The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1290: Songfeather


Qin Yi's body appeared abruptly on a small mountain peak, the feet slammed to the ground, the air waves under his feet, suddenly rolled up a piece of sandstone, and swung to all directions. The whole mountain peak was shaking.

And in their gaze, a tomb city emerged, restored to grandeur, the walls of the city were made of huge stones, there were obvious signs of weathering, engraved with years of change that could no longer be erased.

Where they appeared, obviously within the scope of the surveillance of the people in the graveyard, as soon as they appeared, more than a dozen figures emerged from the graveyard, rushing out, the word "one” lined up, over the graveyard.

“What do you mean, just the four of you want to rob our graveyard? ”

One of the more than a dozen practitioners, dressed like a few demons, asked coldly, "You haven't been up here long, have you? This is not the third floor, you can slaughter the city at will, or you'll be dead in no time. ”

The other practitioners also looked at Qin Yi four people cold, but did not do it.

Obviously, the practitioners present on this fourth floor are much more stable than the practitioners on the lower levels. If they were to change to the lower levels, Qin Yi suddenly broke in, and these people rushed up and opened up for fear of not saying anything.

“The practitioner here is certainly one step higher than the practitioner on the third level. ”

Feeling the breath coming from these people, Qin Yi sighed and turned to look at Mai Mai: “Mai Mai, is Simon Sing Yu here? ”


Femme Yan shook her head, and then stepped forward, her eyes swept over the faces of more than a dozen people in front of her. “We are the divine guardians of the Kyushu Holy See. This time, we are here to challenge your tomb master Simon Songfeather. The Kyushu Holy See has rules. The divine guardians can challenge each other. ”

“The tomb master is practicing in closed confinement. Go back. For your sake as well as the Holy See of Kyushu, it will not be difficult for you. Go. ”

The woman, who looked a little demonic, frowned and said coldly.

However, her voice had just fallen, a white shadow, from the graveyard beneath it, rushed to the front of these people.

This is a young man in a white robe, with his hands behind his back, his face like a jade, his body is pulled out, his style is like a scholar, Qin Yi's eyes swept away, and he found that there was no white jade on this person, which is clearly the identity card of the Holy See of Kyushu.

“Gravemaster, you...”

Seeing this man, the previous woman who wanted to drink out of Qin Yi several people opened her mouth in dismay, while the other practitioners also showed horror.

“There is no need to say more. ”

The Siemens Woman waved: “Since there is the Divine Guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, come to challenge me, I naturally have to fight first, then close the practice, and since I entered this fourth floor, I have not met any other Divine Guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, and I would like to know what other Divine Guardian has grown to now. ”

His eyes were not sharp, even a little soft, sweeping towards Qin Yi several people: “Which of you is going to challenge me? ”


Femme nodded, turned her hand to take out her identity card, threw it at Siemens singing feather, and Siemens singing feather grabbed it, sweeping a glance: “Femme Flamme, I have a slight impression. When I succeeded in promoting to Divine Defense in the past, I happened to hear that the Holy See of Kyushu had arrived a genius called Femme Flamme. I didn't think you could challenge me after so many years. ”

After hearing this from Siemens, Qin Yi looked at Siemens unexpectedly. I can't believe this Niko was still in the Holy See in Kyushu. Something was done to make Siemens sing feathers in front of her. She still remembers her name.

When she touched Qin Yi's unexpected eyes, Femme Femme was the subconscious bosom. The two were huge, and the obscurity was quite strong. She appeared a little arrogant on her delicate little face.

“Stand down, I'd like to see, what level of genius has grown in the past? ”

Simon Sing feathers flipped his palm, a silver long gun appeared on the ground and was held tight by his hand.

More than a dozen practitioners behind him looked at each other and were forced to fall into the graveyard, looking up at the sky.

“Stand down, both of you. ”

Fei Fei turned her face and smiled shallow at Qin Yi, Xin Zhu Xin and Xia Jiuyu.

Qin Yi three people did not say much, and immediately withdrew directly from the opening of thousands of fathers, watching Yanmei and Simon Sing Yu from afar.

Obviously, the performance of Simon's song feathers completely exceeded their expectations. They thought that he would be ashamed and angry. Who would have thought that this Simon's song feathers were stylish and even gentle as jade? It is rare to see this in the divine guardianship of the Holy See of Kyushu.

“Do it. ”

Maiden Yan has taken out her blue sword, which, prompted by her brilliance, instantly became more than ten long, a magnificent and glaring sword.

She raised more than ten long blue swords, shaking her wrists, the blue swords were all a "buzzing” sudden tremor, a tremendous killing intent, that bursting sword, causing thousands of people outside Qin Yi, all in the heart unstoppable breeding a chill.

Obviously, with the constant breakthrough of cultivation, today's feminine flames are much stronger than they were in previous years.

Feel the sword of Femme Flame, that emitted a powerful sword, Siemens singing feather like a jade, obviously swept over a horrible color, spinning again a faint smile: “The genius of the past years, it is not simple, it is good, then I will fight you well. ”

He held a gun with one hand, Xu Xueyang raised it, pointing remotely at Femme Yunnan. The silver gun, prompted by his Xuan Qi, also instantly lasted dozens of lengths, an intense killing intent, also came out with havoc.


Simon Sing Yu drank cold, in his eyes, soaking up the battle of bears.

He drew a huge silver ray in the long air, ten times faster than a meteor, towards the flaming woman in front, bursting.

The silver gun was still hundreds of feet away, and a pound of pressure came as hard as a mountain, pressing Femme's chest, all a little dull.


In the sharp voices, Simon Sing Yu's silver gun, instantly stabbed in front of Meizu's eyes, the sharp tip of the gun, with a tremendous killing intent, just dotted Meizu's chest.

Femme Yan suddenly went up, her toes on the silver gun of Siemens Songfeather a little. Siemens Songfeather felt her silver gun, weighing millions, her arms had to be heavy.