The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1282: Two Brands

“Makes sense. ”

Xia Jiu-yun was spooked.

Obviously, the floodplain beasts here, they all mutate, purely because of the ancient forests, which are a relationship of the Gathering Spirit Formation, which gives the heavens and earth here the energy, the ultimate richness.

The floodplain beasts that exist here are immersed in the intense spirituality of the heavens and the earth, and over time, the functions within these floodplain beasts have undergone a qualitative transformation, breaking into a more advanced level.

Variation of this situation can only happen to the fierce beast, human beings, it is impossible to mutate phenomenon, because the wisdom of the beast has not yet been opened up, purely as white paper, easy to accept celestial and earthly vision, and the human mind is too complex to accept celestial and earthly vision with its own intrinsic ideological material.

In those very distant fairy years, besides the human race, there were animals and barbarians in the heavens and the earth, but only in the end of the fairy era, in the war of extermination, the two races were exterminated.

Traditionally, these two races, because wisdom has not yet evolved, are extremely difficult to get started in practice, but because ideas are simple, once they are started, they practice faster than people.

“What are you doing here hunting these mutant beasts? ”

Qin Yi Qiduo.

“Some of these mutant floodplain beasts have purple eyes, and I find that here the purple eyes mutate floodplain beasts with a peculiar branding, which seems to have been intentionally branded. ”

Xia Jiuyu said: “I just think this is a pretty amazing thing to think about, so I specifically hunted down some purple-eyed mutant beasts, branded them inside, and took them out and studied them. ”

So that's it!

Qin Yi blinked incredibly and almost broke his chin.

Not only is this ancient forest laid out by all means, but it is surprising that someone branded it on these mutant beasts.

“Have you branded it yet? Take a look. ”

Qin Yi's heart is very uneven.


Xia Jiu nodded: “These purple-eyed mutant floodplain beasts have quite an extraordinary amount of fighting power, and in speed, they are only slightly inferior to me. So far, we have only hunted such mutant floodplain beasts. ”

And she stretched out her palm of fiber jade, and led a hint of Xuan Qi into her palm, and then suddenly fluctuated. And in her palm of white jade was a pale purple ray, and it appeared gently, and then it rose like a purple ghost.

After ascending into the air, this faint purple light gently twisted apart, forming two subtle patterns.

“Two brands, indeed. ”

Qin Yi looked back at the two purple patterns in the air and nodded.

It's just these two patterns, they're so subtle, he has no idea what that means.

But now, what he values is not these, the purple-eyed wild beast that has been branded, but the safety and security of Maiden and Bamboo: “This is really strange, but it seems to be none of our business, go back, don't waste time here to do these pointless things, if a fierce practitioner suddenly comes out here, your life will be suspended. Besides, when I came out, Zhu Xin had not yet woken up, and now only Mei Mai was there to take care of her. If anyone found out, their safety would be suspended. ”


It is impossible to discover the secret here. Xia Jiu's heart is unhappy, but he can only nod his head. With their current strength, it is obviously not convenient to act at random on this fourth level.

Next, without further delay, the two men proceeded to return at extremely high speed.

Ten days later, they had returned to the stone cave.

Back and forth for the 20th, the previously unconscious Bamboo Heaven, already awake, is talking to Femme Flame what.

Qin Yi led Xia Jiuyu and returned safely. Femme Yan and Xin Bamboo were both relieved.

“Jasmine Bamboo, how do you feel? Are you fully recovered? ”

Qin Yi asked with a smile.

Touching the color of concern in Qin Yi's eyes, his heart was warm and he nodded nicely: “Hmm. It was completely restored more than a decade ago. ”

“That's good. ”

Qin Yi spoiled and rubbed her hair: “Now that the blood ghost has been completely wiped out by the blood witch, you don't have to have any more guilt. What guilt do you owe to hundreds of millions of heavens to thank them for dying? Don't be so stupid in the future. It's all constant. ”

Bamboo exhaled gently, on a delicate little face, gently smiled a delightfully charming shallow smile, obviously the death of the blood ghost, so that her heart, is also completely implemented.

After a pause, she said with some regret: “It's a shame that the blood witch ancestors were reborn, but I couldn't see her...”

It can be seen that the heart of this Neko is quite admired for their ancestral blood witch.

“Your ancestors' blood witches, indeed by all means, are admirable figures. ”

Qin Yi sighed: “Don't worry, as long as you can guarantee that you won't die, one day you will see her in person. ”


Flaming bamboo is the focus of the show's eyes, gently wiping its wings.

“Well, we're back on this fourth level again, so let's plan for what happens next. ”

Femme Habitual raised her hands and touched her beautiful, clean forehead. She said: "Since these days, all seven spiritual eagles have returned, two of them spiritual eagles, bringing back two valuable pieces of news. The first is, about 2,000 miles north of us, there is an emperor's grave, where there is some emperor's liquid, and we can go and collect the emperor's liquid.

“The second message is that there is a graveyard not far east of us, the tomb owner, the divine guardian of our Kyushu Holy See, so I want to challenge him by mentioning his ranking on the divine guard list. ”

Femme Flame is now ranked 50th on the Divine Guardian list.

After coming out of this mausoleum, only the top 30 practitioners on the Divine Guard list will be eligible to enter the Great World of Xuanhuang.

Therefore, if she wants to enter the Great World of Xuanhuang, she must take advantage of the last two floors of this Divine Demon Garden to rank on the Divine Guardian List and move on to the top 30.

“Lingwu can't take the voice down, Mai Ma, how can you tell that the tomb owner of that tomb city is the divine guardian of our Kyushu Holy See? ”

Qin Yi will bewildered his gaze and look to the flaming lady.

“Unfortunately, that Lingwu, who just happened to have taken a white jade from the tomb master, is our identity token for the members of the Kyushu Holy See. ”

The flaming woman smiled shallow.