The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1336: Not Yet Qin Yi's Bottom Card

The Seven Types of Celestial Demons is an unprecedented martial arts school, like the 13 Books of the Magic Knife of the King of Kyushu, which Qin Yi had seen on that peculiar journey in previous years. Once implemented, it cannot be stopped, and everything learned must be developed.

Yes, Qin Yi, who was shocked and flew out, instantly rushed back again. His left palm was still about the width of his leg, dark. The whole person was all over him, haunted by a strong magic, and the smell of the demon was obvious.

Obviously, with the constant breakthrough of cultivation, Qin Yi has become a true wangu demon head. It is not far away. After so many years of acquiring the left hand of the demon, he has already completely influenced his theory.

Heavenly Demon, is the existence of the ancient era. Now, with Qin Yi's body, we really need to step into this era!


This time, before the grandfather recorded back to God, Qin Yi's Heavenly Demon Type 7 Type 2, between blinks, has been photographed on his thousands of tall giant body.


The Grand Journal directly retreated more than a dozen steps, without taking a step back, and a wide footprint was just slipped out at the foot.

With the constant breakthrough of cultivation, the power of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons also obviously has a lot of improvement. If it was replaced by an opponent whose body was thousands of feet tall before, Qin Yi exhibited the Seven Types of Celestial Demons II, fearing that it would be difficult to shake them at all.


“Pong!” “Pong! Pong! Pong! Pong! ”

Qin Yi punched out the remaining five styles in one breath. When the last one was photographed on the body of the paternal record, the entire person of the paternal record was directly fanned across the sky.

And then.

“Boom! ”

The grandfather recorded the thousands of heights of his body, falling from the sky, the earth trembling, a peak beneath him was directly smashed to the ground.


It's so... so fierce!

Everyone who watched the war from afar was stunned with their mouths open and their chins shattered. Even the flaming maid stood there, stunned. Her beautiful little face was full of horror.

It has been a long time since I have seen Qin Yi carry out the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons", a set inherited by the celestial demons of martial arts. This time, I knew at first sight that the power of this set of martial arts had been so fierce that I actually slapped it and fanned thousands of tall grandfathers' records into the sky.

Such a force, if shot on a practitioner below the five realms of Emperor Dao, would definitely slap the other party directly.

The ancient martial arts of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" has no fantasy whatsoever. It is seven palms. It is very simple and straightforward. It is about unparalleled power, like the ancient celestial demons.

Moreover, as the practitioner's own cultivation continues to break through, the speed at which this power increases is also quite rapid.

Now, Qin Yi's cultivation can only break through the four realms of Imperial Dao. He has been able to record thousands of tall grandfathers into the sky. If he stood at the peak of Imperial Dao in time, how powerful would the Seven Kings of Heavenly Demons be? I can't imagine.

Of course, this defect in martial arts is also obvious, which is that it has to be struck out in one form after another. Only after the previous form is struck, can the next form of power be developed, and the power of the one form is greater than the other.

If you can hit Type 7 directly at the first time, then everything is much simpler. If you encounter a strong enemy, you can hit Type 7 directly, one hand, save yourself time!

Qin Yi's left hand instantly returned to normal after completing the implementation of the Seven Types of Heavenly Demons. The intense demonic smell from his body also disappeared.

At this time, Qin Yi slapped the ancestral record in the sky, and it had already rushed back. Everyone looked at it and found that his unusually large body had hidden signs of tortoise cracking. The whole person looked quite wolfish.

Looking at this scenario, Qin Yi is somewhat sorry. If there are a total of nine types of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons", he can definitely kill this person directly.

“Qin Yi, is this your so-called base card? It's amazing! ”

Though his face was full of disdain, his grandfather recorded the appearance: “It's just a shame that your card, though powerful, can't kill me! ”

In the distance, the people watching the battle, such as Gongxi Songfeather, lonely door, bamboo fiber core, and so on, also have the color of regret on their faces, shaking their heads gently.

“This time, it seems that Qin Yi has missed the count. His bottom card, though stunning, is obviously still some shortcomings. ”

The bamboo core of Jade Lotus sighed softly.

“What a shame, this martial arts of Qin Yi, with two more hands, is enough to kill the grandfather, it is so far from the line. ”

"Then Qin Yi will be in danger. Let's all get ready to do it. If we go together, we won't believe that we can't kill this manuscript! ”

His voice had just fallen, and the lonely door beside him was once again silently pulling out his rusty sword, and his eyes instantly became sharp.

The descendants of the lonely family, the most lonely, the same, the most courageous, the most courageous, they are alone, never easily joined with others, but once joined together, they are absolutely faithful!

