The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1316: Lonely Nine Swords

Don't forget, the deeper you go, the greater the number of Mutant Flooding Beasts, and the stronger the fighting power.

“Ho!” “Ho!” “Ho! ” ……

Somewhere, a young man in a black robe was surrounded by five mutant lions, all of whom had blonde hair, with a faint golden ray, cast like gold, with a body of about fifty lengths, all wearing teeth one metre long against the young man in a black robe, revealing each other's ferocity.

The young man in the black robe stood there motionless, as if he were a stake, with his face cut open and no expression on his face.

He had an iron sword in his hand with rust marks on it and even signs of corruption, as if it had been buried hundreds of years underground and had only just been dug up.


After watching the black robe youth for a while, the five golden mutant Hung Wild Lions suddenly, quite implicitly, backed the thick back, suddenly slipped on the ground, and at the same time turned into five huge golden rays, lightning toward the black robe youth, brutally slammed over, blinking, was slaughtered in front of the black robe youth.

Black robe youth, a pound of imperial power, suddenly erupted, and the whole person also turned into a black light, quickly rushing into the sky.


Below it comes a loud noise.

The heads of the five golden-haired lions were brutally impacted together, huge waves of air, directly squeezing the space of the hundreds of yards, all pressed to form a circle of ripples, constantly shaking apart, with the accompanying, a continuous “clicking” sound, an ancient tree, all by this rippled wave, smashed into pieces by the impact.

That huge impact, the five golden-haired lions, all flew out in shock.

However, these mutant beasts, whose bodies are also overwhelming, only flew out and were not harmed in the slightest.

“This is the perfect moment to strike! ”

The young man in the black robe above, his eyes shot out, suddenly became sharp. He had a rusty sword in his hand and stabbed a golden-haired lion as fast as he could.

Simple to the point, it's a bayonet, no fancy at all.


A sharp instrument pierces the slightest sound of muscle tissue, and at this moment it is strangely clear.

The rust stain in the hands of the young man in the black robe looked like an iron sword without a sword blade, but at this moment it was so sharp, he easily pierced the body of the golden-haired lion, his wrist picked up, the rusty iron sword in the body of the golden-haired lion, raw picked out.

The young man in the black robe did not look at the golden fur lion, his body swung swiftly to the left, meanwhile, the rusty iron sword in his hand stood and fell. When his body swept to the side of the second golden fur lion, which was still flying in the air, his rusty iron sword, also happened to fall on the body of the golden fur lion.

The time calculation score is no different!

Then the rusty iron sword cut the golden fur lion in two and sprayed it with hot, golden blood.

After the slaughter of this golden-haired lion by a sword, the young man in the black robe still did not look at the golden-haired lion, his figure flashed, and he turned into a faint shadow. He burst into a speedy blast towards the front, his toes slightly above the ground, and the back thread did not move, holding a sword with one hand, and raised it flat.


The third golden-haired lion flew over himself and hit the rusty iron sword. The young man in the black robe picked his wrist and cut the golden-haired lion straight into pieces.

Five golden-haired lions in the overflying room, before they could fall to the ground, had been killed by the Black Robe youth!

“Pfft, pfft! ”

A slight clap of applause came after him: “It really opened one's eyes. In too ancient years, the mighty shock of a lonely nine swords, a blade like lightning, a clean fall. In the blink of an eye, it killed three golden-haired lions, so with the attack in the wound, the only way to kill three instantly before the five such strong golden-haired lions landed was to truly understand the true meaning of the sword, to practice sword method to the highest realm, or to learn the ultimate skill in killing, to make clear the most effective attack, namely the simplest direct attack. ”

The rusty iron sword in the hands of the young man in the black robe, still silently dripping gold blood, he slowly turned around and looked behind him, the young man with an unusually handsome face, that sharp gaze, rarely slightly softened: “Eh, Qin Yi, unexpectedly, you also entered this Gathering Spirit Array. ”

Obviously, between winks, the black robe young man who killed three golden-haired lions was the one who broke into the central ladder with several people in Qin Yi in the past.

At that time, the lonely gate was with Xia Jiuyu. With Xia Jiuyu's natural speed advantage, he was able to enter this fourth floor without having to blow ashes.

Seeing the lonely door instantly killed three golden-haired lions, the remaining two, where there was still half a heart of love, while Qin Yi talked to the lonely door, turned into two golden rays, and ran away with a cigarette.

Qin Yi and the lonely gate did not chase, leaving them alone. As long as these mutated floodplain beasts do not rush out to stop them from entering the core of this Gathering Spirit Front, they will not naturally go after these animals.

“We've been in this Gathering Spirit Formation for a long time, and let's be honest with you, so many practitioners will come here this time, and the real pusher behind this is just the few of us. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly, very frankly, and then waved at the lonely door: “Come on, follow me, I'll tell you more about what's going on. ”

Obviously, Qin Yi will easily find a lonely door in this vast ancient forest, undoubtedly with the help of Femme Flame's spiritual whale.

For a long time, Maiden Yan released all seven spiritual whales. Over this ancient forest, she kept circling, and ingested all the movement in the ancient forest into her eyes.

It is naturally easy for Femme Flame to find a lonely place to go.

The lonely door is to know that Maiden Yan owns seven spiritual whales, so for Qin Yi will suddenly appear??? Lee, there was no surprise.

And to his surprise, this fourth level of the current big movement, Qin Yi several people, is actually the pusher behind the scenes.

To figure out what was going on, so the lonely door didn't hesitate at all, and nodded immediately: “Come on, you guys, it's a little surprising what you're doing, and I wonder, what exactly is the purpose of what you're doing this for? ”

At this point, the two men, without further delay, proceeded at extremely high speeds and burst forward.

Along the way, there were constantly mutating floodplain beasts, and they emerged to block their way, but the two of them joined forces was undoubtedly pervasive. Even if seven or eight mutant floodplain beasts were surrounded, it would not take long to kill them all.