enough to cover the 25,000 yards, and the distance of my own instantaneous travel is also more than 20,000 yards.

As long as he collects his own medicine and does not leave this range, then any wind and grass blowing here cannot escape his perception. Once there are other practitioners, he finds this place, he moves back in an instant.

Thinking about it, Qin Yi left behind the defensive method array he had bought at the Yan clan auction in the past. Although this defensive method array was used to get to the fourth floor, it was a piece of chicken rib, but it was stronger than nothing.

Qin Yi exited the stone cave and swept straight into the forest. Medicine, usually only grows in the forest. The bare cliff wall, it is impossible to grow medicine.

For refining the medicines used in Nine Spirits Back to Soul Dan, Qin Yi had already ripened the roller, and brought out the spiritual power. There is no difficulty in finding those medicines in this dense forest of weeds.

Two days later, Qin Yi has returned to Souldan to refine each medicine, and has collected more than two hundred copies.

“This mausoleum of divine demons, all kinds of medicines, is quite abundant, it's just a cultivation resource, too scarce. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly helplessly.

Over the next day, Qin Yi will be adding more than 100 copies of each medicine.

So far, he has sufficiently refined the Nine Spins of Souldan, each of which has taken more than 300 copies, enough to produce a large number of Nine Spins of Souldan.

Qin Yi decided to return. His body shook and spread directly in a transient motion. The next moment, he appeared at the stone hole and walked into the stone hole.

Three days later, the wounds on Femme Flame finally healed, and the whole person looked radiant and radiant.

In the stone cave, there is also a new arrangement, stone bed, stone table, stone stool, all of which are just made, but they are somewhat less than satisfactory. The stone table is not as long as the four legs of the stone stool, it is still shaky.

And the stone bed has some pit depressions, very uneven.

Obviously, these are all from the hands of the flaming lady.


Qin Yi shrugged her mouth: “Mai Ma, you are a little bit more handcrafted than Bamboo Xin. ”

“Don't say that. ”

Femme Yan suddenly red her cheeks, pink mumps on both sides, drummed lightly, stared hard at Qin Yi.

“Okay, don't say it. ”

Qin Yi shut his mouth and then shifted the subject: “Is your wound healed? ”


Femme Femme softened her head and glanced at Qin Yi once more. Shallow smile: "I can already crush you so badly, why don't you try it? ”



Qin Yi was stunned and could not smile.

Femme's cheeks were already delicate and bright enough to strangle the water out. “I heard that in a shaky bed, we went to the wonders of life, but more soul loss. Why don't you try? ”

Playing on a rocking bed will kill you even more. Is that it?

Qin Yi blinked slightly and glanced at the stone bed. Why don't you really try?

At this moment, without saving personnel, he is lying quietly on the stone bed, ignorant of the very unhealthy topic of one or two people.

Yet Fei Mai had already walked forward, came behind Qin Yi, slowly wrapped her around the white snake's delicate arm from behind, and the two large seats on his chest were slowly pressed up with his environmentally friendly action.


It's still so wonderful!

Qin Yi was pressed lightly against a spiritual spirit and blinked slightly there.

The flaming lady behind her, however, intentionally twisted slowly, and that pressed against Qin Yi's back, had become two large seats in the shape of two giant pancakes, and was also followed by Qin Yi's back, softly softening.

With her move, Qin Yi just felt a little refreshed. Each pore was so refreshed, and a rather shameful evil fire on the belly, also soared gently. A huge tent below, quietly stood up.

The flaming lady behind her, quietly raised her toes, her eyes looked down from Qin Yi's shoulder, touching the huge tent, suddenly her heart trembled, her legs were a little soft, for a time to think indefinitely, the size of this guy is also so impressive, if she really went to the wonderful environment of life, she would be quite a soul...

Hmm... what a shame baby I am!

Her heart jumped and she couldn't stand the heat and dryness. The next time she became a little empty, she just wanted to be filled harshly.

But she knew very well that it was impossible to go to the wonders of life with Qin Yi here. Xin Zhu is still unconscious, and the dead are lying there like dead people. Moreover, they have just entered the fourth floor and have a lot to prepare for.

This fourth level practitioner, compared to the third level, is one grade higher and must be treated with caution.

Also, there is a powerful enemy here, Grand Journal!

Forced to hold on to the dry heat, Femme Femme let go of her arm: “Hip, I'm not kidding you. You got a lot of medicine this time, right? Let's dry them up and finish refining before we discuss the next move. ”