The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1314: The Buddha Sweep of Qian Yuxin

In the southern region, in that vast Gathering Spirit Formation.

Knife light sword shadow, killing sound shock heaven, monkey tiger whistle, shake people's hearts, several days down, never cease, a practitioner, all strive to rush forward, for the existence of the hereditary treasure with the core of this Gathering Spirit Front, is inevitable.

This battle between man and beast is unprecedented. Even if it is like nine days of immortals falling into the dusty bamboo core, the beauty of the show to the ultimate bright eyes is a hidden glint of madness.

The Jade Lotus Below her is a rare weapon of killing. A delicate petal flies into the air, forming a hanging mesh, but every mutant beast encountered, basically within two or three faces, will be killed.

“Psst! ”

A purple python with flying wings on its back, vomiting a snake believer with two meters long, the wings on its back trembled constantly, that huge body, suspended about a foot from the ground, under the cover of the grass, turned into a purple lightning bolt, towards a blue figure in front, rapidly burst away, just between winks, just from a thousand feet outside, and swept behind that green figure.

Feel the sudden blood and shadow coming from behind. The blue figure didn't even look at it. It was to blow up the inner body and move. The whole person suddenly rose against the sky.

However, the purple python behind it was like a shadow. The big head, suddenly raised high, opened the blood basin's big mouth and bite hard at the blue figure. The whole hundred length snake body was suspended in the air.

“Bastard, how dare you bite me! ”

The shadow of the robe is furious.

Next moment.

“Wow! ”

A giant white light, from his body, burst out, sweeping hard at the head of the purple python.

However, the reaction of the purple python was also close to its limit, and the big head suddenly backwards like lightning, harder than that white light attack.

The white roll brought a raging wind, a "whoop," and hit a big tree in the sky.

“Boom! ”

The tree was instantly smashed to pieces by the white light.

The blue figure appeared in the air, quickly turned around, his face was red, his eyes were old, Horan was the money rain letter, his hand, holding a white Buddha sweep.

That to White Man was definitely the Buddha sweep.

The Buddha sweep looks ordinary, nothing special, the handle is one foot, the broom is one foot, but once it strikes, the Buddha sweeps up instantly.

Qian Yuxin swept Buddha in his hand, his blouse floated, all over him, and he was like a tall man.

The python in front, although purple in body, but not purple in eyes, obviously does not have the yin and yang mark of the ancestral record in the body.


The animal was also ferocious, avoiding the attack of Qian Yunxin, and throwing up those two meters long snake believers, like a thin flame, rushed towards Qian Yunxin.

Just halfway through, his huge purple body suddenly swept across, curled hard into the rain letter, trying to roll him.

It is well known that the power of snakes to bind is unusually horrible, such as the hundreds of monstrous mutant flood beasts in front of them, if they are bound by them, even the practitioners of the Emperor's Four Realms can only wait to die.

Seeing the body of the purple python, it rolled fast, and in a moment, it rolled in front of me. Money and rain letter did not panic, and the body rose again.


The large body of the purple python, affixed to the soles of Qian Yuxin's feet, swept past him, just one line away, was to curl him straight.

Qian Yuxin's body suddenly flipped in the air, his feet facing the sky, his head facing down, as if he were plunged into an onion, his head slightly raised, a sound, a beautiful arc drawn in the air, rushing to the purple python at great speed.

In extreme flushing, he swept the white Buddha on his hand, toward the body of the purple python, which was the brush of a Buddha.

With his hard work, the Buddha swept the wind and rose. In the blink of an eye, it soared to dozens of lengths and turned into a giant white ray that hit the purple python hard.

He struck too fast, the white flash flashed, and only heard a loud "flutter”, which had struck the serpent body of the purple python.

And the power of his blow, which was worth millions of pounds, suddenly struck the middle part of the purple python into pieces, and the end of the purple python flew out toward both sides.

However, the purple python was also unimaginable. The big head that flew out drew an arc in the air in front of it, winking, and the blood mouth was wide open, and it bit hard at the money, and the corner of the mouth was clearly overflowing with blood.

“Son of a bitch, it's all happening, and you want to make a wave! ”

Qian Yuxin frowned, looking at that moment, he rushed to the head of the giant snake within twenty years, couldn't help but scold, and then stepped forward, facing the giant snake head, sweeping Buddha in his hand, while pushing forward.


The Buddha swept the serpent head upright, directly smashing it into pieces and turning it into heavenly pieces of meat.


Money rain trusted the snake tail that was still twisting on the ground, coldly humming, there was only one tail left, this purple python, no matter what the strength, could not be attacked again.

Afterwards, Qian Yuxin stood in the air, slightly raised his head, looking forward to the reckless depths of the mountains, his eyes slowly deepened, and at the same time, the colour of greed, also clearly slowly passed: “What is the heritage treasure in the depths of this Gathering Spirit Array? ”

“Now at least hundreds of practitioners have entered here, all for that heirloom treasure. ”

Qian Yuxin exhaled lightly, then, it looked a little old eyes, and it was a gentle firm: “No matter how many practitioners want to make the heirloom treasure into their own bags, I Qian Yuxin should try my best. If lucky enough to compete for it, I will have the strength to enter the fifth level, which is a rare opportunity for a thousand generations. ”

Yan Bi, Qian Yuxin walked away, the steps seemed very relaxed, but the speed was extremely fast. In a few breaths, the green figure was completely compatible with the sky.

Qin Yi and others live in caves.

At this moment, people still sit on the ground, silently practicing, waiting for the arrival of other practitioners, and then join them in the stormy slaughter towards the deepest part of the Gathering Spirit Formation.

Their current position, the spirituality of the heavens and the earth in the air, has become so rich that as they sit and practice, the spirituality of the heavens and the earth immediately becomes a white thin line visible to the naked eye, coming from all sides.