The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1323: A Bloody Hand

Gongxi Sing Yu pointed at Yu Chenghe, Hua Left and Li Qiang, waved his hand, and the four immediately rose to the sky, walking in the back dust of the lonely door, killing the past.

“Let's face the practitioners with a few of them first. Our strength is not too easy to expose, otherwise it is easy to get other practitioners to join forces. If so, even if there is a common heaven itself, we are afraid to be subjected to their poisoners. ”

Femme Femme was extremely agile and touched her forehead and said.

“Makes sense. ”

Qin Yi nodded.

Now there are nine of them, absolutely a lot of strength, once the other practitioners have created a consternation, it is not safe that they will not temporarily let go of killing each other, squeeze into one, and deal with them together.

Next, Qin Yi, Yin Mei Mai, Yan Zhu Xin, Xia Jiu Yi and four others stood still and waited. Qin Yi, through powerful spiritual power, watched the lonely gate and Simon Sing Yu's battle situation.

As soon as they find out something's wrong, they can rush right over and help the loneliness of the door.

Qin Yi's spiritual power covered the scope, five practitioners came to kill them, three men and two women, each with a masculine imperial power, shady face, sharp eyes of vulture, at first glance, know not good.


Suddenly, the lonely door and Gossip feathers and other five people's shapes fell from the sky, blocked in front of these people, lonely door single-handedly with rusty iron sword, pointing straight at the five people in front, that like a knife on the face, the color of the divine is cold to the extreme.

“What, want to come and kill us? ”

Gongxi Sing Yu also took out his silver gun and plugged it into the ground, staring at the five people in front of him and saying softly.

The three men beside him, Yushenghe, Huazhou and Li Qiang, also took out their respective weapons. They were previously besieged by the flock of wild beasts. Their strength was second only to that of Gongxi Sing Yu, and they were shot out of a big hole in the chest. However, after so long of adjustment, that big hole has completely healed. His weapon is a big sword for the moon.

On the other hand, Huazhou and Li Qiang's weapons are all swords of war, except that Li Qiang lost his left shoulder and became a one-armed man forever.

“Hey, you guys found out. ”

Opposite the five, headed by an unusually tall, robust, red-headed, middle-aged man whose heart was confused and lonely, how they perceived several of their own to kill them, but with a cold smile in his mouth.

The next moment, he waved his hand very simply: “According to recent news, the emperor's liquid present in the heart of this Gathering Spirit Front piles up a mountain in such a huge quantity that it is totally worth our insanity, even if it were death. Do it!”

Obviously, Qian Yuxin exaggerated the amount of emperor fluid that existed in the core of the Gathering Spirit Front, how much more emperor fluid could not be piled directly into a mountain peak.

Qian Yuxin exaggerated so much, undoubtedly to make the practitioners in this Gathering Spirit Array go completely crazy.

“Ping-pong! ”

For a moment, the men and women of both sides fought together in an unusually intense battle scene.

Obviously, the practitioners who can get to the fourth level are very good, definitely not generalized. The five practitioners in front of them are unusually strong and powerful. On the lonely side of the door, although there are peak masters such as the lonely door and Gong Xi Song Yu, the strength of Yu Chenghe, Hua Left and Li Wang is a little bit higher, plus Li Wang or a lone arm.

In the meantime, both sides were even.

However, over time, with the strength of the lonely gate and the power of Gossip Feather, their side finally gained the upper hand.

“Qin Yi, how was their battle scene? Are they sure they will win? ”

Tens of thousands of feet apart, Maiden flamed that beautiful little face, slightly lifted up, and asked Qin Yi.

The two people around Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu also looked at Qin Yi with curiosity.

“The situation is quite optimistic. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly, Xu Xu said: “Gongxi Songyu is on the Divine Guardian list of the Holy See of Kyushu, the original ranking is 35, the strength is unquestionable, while the lonely Nine Swords of the lonely gate is stronger and more powerful than Gongxi Songyu, with the strength of both of them, has stabilized the upper hand, this is a battle without suspension. ”

Listening to him, Meizu, Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu completely let go of their hearts.

This was essentially a battle with little suspense, and one hour later it was declared over.

The five practitioners who came to offend were all killed, and Gong Xi Song Yu's side could not be unharmed. Among them, Huazhou and Li Wang both fell in this raging war, leaving only Gong Xi Song Yu, lonely door, Yu Cheng and three, and returned to Qin Yi and others.

The meteor between Huazhou and Li Quang is all between the electric and light flint. Even if Qin Yi wants to save his life, it's too late.

Before the great fortune, the practitioners who entered the depths of this Gathering Spirit Formation, all of them are Dead People. Once they meet each other, they will never show mercy to each other and directly kill each other.

Huazhou and Li argued for two people. In the fourth floor of this magical mausoleum, they followed Gong Xi Song Yu. At this moment, they both died. Gong Xi Song Yu was sad and angry, but there was nowhere to vent.

“Brother Gongxi, don't be too sad, on the road to cultivation, in fact, all people are always on the line, maybe the next moment of death is us. ”

Looking at Gongxi Songfeather, full of blood, Qin Yi went forward to comfort him.

