The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1303: Rescue (below)

“Qin Yi, you're all here. How do you know we're here? ”

Gongxi singing feathers are surprising and surprising.

“Let's kill these mutant beasts first. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, held a long smoke cloud gun, shaken his figure and instantly joined the raging war.

At this time, Yucheng and the three of them, who had previously been beaten by Gong Xi Song Yu, also came back, and looked at Qin Yi four people, as if the angels had come, suddenly appeared here, all of a sudden was a spiritual shock, a single excitement.

“Master Gungxi, I remember the woman in the red robe, called Meizu Yan, who also defeated you last time. ”

Yucheng and excited said.

“At this point, what else are we talking about? Come on, let's go! Let's kill these animals! ”

Gongxi Songyu waved his hand, carrying a silver gun, rushed to Qin Yi's four people at great speed, but just halfway there, Qin Yi's dozens of lengths of smoke cloud long gun, but suddenly stood in front of him: “Gongxi Songyu, you two are too seriously injured, just stay aside and rest. These animals can be handed over to us four. ”

Prior to the fierce war, a few people of Gossip Feather, all with a rather minor wound, some with a shattered shoulder, some with a big hole in the chest, can persist to this day without falling, it is only with a breath of strength.

Gongxi Sing Yu glanced ahead and saw that Qin Yi, although there were only four people, faced with seven mutated floodplain beasts, but did not drop the wind at all, so he nodded his mind: “Okay, then be careful. ”

He waved at Yucheng and the three of them, and the four of them immediately retreated to the side, watching the war and healing the wounds.

Qin Yi's four fighters are undoubtedly much stronger than Gongxi Songyu's. Plus, these mutant floodplain beasts, before, and Gongxi Songyu and others fought so hard for such a long time, nature was not as fierce as it used to be, so soon after the battle began, Qin Yi's four took the upper hand, turning seven mutant floodplain beasts, killing the festival defeat.

This fierce battle lasted only about half an hour, and it was over. Five mutant golden-haired six-armed monkeys, a white-haired tiger, and a canary were all killed by the four Qin Yi.

Finally, Xia Jiuyu came to the purple-eyed canary, the fiber jade palm against the body of the canary, and the aura in the body fluctuated slightly. It was a sign of yin and yang in the body of the canary. It was also slowly sucked out by her jade palm.

The yin and yang impression hovered quietly over Xia Jiuyu's palm, a few blurred purple lights, forming a circle within which, implicitly, some obscure and deep symbols can be seen.

These purple symbols can only be understood by the Yin and Yang Master. For those who do not understand Yin and Yang, they are no different from the Book of Heaven.

So far, the four of them have collected more than thirty signs of yin and yang in this ancient forest. This is the soul of more than thirty yin and yang. If the ancestral record were to contain them all in the soul, his yin and yang technique would only be significantly improved.

Only unfortunately, obviously, more than a decade ago, the public ancestral record will undoubtedly be busy. The public ancestral record is the dead enemy of Qin Yi. Now that Qin Yi already knows the mystery of this seal of yin and yang, it is absolutely impossible to allow them to exist in the bodies of these mutated floodplain beasts, and he will do everything possible to destroy them all.

“Brother Gong Xi, your wounds are not too bad. Take these medicine to treat your injuries with your companions and they will recover quickly. ”

Qin Yi turned his hand and took twenty pieces of five pints and nine pieces from the Na Qing ring and turned them back to Soul Dan. He handed them over to Gongxi Sing Yu.

“Well, thank you then. ”

Gongxi Song Yu and Yucheng and the three of them were so hurt. At this time, Gongxi Song Yu naturally could not refuse Qin Yi's kindness, and took over Qin Yi's handed over nine spinning soul dan, distributing it equally.

After taking all five pints and nine spirits back to Souldan, Gongxi Songyu four people, the silent tray leg sits on the ground, provokes Xuan Qi, turns the nine spirits back into Souldan, absorbs healing wounds.

The four Qin Yi people, in case they are attacked by the mutant floodplain beast again, at this time, they are the most vulnerable, randomly jumping out four or five mutant floodplain beasts, is enough to kill them.

Qin Yi, while guarding, did not forget to activate his left hand, elicited spiritual power, covered the area of about 50,000 square feet, and watched the movement around him.

Within this range of his spiritual power, there are a number of mutant floodplain beasts in action. They have entered the Spiritual Front very deeply. The mutant floodplain beasts that exist here all have quite terrible fighting power, which can be judged from the breath that emanates from them alone.

However, Qin Yi does not find the purple eyed mutated floodplain beast in this range of spiritual power at present.

“I can't imagine how big this Gathering Spirit Array is, and we've entered this position, but my spiritual power is still not exploring its core. ”

Qin Yi sighed.

The Gathering Spirit Array, in fact, is not complicated. It belongs to a common form of formation. In the past, when the magic miracle fairy tracks, he had studied with Chief Shi. Frankly, with enough props, he himself can be so-so arranged out. This is like this super Gathering Spirit Array in front of him. He never had such a means to arrange it. The kung fu of moving mountains, if he didn't see it, he wouldn't even dare to think about it.

He knew very well that there would always be a support point for the Falekaupule, and once that support point had been found and destroyed, the entire Falekaupule method would be scrapped.

“Hmm? Is it possible that the deepest part of this formation, which is what these mutant floodplains are trying to protect, is the backbone of this Gathering Spirit Array? ”

At a certain moment, Qin Yi's eyes couldn't help but lighten up and think about this possibility.

To support the operation of such a vast Gathering Spirit Array, that support point must be nothing more than an ordinary thing and must be a heritage treasure or something.

With this in mind, Qin Yi's handsome face again had to pass the fanaticism: “Looks like this operation will not only destroy the plan of the ancestral record, but may also earn some heirloom treasure, an arrow double sculpture! ”

Qin Yi rubbed his hands with some excitement.

Five days later, under the influence of several five pints and nine turns back to the soul dan, the four people of Gong Xi Song Yu, the wounds on his body, finally much better, can fight again.

However, the practitioner who was broken shoulder by shoulder, the shoulder by shoulder was broken, but it was impossible to recover. Qin Yi gave them nine spins back to the soul dan, although it was five grades, but after all, the drug power was limited, not those legendary Xindan, the drug power magic, the abolition of half the body, can all be regrown.