“Not in a hurry. ”

Xia Jiuyu, full of red hair, shook his head and smiled mysteriously.


Not in a hurry?

What's that supposed to mean?

Lonely Gate drew the rusty sword to his hand again, and he had to take another meal. His gaze turned confused to Xia Jiuyu.

And Gongxi Song Yu and Yu Chenghe also looked at Xia Jiuyu with surprise, and then they looked at the flaming maids and bamboo hearts around them, and found that they were both standing there quietly, with no intention of doing anything.

“Why is this…? ”

Gong Xi Song Yu is confused to the extreme.

“Oh, look what Qin Yi looks like now. Did he panic? Apparently not. He's got two words all over him right now - pretending! ”

Xia Jiu smiled shallow and shallow. The white shallot jade finger, far away towards Qin Yi.

Gongxi Sing Yu, Solitary Gate, Yucheng and the three of them, looking along Xia Jiuyu's fingers, only to see far away. Qin Yi, who was quite tall, was standing there with a good face. He did not become angry at the failure to record the death of the grandfather.

Looking at Qin Yi, the three Gongshi song feathers all blinked incredibly, and Yu Chenghe wondered: “What's going on? ”

“It's simple.”

Maiden Yan habitually touched her beautiful forehead and smiled: “The Seven Types of the Devil are not the true cards of Qin Yi. ”


The flaming bamboo hearts beside him are also the two large seats that will be quite large in the chest. The obscure lightness is quite strong, the delicate little face slightly raised, and some arrogant colors emerged: “Qin Yi's base card, which is a heritage treasure of our Yan clan, and now he hasn't even developed it. ”

Although I have never seen Biyao do anything, Yan Zhuxin is always confident in their elder disciples of Yan tribe ancestors.

Rumor has it, the three Gongxi song feathers, this is the sudden enlightenment, and at the same time, I feel that the people in front of me are getting deeper and deeper.

Qin Yi has just launched the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons", which is already unusually stunning. After the Seven Palms, it will be as strong as the ancestral record. There are hidden signs of tortoise cracking in the delicate body of the photograph. The average practitioner can't resist it.

However, this is not Qin Yi's bottom card!

Far away.

Thousands of tall male ancestors, the first half of his body floated directly to the cloud, overlooking the ground, that proudly stood there Qin Yi.

The images of the two people standing together, no matter what they think, do not find a sense of harmony at all.

“Qin Yi, your strong card can't kill me, then you'll have to accept death. I've seen a big dead word on your face. ”

The grandfather recorded looking at Qin Yi with great disdain, but in that gaze, there was a slight confusion: “It's just this time, why don't you kneel down and beg for forgiveness. If you kneel and beg for forgiveness, I will consider leaving you a whole corpse. ”

“Please forgive me for paralyzing you. If you want to fight, fight or not, fight in front of me! ”

The faint voice came out of Qin Yi's mouth, slowly exhaling.

Hearing his rough mouth, the whole scene, instantly quiet, almost smelly needle drop, everyone in the place, completely stunned, thought they heard wrong, incredible blinking eyes.

And the ancestral record was stunned, suddenly returning to God, suddenly jumping like Thunder: “Son, you're looking for death! Little ant, I dare you to make me laugh in front of you. What kind of joke are you? ”

During the conversation, he lifted his ankle suddenly again. He stepped very crudely and violently on Qin Yi and tried to relieve himself by stepping directly into a patch of meatcake.

Raging at him, this time, the ankle instantly rose to hundreds of feet, spreading a tremendous pressure, the huge ankle has not yet stepped on, a stone bigger than the house below, has been suddenly burst open by the oppression of Nawei to become stone powder.

And Qin Yi below, naturally, it is impossible for Qin Yi to resist this huge foot, his body swung, and spread directly in the blink of an eye. The whole person disappeared empty-handed in place.


The hundreds of feet wide of the ancestral record stepped empty, and the whole earth was shaken by speculation, and a hundred feet wide of huge footprints appeared on the ground.

At this time, Qin Yi had already appeared behind the ancestral record in the sky. The smoke cloud long gun was instantly held in his hand again. At the instigation of his Xuan Qi, it surged to dozens of lengths.

“Buzz! ”

The long gun trembled, sending a tremendous killing intent, flowing toward the ancestral spine, and stabbing.

The grandfather recorded a foot and stepped on the sky. He already knew that Qin Yi had come behind him. He didn't even look back. He raised his hand. A stone didn't know where to fly from. He hit Qin Yi harshly.

The stone was too big, like a hill.