The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1286: speculation

“What's wrong? ”

Qin Yi Qiduo.

Side by side of the bamboo and Xia Jiuyu, will also look confused and look to the flaming lady.

“The tomb of the emperor. ”

"Don't you think the whole thing is a little weird? Why can't Lingwu find the Emperor's tomb so easily? You know, the tomb of the emperor, not particularly hidden, exists here in the practitioner, and there's no reason not to find it. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi, Xia Jiuyu and Yan Zhuxin all stood there for a moment.

“I didn't think much of it at the time, and now that I hear you say it, think about it, it's really weird. ”

Qin Yi also frowned and pondered: “If there is a real problem, then obviously it is on the Golden Python. The Golden Python, the practitioner who went to eat all of it? ”

“This is totally impossible. ”

Femme Yan shook her head: “Kim Ling Python obviously does not possess this strength. Don't forget, this is the fourth floor, the practitioner who can enter here, the strength is quite pointy. ”

“Here's the problem…”

Things were so weird, Qin Yi began to imitate Naran Autumn Water's thinking: If Naran Autumn Water was a strange woman, how would she think in the face of such a weird problem?

Along with imitation, Qin Yi's thinking was immediately clear a lot: “Obviously, there is a strong man in the back of that golden python. The cultivator who used to enter the imperial tomb and wanted to obtain imperial fluid was killed by the master behind that golden python. ”

Rumor has it, the eyes of Maiden, Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu are all compelled to shine:

That makes sense!

Seeing the divine colour of Qin Yi at this moment, they smiled again.

“Obviously, you're imitating Naranjo's mind again. ”

Maiden smiled at the stall and said, "Please continue. ”

Qin Yi nodded: “Then there is no doubt that the Golden Ling Python has been manipulated by some strong person, and the body of the Golden Ling Python has so much emperor liquid, the strong person who manipulated it, is meant to grow quickly. ”

Qin Yi continued with a slight indulgence: “With Emperor Liquid, it grew rapidly. In fact, the area in the east has been arranged as a Gathering Spiritual Array. The massive gathering of heaven and earth spiritual energy is a special way to return. So, the problem is obviously that the person who arranged that ancient forest in the east into a Gathering Spirit Front is not necessarily the same person, but the person who imprinted the brand into those mutant floodplain beasts must also be the manipulator behind the Golden Spirit Python. ”

The head of listening to his analysis was: Femme Flame, Xin Bamboo, Xia Jiuyu, all three of them were surprised. They had to admit, Naran Qiushui's wisdom is truly amazing!

“Then why can you conclude that the same person who set up the Gathering Spirit Array is not the same person who manipulated those wild beasts? ”

Feminine wonder.

“It is simple that the arrangement of an ancient forest into a congregation of spiritual arrays requires all-powerful means, which cannot be done by the practitioners at this stage. ”

Qin Yi said: "So, the person who manipulates the Golden Python and the mutated Flood Beast should be trying to cultivate what with the body of these animals, just what is it cultivating? Nine Phantoms, take out the two brands you collected. ”

Xia Jiu nodded, stretching out the palm of the white jade, as her body qi, slightly fluctuated, the two purple brands were in her palm, rushing out.

Qin Yi gazed and carefully identified the two purple brands.

However, the two brands give too little information, and the observation is half-witted, and the observation is impossible, so we have to do it.

“Another question is…”

Qin Yi's color became a little heavy, his eyes swept on the faces of the three people: “Our whereabouts, most likely, have been discovered by the practitioner behind the Golden Python. ”

The practitioner found out!

Rumor has it, Femme Flame, Xin Bamboo, Xia Jiuyu, all three of them couldn't help but complain, then Femme Flame sighed and nodded, “If the Golden Python is really manipulated, we may indeed have been discovered by that person, but strangely, that person did not attack us. Is that the person who is conspiring with our strength? ”

“Impossible. ”

Qin Yi shook his head: “The strength of the few of us, in the fourth floor of this demonic garden, is nothing at all? It must be something else. It's just, what is it that keeps the guy from doing it to us? ”

Reaching and rubbing some swollen temples, Qin Yi frowned and pondered: “Is the other party playing cat claw mouse game with us? ”

With this in mind, Qin Yi shrugged: “This man is an ancestral record! ”

- What? - What?


Hearing these three words, Xinxian Bamboo, Xia Meixiang and Xia Jiuyu all broke the ground, as if the five thunderbolts were vibrating, and stunned there.

Grand Joe, but they're the enemy on the fourth level!


Qin Yi instantly prompted his left hand to elicit spiritual power, covering the range of more than 20,000 square meters. Without finding any practitioner within this range, this only relaxed his breath: “Fortunately, the ancestral record did not follow, he should not yet know our settlement. ”

Hearing him say that, the three flaming sisters are also a little relieved.

Grand Journal, on the Divine Guardian list, ranked 12 places, how powerful, you can totally imagine, they must not be the opponents of this person today.

If he knew where several of his own people lived, there would undoubtedly be a great disaster.

“I had no idea we had just entered this fourth floor, and we ran into the Grand Journal. ”

Qin Yi smiled helplessly: “Now, he is not following us, just to illustrate that he has absolute confidence and has us in his hands. ”

“It should be. ”

Femme, Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu all nodded.

After a pause, he asked curiously, “What is the cultivation of this ancestral record of the Holy See in Kyushu? It is surprising that we need to rely on the body of the fierce beast to nurture cultivating resources rather than emperors. ”

“In the heavens and the earth, there are countless ways to cultivate, and there are normal ways to cultivate without emperor's liquid. ”

"Now we can conclude that three points, first, the Duke's transcript has been sent to us; secondly, he is not an ordinary practitioner; and thirdly, he is very powerful and has absolute confidence to defeat us. ”

“Well, now that the Grand Journal has appeared, we should also intensify our training, improve our strength and refine the Emperor's Liquid. ”

Qin Yi waved.

Next, the four of them sat down and began refining the Emperor's liquid.

Qin Yi has nine curved bodies, so the speed of refining Emperor Liquid is twice as fast as the average refiner, refining a drop of Emperor Liquid, about five hours.