The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1296: Killing the Green Mao Tiger

One bite, one punch, one shear, are the top three tricks of a tiger, and the shear, in fact, is sweeping it with its tail.

That thick tail hasn't swept yet, and a pound of pressure is already pressing like a giant wave.

Feeling this tremendous pressure, Qin Yi burst into the shape, before it stopped, it was suddenly rising again. The tail of the green tiger was attached to his feet and suddenly swept past.

“Knock! ”

The tail of the green tiger, swept on an ancient tree that could not be surrounded by three adults, and directly swept the ancient tree into pieces.

The next moment, the Green Mao Tiger did not even look at it, but had already judged the position of Qin Yi, a hundred meters long gigantic torso, suddenly twisted, two back legs pushed hard to the ground, rushed up at the speed, with a big mouth of blood basin, and rushed to Qin Yi in high altitude.

These mutant floodplain beasts, the movement itself is extraordinarily flexible, combined with the growth of wings, under the auxiliary effect of the wing, the punching action is unimaginable, generally practitioners of the same level, face them, only fear that most of them are very rare.

Fortunately, Qin Yi is not an ordinary practitioner. Not only is he going through 100 wars, he has abnormally rich combat experience, but he also possesses the left hand of the celestial demon. Once the left hand of the celestial demon is activated, he enters the state of emptiness. This is all the dynamics of the world. In his eyes, it will be more than twice as slow.

Qin Yi lived high and looked at the blood basin mouth of the green hairy tiger that bit up at the speed. The smoke cloud in his hand held a long gun. The blood basin mouth beneath him burst into pieces. With the stabbing out of his gun, the pressure from the shooting out of the gun squeezed the air around him, all squeezing a bang.

And the reaction of the green tiger, too, was terrific, running up the body, suddenly folding a strange angle, the flash of the blue flash, is towards one side of the flash, the speed, much faster than lightning.

However, it was fast, Qin Yi's attack was faster than it was, and the long gun in his hand accompanied him and pierced the long sky.

“Blood! ”

Qin Yi's assassination directly exerted one of the three shots of despair. The long gun buzzed, pressing the sky, killing millions of machines.


Even the green hair of the green tiger was ten times harder than the steel needle. Qin Yi's long gun of smoke cloud still instantly stabbed it into pieces. As a sharp long gun pierced the muscle tissue, it easily pierced the body of the green tiger.

The power of "blood” is not just so simple to pierce, the next moment, the pressure emitted on the long gun, all of a sudden on the body of the green tiger, blowing up a big hole enough to hold three people and put them in.

“Push! ”

The green hairy tiger fell from the air and struck a position to shake the mountain.

However, the animal is also extremely ferocious, clearly already dying, but still suddenly rising from the ground. The giant tiger's eyes are already red, and the fierce fire of hatred is pouring, staring dead at Qin Yi.

That's right, at this moment, everyone feels it. The flame of hatred in the eyes of Green Mao Tiger wants to rush up to tear Qin Yi to pieces.

It really did this, completely disregarding the huge blood hole on his body, the two back legs suddenly slipped, and it slammed at Qin Yi hard again, but it was finally a return to the light, just slammed halfway, it fell on the ground, it was already gas death.

“The power of these mutated wild beasts did score a few points. ”

Looking at the body of the green tiger on the ground, Qin Yi smiled slightly and quickly put away the long gun of smoke cloud.

Now, it's just a green tiger, he kills it, naturally it's easy, what if it's a bunch? It's kind of brilliant.

It can be seen that Qin Yi has hunted down the Green Mao Tiger. Femme, Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu were also rushed here. Xin Zhu sighed: “This mutant Green Mao Tiger is stronger than I thought. At the current height of Qin Yi, the average floodplain beast should be able to kill in one shot, but it circled with Qin Yi for a while. ”

“I am not that godly, I was able to kill the existence of public household pine before, all on the second floor of Ten Hells, Qingyangzi's breath is clear, but not on my own strength. ”

Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders. That handsome face was a rare passing of modesty.

“It is a pity that this green tiger's eyes are not purple, and there is no sign of the yin and yang recorded by the male ancestors. ”

Femme Yan said with some regret, after a pause, her eyebrows rose slightly again: “We just suddenly thought of a problem, here we hunt the purple eyes mutated flood beast, take away the yin and yang mark in its body, will the grandfather's record have some rubbing? ”

“Will the Grand Journal notice anything? ”

Rumor has it that Qin Yi couldn't help but blink his eyes. Obviously, he also suddenly realized the problem: “Yeah, when we had a fever in our head, we rushed in. If the ancestral record detected something, what tactics were used in secret, we were afraid we would encounter unexpected trouble. ”

The Yin and Yang technique recorded by the Patriarch, extremely mysterious and powerful, had to be cautioned against.

However, Xia Jiuyue on the side, it doesn't matter to shrug the delicate shoulder, slightly lift the corner of her mouth that day, and leave her nagging: “Hmm, I think you're worried about it. Don't think about recording the grandfather-in-law so intelligently. If he could have known, I'd hunted two purple-eyed mutant beasts before. I'd have been poisoned by him, and I'd still be standing here? ”

“That's true. ”

Qin Yi mocked herself: “Looks like we've been worried too much. Let's go. We continue to go deeper and strive to put the ancestral record into the yin and yang marks of these mutated floodplain beasts. Take them all away and let him blow his beard and stare into his eyes. ”

Qin Yi currently brings out the spiritual power, enough to cover the range of 50,000 square feet. In fact, at this time, in his spiritual power coverage, he found a number of purple eyes mutated flood wild beasts, only these purple eyes flood wild beasts, distance from them all some distance, and several non-purple eyes flood wild beasts in the middle.

“One of the closest purple-eyed mutant floodplain beasts, about 10,000 feet to our left, is a pink mutant eagle, but between us and that purple-eyed pink eagle, there is still a six-armed golden-haired ancient monkey, as well as a seven-colored python. If you kill them, you must kill them first. ”

Qin Yi described the situation in front of three people: Femme Yun, Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu.

“I am descended from the Crane Nation. I have certain advantages against Python and other things. I will take care of the seven color Python. ”

Xia Jiuyu's body is clearly flowing with belligerent blood, which is quite similar to dragon inflammation.