The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1297: Golden Furry Six-Armed Monkey

As soon as he finished, Xia Jiu's body suddenly turned into a giant golden immortal crane. He rose to the sky at great speed and burst into the direction Qin Yi said. The speed was unspeakable.

“Let's keep up. If there is any danger to Nine Phantoms, we can save them. ”

Qin Yi waved his hand in the presence of Femme Flame and Bamboo Heaven. The three of them immediately dared not to be slightly lazy. They followed suit and walked behind Xia Jiuyi and followed him quickly.


Only in their sight, a seven-colored python, rarely seen in its size, from the ancient forest below, suddenly swept up into the sky, hard to open his big mouth, to the top of Xia Jiuyu.

On the back of this seven-color mutant python, like other mutant floodplain beasts, the wings were grown, stirred by their wings, like a seven-color lightning strike against the sky, fast and indescribable, and instantly bit Xia Jiuyuan's body.


In the long whistle sound, Xia Jiu Python turned into a huge golden moon, pounding hard toward the seven color mutant python serpent below, hard to kill, that speed is a few points faster than the seven color mutant python serpent.

On her mouth and armor, which was two meters long, was a luminescence, the pressure emitted, squeezing the surrounding space, a circle of visible ripples.


At the center of that circle of space ripples, Xia Jiu's two meters long mouth suddenly detected, lightning heavily pecked on the seven-color mutant python snake, a mouthful of armor, right on its body, leaving a big hole.

These seven-color mutant python serpents are unusually strong, but there is still a considerable gap between Xia Jiuyi and Xia Jiuyi. Don't forget, Xia Jiuyi can hunt down the mutant floodplain beast as soon as she enters the fourth floor.

Now, her cultivation has broken through the middle of the four and a half steps of Empire Road, hunting and killing, naturally it is easier, not long later, the seven color mutant python, the body was pecked out more than ten large holes by Xia Jiu, the seven colors of blood, can't resist the eruption, the appearance looks extremely fierce.

Finally, Xia Jiuyu smiled and pecked the head of the seven-color mutant python into pieces. The seven-color mutant python fell out of the sky and died.

Xia Jiuyin's huge crane suddenly swayed, became blurred, and between blinking eyes, she became a beautiful girl with red hair. She was exposed to the snow and white delicate legs outside, walked randomly, and came to Qin Yi's three front.

“What do you think, Crane was a snake star, and I did a good job in this fight? ”

Xia Jiuyu lifted up the delicate little face slightly and raised a little arrogance.

Seeing her like this, Qin Yi threesome, funny in her heart, Fei Fei rubbed Xia Jiuyu's red hair gently: “Well, good, let's go, the next six-armed golden-haired ancient monkey, let me handle it. ”

Six-armed ancient monkeys, in fact, are a kind of beast, in general, extremely difficult to see. This beast is not only flexible, but the power contained in the six arms is even more bizarre. It is said that this six-armed ancient monkey can open a landslide if it grows completely.

This beast, in general, is not blonde, but gray, or black, turns golden, undoubtedly because of a mutation.

Qin Yi four quickly rushed over the mutated six-armed golden-haired ancient monkey. This animal was supposed to be napping, but maybe because of the mutation, Qin Yi four people just came over and immediately woke up, flashing the two wings beneath those six arms, rushing up fast, blocking Qin Yi four people.

This mutant six-armed golden-haired monkey's body, unusually huge, stands in the air, nearly two hundred husbands, bright with bright hair all over her body, like a pile of gold in front of her.

And those six arms, like six giant columns, each two meters in diameter.


Mutant golden fur six-armed monkey's mouth kept screaming, a pair of eyes twice the size of a dish, staring dead at Qin Yi four people, full of ferocity.

The beast's wisdom has not yet been developed, and consciousness only kills.

Faced with this mutant golden-haired six-armed monkey, Maiden flipped the delicate jade hand and took out the blue sword. As soon as the blue sword appeared, it instantly surged to dozens of lengths, a strong sword, and it also came from the sword body, making people unable to help themselves to catch cold.

“I went. ”

Femme Femme turns around and smiles lightly, with a slight cloud of wind.

“Be careful, don't be careless. ”

Qin Yi advised that he knew that Fei Fei's strength was very strong now. If she did not use the Ten Fangs of Hell, it would be difficult to beat her herself. However, if the lion hunts rabbits, he would do everything in his power. This is a conviction that must be won. If it is careless, the situation of turning boats in the gully will not appear.


Femme nodded her head and said nothing more, carrying the dozens of long blue swords of war, beneath the robe, lengthening her sturdy legs, gently and shrinking into inches, instantly came to the front of the mutant golden-haired six-armed monkey.

Next moment.

“Ping-pong! ”

Femme and the mutant six-armed monkey fought together. Femme Blue sword in her hand, opened the big coincidence, and worked hard to split the room. The pounding sword power swept apart. The giant wave-like impact went to all directions. In order not to be affected by the pond fish, the three of Qin Yi could only retreat thousands of feet and watch.

The six monkey arms of the mutant golden-haired six-armed monkey, the power is truly great, three fisted, three palmed, constantly smashed, shredded, patted, fanned, each strike, the air is smashed, space waves are twisted.

And the speed of its attack was also unspeakable. At first, you could see its six ape arms, but it quickly turned into millions, as if it were a thousand hands of Guanyin.

However, although the performance of the mutant six-armed monkey is unusually strong, the battle has not persisted long enough to kill it with the power of the flaming lady.

At some point.

Femme flames from hundreds of feet away, a sword crossed over, that brilliant blue sword light, cut through the long sky, seemed to want to separate the heavens and the earth, the heavens and the earth.

The sound of “chuckle”, as if it could cut off all the blue swords in the heavens and the earth, the blink of an eye was to tear out the big head of the mutant golden-haired six-armed giant ape, and the mutant golden-haired six-armed giant ape was killed.

“Well, two obstacles have been cleared, and now we're going to kill that purple-eyed mutant eagle. ”

Qin Yi waved in the presence of Maiden Yan, Xin Bamboo and three others.

The purple-eyed mutant eagle, full of blue, was as big as a house, and the two wings swept apart, but it was 800 feet wide, so big it was rare to see.

Instead of dwelling in the woods, it has been hovering in the air, the ancient trees beneath, sometimes fanned by its wings, a wave of beauty for a while, roaring.