The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1317: Exciting Things

Two days later, under the speedy rush of the two, they had returned to the cave where they had been temporarily inhabited.

Seeing Xia Jiuyu again, the lonely door microscopic face: “Xia Jiuyu, thank you for bringing me from the third floor to this fourth floor. ”

“You just hitchhiked a ride. You don't have to hang your teeth. Bringing you in is breaking in. I'm breaking in, too. ”

Xia Jiuyu was a delightful person and shrugged her shoulders.

“This is the descendant of the lonely family you were talking about that day? Extraordinary! ”

The singing feathers on one side, only the rusty iron sword on the back of the lonely door, instantly determined the identity of the lonely door.

Feel the solitude door, that implicitly emitted a sharp breath, surrounded by Yuchenghe, Hua Left, Li Wang three people, also the color of the face.

Solitude door is naturally cold, a few slight nods to Gong Xi Song Yu, kind of said hello.

“Alone, let me explain to you what's going on in front of you. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi smiled slightly and began to sneer: “The identity of the several of us, you also knew before, is the divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, and we in the Kyushu Holy See, a peak Tingwei, have been squatting on this fourth floor, and want to lie down on me. As to why he would do this, it is our internal affairs of the Kyushu Holy See, we will not dwell on you. ”

After a pause, you continue to say, "In these ancient forests, you've killed a lot of mutant floodbeasts. Have you noticed that some of the eyes of floodbeasts are purple? ”

The lonely door nodded slightly: “Of the nine mutant floodplain beasts I had killed before, I did have one eye, purple. Why? ”

“That's it. ”

Qin Yi said: “The man who squatted here and tried to kill my Kyushu Holy See divine guard is a Yin Yang master with a powerful Yin Yang technique. More than 10 years ago, he entered this Gathering Spirit Array, and the purple eyes in this Gathering Spirit Array mutated the Flood Fall Beast, because he entered the Yin Yang mark at that time. These purple eyes mutated the Flood Fall Beast will continue to fertilize the Yin Yang mark, eventually becoming the Yin Yang soul...

“By then, the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu will be able to take these yin and yang souls out of these purple-eyed mutated floodplain beasts and grow his yin and yang technique. ”

“I see.”

The solitary door nodded: “In order to destroy the mark of yin and yang that penetrated the body of these mutant floodplain beasts, you came up with this move, deliberately releasing the sound on this fourth floor, saying that there are hereditary treasures at the heart of this Gathering Array, attracting these practitioners, helping you to massacre these purple-eyed mutant floodplain beasts, destroying the mark of yin and yang that the Holy Guardian of Kyushu penetrated into their body. Yes, this move is indeed brilliant, all the practitioners here have been exploited by you. ”

“Not really. ”

The flaming woman next to her touched the glossy, full forehead and said: "Because there are no hereditary treasures in the heart of this Gathering Spirit Formation, but there are some abnormalities. Obviously, there is something exciting there. ”

There is something exciting!

Lonely eyes, slightly bright, showed a hint of interest.

“And these practitioners, when they enter the heart of the Gathering Spiritual Front and discover the abnormalities there, will surely kill each other. ”

Femme slowly turned her face and looked at the lonely door. Shallow smile: “The lonely door, your lonely nine swords, though powerful, but you just entered the fourth floor shortly after, to be repaired compared to other practitioners, after all, there are some gaps. When you really kill each other, you will inevitably lose money alone, so your best option is to stand on the same front as us. ”

The lonely door quietly looked at Mai Fei, the knife cut the face of the ordinary diamond corner, can not see a slight expression, no one knows what is in his heart at this moment, thinking.

Qin Yi and others present looked at the lonely door silently.

After a while, the lonely door finally nodded: “Although I've never been used to working with people, there seems to be some sense in what you say. ”

The lonely family, from the ancient years to the present, also has a certain scale, but he is the only one who can cultivate the lonely nine swords to the pure green of the furnace fire.

In other words, his loneliness is the only hope for the revival of the lonely family. If he dies in this Gathering Spirit Formation, and he doesn't know that it will be until the monkey months, when they will be alone, they will be able to produce a genius like him.

Next, people continue to practice in caves.

Over the past two days, the practitioners who have been breaking through inside have finally gotten better. They have been killed to the depth where they are now, and the people will come out of the cave without further delay and start to kill into the depths of this Gathering Spirit Formation, in sync with the other practitioners.

Moving forward with other practitioners will naturally be much safer. If they are alone, killing all the way in, they will be surrounded by the mutant floodplain beasts here.


Qin Yi is still driving the left hand, eliciting the sensation of spiritual power, covering the position of about 50,000 square meters, constantly searching for purple eyes mutated flood wilderness giant beast.

Yes, one of the purposes of their trip was to destroy as much as possible all the signs of yin and yang that the ancestors put here, and only the other mutant floodplain beasts could be avoided, as much as possible.

It is perfectly conceivable that so many cultivators will rush into this formation, and it will be a scene, past, full of bones, countless ancient trees of Paradise, crumbled by the pounds of air waves, and the earth will tear apart a huge crack in a path.

The entire Gathering Spirit Formation has completely turned into a slaughterhouse full of swords and shadows of light and blood.

However, because the support points of the core zone still exist and function, the spirituality of the heavens and the earth in the air is still overwhelmingly concentrated.

And the practitioner is in battle, because the blood of the whole body is boiling, the pores are diastolic, will unconsciously absorb the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth in the air, which is one of the reasons that many practitioners choose to increase their strength in a constant battle.

Therefore, in this vast Gathering Spirit Formation, the more these practitioners kill, the crazier they get.

“Around 30,000 feet ahead, there is a purple-eyed giant tiger, and we kill it and destroy it. ”

“There are two six-armed purple-eyed monkeys at about 40,000 feet on the left, and we kill them and wipe them out. ”

“In the southeast, about 35,000 feet, there are five purple-eyed lions, and we kill them and destroy them. ”

“ …… ”

Qin Yi's spiritual power dissipated, it was always easy to discover that the purple eyes that existed in this Gathering Spirit Array mutated flood wild beast, but directly killed it.