The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1298: Thoughts

“Jasmine Bamboo, this purple-eyed mutant eagle is yours to deal with. ”

Qin Yi four people stood thousands of feet away from the Purple Eyed Mutant Eagle, looking at it all the time in the air, Qin Yi turned his face and said to the flaming bamboo around him.


She was delighted. In her eyes, an excitement appeared. After entering the fourth floor, she had not made a move. Now she has made a breakthrough. She also wants to know how powerful her current battle is.

She stopped saying anything more. As she fluttered, a blue half-moon curved knife appeared behind her, and the scene seemed like a fairy from Guangdong.

In the midst of Bimang Dasheng, the blue half-moon curved knife surged rapidly, and between the blinks, it soared to more than a dozen lengths wide, the cold weather.

As the flaming blue half-moon curved knife emerged, the purple-eyed mutant eagle in front immediately noticed that the wide wings were pounded and rushed at great speed.

“Let's go back and leave it here for Xin Zhu. ”

Seeing the purple-eyed mutant eagle, the momentum rushed in, Qin Yi and Xia Jiu waved, and the three of them immediately broke out of the thousands of highs and watched the distant battle.

Xinxiu Yanzhu's eyes curled slightly, looking at the purple eyes of the swiftly pounding mutant eagle, on the delicate little face, a smear of intent, appeared, she moved her legs, and quickly greeted her up.


The next moment, Bamboo Heartbreak manipulated the broad blue half-moon curved knife with his heart, and fought the Purple Eyed Mutant Eagle.

Her fingers stretched out, she kept moving, and the action was elegant, but on the fingers, it was as if there was a line invisible to the naked eye, connected to the broad blue half-moon curved knife, and all its chopping trajectories corresponded to the action of the bamboo fingers.

“Thousand Kills! ”

In the delicious sound, the jade fingers of bamboo suddenly accelerated, constantly scratching, forming a finger shadow, while the blue half-moon curved knife in front was suddenly transformed into countless large lightning bolts to blue, continuously splitting into the purple eyes mutated eagle, the purple eyes mutated eagle was killed at a sudden, the feathers on the body, as if floating snow.

In the distance, he has reached the state of emptiness, carefully watching Qin Yi in this battle, and seeing the scene, he suddenly relaxed his breath: “Before, I was worried that Zhu Xin was not the opponent of this purple-eyed mutant eagle, and now it seems that I am completely overwhelmed. ”

“Absolutely. ”

"Zhu Xin's strength, though the weakest of the four of us, doesn't mean she's weak enough to kill a single mutant floodplain beast," she nodded. ”

After a pause, Femme continued: “The single mutant floodplain beast, with our current strength, is naturally easy to kill. As you said before, the distribution of mutant floodplain beasts in this ancient forest is one layer at a time. The more we go inside, the more mutant floodplain beasts there are, the more rare the number of mutant floodplain beasts we are in now, and what worries me is that as we go deeper, we will surely be surrounded by mutant floodplain beasts...

“Moreover, based on the distribution of the mutant floodplain beasts here, it can be deduced that the more central this Gathering Spirit Front is, the more intense the heavens and earth are, and thus the more powerful the mutant floodplain beasts are. ”

That makes sense!

Listening to the flaming sisters, Qin Yi and Xia Jiuyu, all had to put their eyebrows in a slight flash.

Obviously, their next battle is going to be harder and harder.

“When you say that, I suddenly think of another problem. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose: “Is there something at the center of this Gathering Spirit Array? During that distant and ancient period, the practitioner arranged such a huge Gathering Spirit Array, could it be something that was being bred? ”

“It's entirely possible. ”

Rumor has it, the eyes of the flaming woman cannot help but shine: “The practitioner of the ancient years, arranged this gathering array of spirits, gathered extremely intense spiritual power in heaven and earth, attracted the surrounding floodplain beasts, is to use these mutant floodplain beasts to protect that thing in the central area, the floodplain beast, is actually a layer by layer killing machine, can be said, on the surface here, is a gathering array, in fact, a great killing array, who wants to enter the deepest part of this gathering array, take that thing, will eventually be killed by the mutant floodplain beast here. ”

“Exactly. ”

Qin Yi nodded: “It's just that the male ancestors drilled the sky, and we can use the mutated floodplain beast here to nurture his yin and yang mark. ”

“Well, since there are good things at the deepest end of this Gathering Spirit Battle, then naturally we have to make a break for it, otherwise we will not come to this fourth floor for nothing. ”

Xia Jiuyu, red eyelashes on the side, gently blinking, in the eyes of the show, a rave of fanaticism: “And, the strong man of Taigu, set up such a big battle to protect such a thing, which is enough to show that such a thing is extremely precious, if we miss it, it is a crime, don't you think? ”

Hearing her say this, Qin Yi and Fei Fei's eyes also had to be brightened. They looked at each other and smiled slightly at each other.

Obviously, at this moment they've made a decision: Break into the deepest part of this Gathering Battle, step on a super big piece of shit, take super shit, they don't know if they're going to send it.

The battle between the three men and the purple-eyed blue-eyed eagle in front of them was over.

Even that round of white Xuan Moon was not sacrificed. Finally, with a blue half-moon curved knife, the purple-eyed mutant eagle's head was ripped out. The purple-eyed mutant eagle's huge body fell "flashing” on the ground.

Qin Yi four people followed and fell, then Qin Yi extended a palm, against the body of the purple eyed mutant eagle. As he suddenly fluctuated with the basics in his body, the purple eyed mutant eagle's body, a light blue purple light emerged, through Qin Yi's palm, sucked into Qin Yi's body.

As Qin Yi sucked away the yin and yang marks in the mutant eagle, the mutant eagle's eyes also returned to normal color.

“Jiuyu, take the two signs of yin and yang that you collected before and pull them out again. ”

Qin Yi will flutter Xuan Qi, those strands have just been absorbed into the palm of his palm, floating out, quickly form a purple symbol in the air.