The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1284: Golden Python


Femme, Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu all nodded.

In front of them is an ancient tomb of ordinary shape, small in size, made of stone, in the same shape as a mansion.

“None of us know what is present in this ancient tomb, and if it were a legal formation, it would be very dangerous for us to venture on, so, as before, to enter for us with Lingwu. ”

Femme took out the map of the beast soul and showed it. Even in the map of the soul of the beast, the seven souls swept out, unfolding the bears burning the wings of the fiery fire, towards the ancient tomb in front, and burst away.

Soon, the seven spiritual whales landed smoothly on the tomb of the emperor.

“Fortunately, the formation contained in this imperial tomb is not a killing line. ”

All four of Qin Yi are relieved.

However, at this very moment.


A giant golden ray, from the tomb of the Emperor, rushed out and struck lightning into the seven spiritual whales atop the tomb of the Emperor.

All this happened too suddenly, Qin Yi four people, has not yet reacted.


Seven spiritual whales, instantly struck by that huge golden ray, were crushed and turned into sparks of heaven.

Fortunately, all seven spiritual whales are immortal. In the next moment, the sparks of the sky are regrouping seven or seven new spiritual whales and flying back at great speed.

The beast soul in the hands of Femme Flame stops and retrieves them from the map.

“What is that golden moon? ”

Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu were all stunned to the extreme.

That giant golden ray just passed away like a golden sky thunder.

Moreover, with one blow, all seven spiritual whales are smashed into pieces, and their attack power is imaginable.

“I didn't see it clearly either. ”

Qin Yi smiled helplessly and looked at Fei Mei Mai: “Let those seven Lingwu go out and try again. This time, I will definitely be able to see them clearly when I enter the emptiness state. ”


He pushed his left hand into a state of emptiness, and all the dynamics in the heavens and the earth were in his sight, exactly double the speed.

It happened so suddenly, the flaming lady couldn't see clearly. What was that huge golden moon?

She nodded and again showed the map of the beast's soul. Immediately, the seven spirits swept out of the map of the beast and swept to the tomb of the emperor at great speed.


This time, the seven spiritual whales had just fallen in half, and the golden moon present in the tomb of the emperor suddenly reappeared, crossed the long sky, and struck the seven spiritual whales with great speed. In between the hectares, the seven spiritual whales were again shot into the sparks of heaven.

“What the hell is that? ”

Femme Yan, Xin Bamboo, Xia Jiuyu and the three of them still did not see clearly. What is that? All will look at Qin Yi in confusion.

“It's a golden python. ”

Qin Yi's divine colour is somewhat appalling: “The golden python is quite huge, and the attack speed, very fast, very powerful. ”

Golden python!

Rumor has it that the three people, Meizu, Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu, had to be stunned for a while.

After a pause, Femme Femme customarily touched her forehead with her hands, "The golden python is fast, the power is strange, and suddenly it can't be prevented. The average practitioner will suffer greatly. Thus, this imperial tomb can be preserved intact. To date, the imperial fluid inside has not been removed, most of it is related to this golden python. ”

That makes sense!

The three of Qin Yi are all in favor of nodding.

No one could have imagined that there was such a fierce golden python hidden in this imperial tomb that it could not have been prevented. The animal suddenly launched an attack, with its speed and strength, the average practitioner was afraid that it would suffer.

“The golden python, wrapped in the Emperor's tomb, bathed in the emperor's energy all day long, naturally with extraordinary strength. ”

Mai Mei frowned: “Obviously, in order to enter this imperial tomb, this golden python must be removed first. ”

“The speed at which this golden python strikes is incredible. Even if it does not devour the practitioner, it will force him to wreak havoc, making it even harder to destroy it. ”

Qin Yi said: "All three of you, stay here. I will deal with it, because I have the left hand of the demon and can enter the state of the emptiness. ”

“Okay, then you have to be careful. ”

Femme nodded, she also knew that this golden python is extremely difficult to cope with, she, Xinxian Bamboo and Xia Jiuyu are only afraid to do something about it.

Qin Yi no longer said much. When he took out the long gun of the smoke cloud, his toes were a little on the ground, and the whole person was heading towards the Emperor's grave and bursting away.


Like the previous seven spiritual whales, he had just plundered into half. The golden python in the imperial tomb burst out of nowhere. Qin Yi, who had entered the state of emptiness, saw this golden python as truly authentic.

This python is not as big as it is, but because of the middle-aged bathing emperor's energy, it is brilliant and golden. It casts like gold. It is incredibly fast. It is ten times faster than lightning. In the blink of an eye, it rushes in front of Qin Yi. The blood basin has a big mouth and bites hard.

Cloud trick!

Qin Yi moved towards the edge, bringing the flowing cloud trick to the ultimate. The whole person instantly looked like a green cigarette, floating. The big mouth of the golden python clearly bit him in the right direction. The next moment, Qin Yi's body was floating behind it.


Qin Yi's figure was like a green cigarette. He paused suddenly, holding a gun with one hand, and stabbed him at the head of a giant golden python.

And the reaction of the golden python was also extremely fast, felt behind it, that sudden wave of terrible killing, that huge head, suddenly shaking, actually avoided Qin Yi's shooting.

Next moment.


Its golden tail suddenly rolled over, and the speed was unspeakable. Even if Qin Yi entered the state of emptiness, he couldn't see clearly, and instantly rolled to his side.

His instincts fluttered and his body shifted in a flash. The next moment, he appeared thousands of feet away, armed with a long gun and shocked in his heart.

The speed of this animal is so fast that if it hadn't been for himself, he would have been caught up in a state of emptiness.


His figure was fixed, and the golden python, again, turned into a golden lightning bolt, rushed over, all over his body, with a strong violent atmosphere.

“No, we have to change tactics. It's too passive. ”

Qin Yi's eyes curled slightly and looked at the golden python rushing at the speed. He was very decisive. He flashed his right hand. It was also a golden palm print. He shot it suddenly and grabbed the golden python.

“Go to hell! ”

Qin Yi manipulated the Golden Glow giant palm print, grabbed the golden python snake, and hit the ground hard, smashing all the ground into a big pit.