The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1301: The late

Obviously, for a moment and a half, he couldn't figure it out.

“No matter how Qin Yi knew those Yin and Yang marks were mine, it didn't matter. In short, there was only one end to him, and that was the fourth floor of this magical mausoleum! ”

Grand Joe stood up and came to the position where he had been sitting before, planking his legs, swinging his hands together, blinking, over his head, and instantly gathered a water screen.

Although he was reluctant to break Qin Yi's body into pieces, he was helpless. This is a critical moment for purifying his soul. His flesh and body cannot step out of this cave. Otherwise, not only will his previous efforts be abandoned, but the Yin and Yang technique will fall in a straight line because his soul is contaminated.

All he can do now is suppress the anger in his chest, force it down, and continue to purify his soul.

“Well, what is hidden in the depths of the Gathering Spirit? ”

I was trying to get lucky and purify my soul, and my grandfather recorded my eyebrows, and I thought of this problem.

Deep in the Gathering Spirit Battalion, he has never entered, not that he is not strong enough to enter, but that he has not been interested in the Gathering Spirit Battalion, he is interested in the mark of his yin and yang.

At this moment, there was a gleam in his mind, and when he thought about it, he suddenly realized that the existence of the Gathering Spiritual Array was strange.

“Based on time, the Gathering Spirit Array should have been arranged by a peak expert who entered this demonic mausoleum during the Tai Ancient Age. ”

The ancestral record frowned and pondered: “It is absolutely impossible for that ancient master to arrange an amazing Gathering Spirit Array on this fourth floor for no reason. ”

More than a decade ago, he had also entered the Gathering Spirit Battalion to understand the general situation. The more the mutant floodplain beasts gathered there, the more numerous and powerful they were, and the more intense the spirituality of the heavens and the earth in the air.

“According to the scenario within the Gathering Spirit Array, it is easy to deduce that the center of the Gathering Spirit Array, only afraid of something unusual, the master of the ancient period, is arranged into such a Gathering Spirit Array, undoubtedly for those unusual things, just, what is unusual about the center of the Gathering Spirit Array? ”

Obviously, it is impossible to come up with an answer.

However, he had developed a little interest in that.

A hundred thousand kilometers away, in that ancient forest.

Qin Yi, Feiniang, Xin Bamboo, Xia Jiuyu and four others, after killing the eight mutant green lions, continue to go deep inside.

They have obviously had two purposes in their journey.

First, keep the Yin and Yang seals here as far as possible and let him be busy. At present, the ranking of the grandfather on the Divine Guardian list is 12 places. His strength is terrible. If he breeds these Yin and Yang seals again, I can't imagine what height he will reach. By then, they will really be dead. I'm afraid to unseal Bi Yao's body on the third floor of the Ten Fang region. He won't get it.

So they had to come to the bottom of the pitcher to draw.

Secondly, they are also quite curious as to what kind of secrets are hidden in the deepest part of this Gathering Spirit Array. They want to get inside as much as possible and see if there is any treasure in it, then it is developed.

In too ancient times, the powerful man arranged the Gathering Spirit Array, the purpose of which was obviously to use these mutated floodplain beasts to guard the deepest of the Gathering Spirit Array.


At some point.

Qin Yi's eyes, a slight stiffness, the bursting figure, suddenly stopped.

“What's the matter? ”

Seeing as how he reacted incorrectly, Femme Flame stopped and frowned wonderfully.

The side of Bamboo Heaven and Xia Jiuyi will also look at Qin Yi with curiosity.

“Found an acquaintance, about 30,000 feet to our right, Gossip Feather, and five of his companions, there. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly helplessly: “It's just their current situation, it's a little bad. ”

In his senses of inspiration, Pseudonysia, who had previously been defeated by Maiden, and his five companions, were being surrounded by eight mutant floodplain beasts, and the regiment launched a mad attack on them.

The eight mutant beasts, the golden-haired six-armed monkeys, are five, plus two mutant white tigers, and a mutant canary.

Among these eight mutant floodplain beasts, the mutant canary is purple-eyed, in addition to which there is a golden-haired six-armed ape, also purple-eyed.

Obviously, Gong Xi Song Yu and the others, also went into this kind of gathering of spirit, wanted to put the ancestral record into the yin and yang seal here to take away, don't forget, the day Echelle was near death, but told Gong Xi Song Yu and the others everything.

Gong Xi Song Yu naturally realized the threat of the ancestral record, so he took the first step to be strong.

Who thinks they underestimated the mutant floodplain beast here.

At this moment, the situation of the six people of Gongxi Song Yu was extremely bad. The eight people surrounded their mutant floodplain beasts, and their fighting power was very strong. Especially the five golden-haired six-armed monkeys, which were much stronger than the golden-haired six-armed monkeys that Qin Yi had killed before, were much stronger. The six large monkey arms spinning like spirals, touching wood, touching stone powder.

Six people, each of them has been stained with blood, visible in the wound, extremely severe.

Especially one of the middle-aged men, even his left shoulder was broken by a golden-haired six-armed monkey with only one left arm. The man had a pale face and seeped a bean-sized sweat bead on his forehead, which was painfully sustained.

Feeling the scene of such a fierce battle, Qin Yi was intimately surprised: “A few Gongshi songfeathers have reached the end of the strong crossbow. If we do not help each other, they will be defeated if they are afraid to persist for another 10 minutes. ”

“They are also the enemies recorded by the Patriarchs, the enemies of the enemies, that is, friends, not to mention Gossip Feather, the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, and we have no reason to stand idly by and rescue them. ”

Maiden was very decisive when she was about to wave her little white hand.

Without delay, the four men burst towards Gossip Feather.

“Ho!” “Ho!” “Ho! ” ……

The power of the five-headed mutant golden fur six-armed monkey, when it was truly unimaginable, soon after the battle began, was to tear the two companions of Gong Xi Song Feather to pieces and blink, including Gong Xi Song Feather, there were only four people left, which was instantly in danger.

Eight Mutant Flood Beasts, double their number!

“Master of the tomb, get out of here and we'll cover you! ”

A middle-aged man with a big hole in his chest, with a giant lunar knife, blocked in front of Gongxi song feather, his name is Yu Chenghe, and his strength is only slightly less than that of Gongxi song feather.

“We have always been our most admired beings. All of us can die, only you can't die. ”

The other two practitioners also drank together.