Gongxi Song Yu exhaled a few long breaths, his mood finally calmed down a bit, but his face was still horrible: “Well, actually, I've seen through life and death for a long time, it's just a little hard in my heart, let's go! ”

Yan Bi, Gongxi Sing Yu held his silver gun, and as soon as he first burst forward, Qin Yi several people behind him looked at each other and sighed, then he was not delayed and kept up.

Now there are only seven of them left, but their overall strength has not diminished much.

The entire Gathering Spirit Front, already in turmoil, between people, between men and beasts, was completely insane to kill together, one mutant floodplain beast, one by one cultivated into an absolute cultivation, this, is all a blow to the soul.

The whole Gathering Spirit Front, is shaking, the sound of crazy fighting, coming from all sides, continuously, even without the presence, can imagine, what a fierce scene of battle.

Qin Yi's line of seven people, turned into seven shadows, in that mountain forest, constant shuttle.

Qin Yi's spiritual power has always covered the range of about 50,000 yuan. All scenarios within this range are perceived to be genuine.

In order to preserve their strength, they try not to meet with other exercises.

However, due to the distribution of mutant floodplain beasts, the deeper they are, the more numerous they will be. Half an hour later, they have been attacked by several waves of mutant floodplain beasts.

Of course, with their strength, in these mutant floodplain beasts, like a sword of immortality, they kill all the mutant floodplain beasts that come to attack.

With hundreds of practitioners, so many days of frantic slaughter in this Gathering Spirit Array, this Gathering Spirit Array has 80 percent of the mutant floodplain beast, has been exterminated, and the purple eyes mutated floodplain beast, has basically been exterminated. More than a decade ago, the Duke's record did not enter so deep. In all the depths of this Gathering Array, there is no purple eyes mutated floodplain beast.

It can be said that the ancestral record for more than 10 years has been completely transformed into nothing. Even a yin and yang soul has no harvest. It is perfectly conceivable that the ancestral record at this moment, what kind of madness is in the heart?

So many practitioners poured into this Gathering Spirit Array, it was a complete flood, not to mention purple eyes mutated flood wild beast, even this Gathering Spirit Array, were all destroyed in layers, and the mountains fell into the sea.

“A blood hand! ”

At a certain moment, Qin Yi's figure, once again, turned around, his eyes instantly became as sharp as a sword.

“What blood hands? ”

Femme, Xin Zhu, Xia Jiuyu, Gong Xi Song Yu and others, all had to stop, Femme Femme wondered.

“Within the confines of my spiritual power, I perceived a blood hand, and now I'm catching it, but I can't perceive the blood hands, and I don't know who's attacking us? ”

Qin Yi's eyes condensed slightly, Xu Xu said.

Rumor has it, everyone here, for a moment, is standing in front of each other, horrified in their hearts.

Qin Yi's spiritual power coverage reached 50,000 yuan, that is, the shooter is currently 50,000 yuan out.

In addition to 50,000 people, they can be attacked in secret. How powerful can you imagine!

Next moment.

“Knock!” “Knock! ” ……

The sound of a continuous tree crumbling comes from the front.

Qin Yi perceived the truth through spiritual power. That was the blood hand. In the process of catching them at great speed, he encountered trees and bounced stones, as if he could destroy everything in this time.

The bloody hand that came sneaking up quickly appeared in their sight, and everyone looked at it and stared at it.

Only the blood hand, Hundred Brothers wide, five slightly grasping, quickly grabbed at them, as if it were a lifeless ghost from hell, with a strong breath of death.

“Normal practitioners, it is impossible to strike such strange hands, is the yin and yang technique recorded by the grandfathers! ”

The Yin and Yang technique of the ancestral record, with a certain understanding of the Gongxi song feather, instantly made judgment, immediately shouted.

Same moment.

“Blood! ”

In the rage and drinking, only Qin Yi's long smoke cloud gun was seen. He suddenly caught it in his hand. The whole person held a long gun and burst into the huge blood hand caught at that speed.

On the sharp gun head, the emitted tremendous pressure, the space within the hundred yards of the square, is all violently pressed and twisted, centered on the gun head, the surface of the water swept apart.

“Poop! ”

The powerful smoke cloud gun, the moment it touched the huge blood hand, burst open, turned into a shadow of the sky, blinking, completely disappeared.

One shot and I'll smash that giant bloody hand!

This is how Qin Yi now exhibits the power of "Three Shots of Despair"!

Qin Yi quickly returned to all the people and exhaled lightly. He felt it. At present, the power of "Three Shots of Despair" is much stronger than before.

“It's been a long time since the Seventh Style of the Celestial Demon was carried out. At my current height, I don't know how powerful it is to carry out this ancient martial arts? ”

Feeling his nose, Qin Yi's heart soared with anticipation.

And just at this moment, just above the sky in front of them, between the clouds, a middle-aged man emerged suddenly.

The middle-aged man, halfway between the clouds, was five hundred feet tall, as if suddenly a giant spirit had descended from the upper realm.

Half a middle-aged man dressed in a silver robe, with a face with the word "country”, his eyes were a little shady, and his gaze looked down, Qin Yi and others, an invisible wonderful pressure, also came down from the sky.

“One shot broke my catcher, not bad. ”

The cold voice of a middle-aged man, coming from the sky, shook his heart.

“You are the grandfather's book! ”