The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1308: Good Songs

At this time, Yanmei and Gongxi Song Yu also slowly opened their eyes and withdrew from the practice state, Yanmei said: “In fact, I have long suspected about this issue, but I don't know the sealed password of this ten places, so it has not been very quiet. ”

“Yeah, it's been unblocked for so long, but the sealed passwords listed are still small and pathetic. ”

On Qin Yi's face, a shame appeared, and he said, “But at the beginning, I tried another way, which is to think of all the sealed passwords as organs, fill them with power, but the result failed, and then I tried to seal them, line them up, the first and second layers, I was lucky to open them, but this third layer, it didn't work, I don't understand, what other circumstances besides the organ and the code of confusion exist? ”

“In addition to these two cases, there is actually a third situation. ”

At this time, the Chinese songfeather, who had not spoken, suddenly said.


There's a third situation!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi, Yanmei Mai, Yan Zhu Xin, will all look at Gongxi Song Yu with confusion.

“The third scenario is sound. ”

"Legend has it that during the Tai Ancient Years, some practitioners who loved the music usually liked to put a piece of music into the seal and seal something that they didn't want to be recreated. ”

This discourse of Gongxi Song Yu is undoubtedly Qin Yi and others. In an instant, he saw hope again.

“Well, our Yan tribe, in addition to studying a lot of horny tricks, has a unique love for singing and dancing. Legend has it that 20,000 years ago the blood witch ancestor, was a song and dance enthusiast. No, it's far more than a hobby. It's a master of the spectrum. ”

Yan Zhuxin became excited, the red flutter on both sides of the cheeks appeared glorious and touching. "Legend has it that the sound of our blood witch ancestors is beautiful and smooth. In ancient celebration, even the history of our Yan tribe has documented that the blood witch ancestors had an ancient kite. Every twilight ten years, the blood witch ancestors would sit under the drapes of the windowsill, playing the ancient kite. Even those birds who had already nested would fly out of the nest again and fall on the roof of the blood witch ancestors...

“Also, the blood witch ancestor's guitar skills have reached the stringless realm. Even if she is given an ancient kite without strings, she can play a wonderful melody, and this melody can only be heard by people in a very high mood. The average person, of course, can also hear birds, those birds will still fly and fall on her roof, quite amazing...

“In addition to this, the voice of the blood witch ancestor contains her powerful witchcraft, once played, the whole of our Yan clan can hear, sick and wounded, hear her music, recover immediately, the blood witch ancestor, is to use her music to dispel the pain and suffering for the people of our Yan clan. ”

Hearing a heartwarming narrative, Qin Yi several people, all standing there staring at each other, a scary color appeared on their faces, they could totally imagine how tall the blood witch was in the sound.

“That's right, on the third level of the Ten Places, the Blood Witch will use her favorite tone to seal the password. ”

Returning to Qin Yi, his heart was full of joy, his eyes sparkled, and he saw hope.

Next, without further delay, Yan Zhuxin studied the 120 sealed passwords sealing the third layer of Ten Fang Hells in the same direction.

“Just so you know, I also know some music, decipher this third layer of the sealed code, hug it on me. ”

Yan Zhuxin patted the striking breasts, a pair of breasts with the appearance of adult bamboo, she stretched out her fiber jade hand, on those 120 golden symbols, gently caressing: “When I started touching these 120 sealed passwords, I didn't think much, I just knew that they were some of the words that our Yan tribe had activated in earlier years, and now I know very carefully that they were actually a note. ”

120 notes, make up a piece of music. For Qin Yi, who has no knowledge of the music, it is difficult to arrange them correctly. It is imaginable that he will not be able to arrange them correctly, just because he is afraid to give him 10 years.

Flaming jade fingers, beating on 120 golden notes, constantly trying to line them up.

Qin Yi, Feiniang Yan and Gong Xi Song Yu had nothing to do. They watched quietly and dared not make a sound. They feared to disturb their thoughts.

Two hours later.

Yan Zhuxin put pink mumps on both sides, lightly drummed the drums, long exhaled: “Okay. ”

So soon!

Qin Yi was intermittent and arranged for more than a month before. It was only then that more than twenty golden symbols were arranged, and it is doubtful whether they are correct.

Now, however, after only two hours, 120 golden symbols have been arranged.

Qin Yi threesome, stunned there, unbelievably blinked.

“How do we unblock this third layer? ”

Qin Yi's face is an irrepressible delight. I can't believe it. The third floor of this Ten Fangs of Hell will have to be revealed by the natives of the Yan clan.

Fortunately, Yan Zhu Xin betrayed Yan Min and stood by himself. Otherwise, the third layer of this Ten Fang Hell is afraid that there will never be any possibility of unlocking it.

Once the third level of the Ten Fang Hell cannot be lifted, when facing the future of the grandfathers record, one's chances of winning are only marginal.

“This is simple. ”

She stretched out her slender hand and touched the 120 notes that had been rearranged over and over again, only to see a hint of Xuan Qi in her body, leading to palms.

With the flurry of this silk essence, Xu Xu slowly injected the 120 golden symbols, the 120 golden symbols were constantly bouncing off themselves, and a beautiful melody followed the flowing, beautiful, crisp and delightful ears, like a mountain spring, like a pearl falling on a jade plate.

Qin Yi and Fei Fei Feng, all of them had to close their eyes slowly, listen carefully, just feel in the miserable fairy realm, the eyes are full of flowers, forget about themselves.

Soon afterwards, the sound of the violin shivered gently, and the spin became longer and longer, eventually slowly disappearing.

Good song!

It is truly the ultimate in the world, only the master of the spectrum can make such a fairy, extraordinary music.

Qin Yi several people were intoxicated in the song for a while before returning to God. Xu slowly opened his eyes, as if he had just returned from being free too vain.