The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1337: Bombardment

Is this the art of yin and yang?

Seeing the sudden call of the stone, the flaming lady and other distant people watching the war, they were forced to frown, horrified in their hearts, and fought with the grandfather-in-law record for so long, until now, they saw that the grandfather-in-law book truly carried out the art of yin and yang.

The principle of yin and yang technique is to manipulate the power of yin and yang that exists in the heavens and the earth with five lines of soul, and convert it into the power of attack, for your own use.

This is the same as the laws of those who were strong in heaven during the Immortal Age.

The ultimate in martial arts is the field of law, which manipulates the laws of heaven and earth and transforms them into its own attack power.

Looking at the stone as if it were a small mountain, Qin Yi dared not be slightly lazy, his arm shook, that smoke cloud long gun that had stabbed the grandfather recording the spine, suddenly turned into a sweep.

At the same time, the seeds of the two elements of gold and fire in his Dantian, also under his instigation, the madness of “Teng” burned, allowing his strength, instantly reached the peak.


In the loud noise, Qin Yi's long gun hit the stone hard, directly smashing the stone into pieces.

“That power is good! ”

Seeing as Qin Yi shot, he smashed the stone like a hill into pieces. The grandfather recorded a slight tape and drank cold again: “But your end today is still death, there will never be a second situation. ”

“Kid, let me show you the true power of Yin and Yang - Crit! ”

The grandfather recorded his hands and suddenly formed a sign of yin and yang. On those hands, it was actually purple and magnificent. It illuminated his whole body as if it were a dream. It looked like the mystery of the top 10.

With the seal of his yin and yang, a piece of stone suddenly appeared in the void, and under the urging of the power of yin and yang, the sky danced, forming a huge spiral nest, quickly bombarding towards Qin Yi.

Thousands of those stones, dense and numb, suffocating.

“Is this the art of yin and yang? ”

Seeing the sudden appearance of the masonry of the sky, all those who watched the war from afar, including the flaming lady, were completely stuck, with a thick and horrifying color on their faces.

The art of yin and yang from the world with the Xuan Sect is really weird and powerful. At this moment, the Duke's record is like a god capable of calling the wind to rain.

They all know very well that these stones, which were not illusioned by the grandfathers, but real stones, that he used the power of the yin and yang that existed in the heavens and the earth, and did not know where to summon them.

As the ancestral record carried out this hegemonic Yin and Yang technique, Qin Yi instantly fell into the tens of millions of stones.


A block of stone, in the high altitude, constant shuttle, impacted a broken whistling sound, hit Qin Yi hard, let Qin Yi instantly fall into despair, a phenomenon surrounded by life.

“Drive me! ”

At this moment, the four elements of gold, water, fire and earth seeds in Qin Yi Dan Tian are burning wildly, allowing his speed, strength and physical defense to instantly climb to the peak.

“Drive me! ”

In the blast, Qin Yi held dozens of lengths of smoke cloud long guns. He swept them wildly. The action was unspeakable. He swept out a dense and numb gun shadow and hit those stones under the control of Yin and Yang forces.

“Boom, boom, boom! ”

In the sky, a sound sounds like stir-fried beans in a hot pot.

These stones, at the moment of their contact with the Smoky Cloud Gun, were smashed into pieces by the tremendous force emanating from the gun.

However, the number of these stones is really too much. Even if Qin Yi has entered the state of emptiness, it is inevitable that he will be struck by those stones in time to evade.

“Qin Yi! ”

Seeing that Qin Yi was constantly struck by the stone, he shouted and looked pale. He had to rush past everything. However, he was caught by the flaming lady beside him: “Bamboo Xin, don't do anything rash! These stones are filled with the power of yin and yang. The power is immense. If you rush past it so recklessly, you will have been smashed into meat and mud just because you haven't rushed to Qin Yi's side. ”

How can you compare to Qin Yi when you have a bodily defense?

“But just watch Qin Yi get smashed to death? ”

He said with great anxiety and anxiety.

Xia Jiuyu, Gongxi Songfeather, lonely door several people, at this moment, is also in a hurry.

She exhaled lightly, and Fei Fei glanced at several people's faces: “Qin Yi is not a person who doesn't know how light or heavy he is. Now that he hasn't taken out Ten Hells, it means he still has the ability to cope. He should want to feel it himself. How powerful is the Yin and Yang technique recorded by the grandfather? ”

That makes sense!

After listening to her, she was just a little relieved.

On the fierce battlefield.

Thousands of patriarchal records, always standing like a giant spiritual god in this heaven and earth, that piece of stone, all around him, constantly emerged, forming a giant mathematical oscilloscope, which almost took the heavens and the earth, and spinning with it.

The noise was huge, and it was impossible to imagine anyone without seeing it.

Qin Yi is trapped in the countless spinning stones, at this moment, truly like an ant.

He had dozens of long smoke cloud guns in his hand, and the blue glow was bright, and there was already a hidden golden glow on his body, so he danced wildly dozens of long smoke cloud guns, smashing a piece of stone that smashed into pieces at great speed.


After a while, Qin Yi, who was caught in a rock swirl, was sometimes hit by a stone, but did not suffer any damage. The grandfather had to slightly frown: “This child is truly remarkable, physical defense, strength and speed have reached an incredible height. Thousand Autumns fruit is certainly some foresight. If this child is not strangled in the cradle, let him grow up, not only he, but even the Pope will be cruelly stepped at his feet and become the first person in the thousand years of the Holy See...

“It's just a pity that people who are too good to live long, only those bags can live a hundred years. ”

The grandfather smiled slightly, quietly admiring Qin Yi, who struggled to resist the flying stone. He knew very well that Qin Yi was only able to resist for a moment. Shortly after, he would exhaust himself and then be smashed into a meatloaf by the masonry raw.

A man who has just been promoted from the Tingwei level to the Divine Guard, no matter how stunning he may be, is not enough to end up with a powerful Yin Yang master like him, and that scenario is no different than an egg strike stone.

However, at this point, his throat was filled with severe pain.

That's because of the mighty killing intentions!

“Damn it! ”

In a great shock, the grandfather recorded the figure of Qin Yi at first glance. Somehow, he had turned into a smoke, and the ghost was unpredictable. In those constantly spinning stones, he traveled at great speed and cleverly avoided a piece of stone.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yi rushed into the hundred brothers, and the dozens of lengths of smoke cloud long gun in his hand, straightening his throat.

The ancestral record clearly read, Qin Yi raised his gun and burst into the stabbing room, the sharp gun head, constantly trembling, and a tremendous killing intent.

“Bastard! ”

The ancestral record shouted, the huge body, the subconscious speed swept to one side, and the appearance was overwhelming.

“Chuck," Qin Yi's long gun of smoke cloud, adhered to his neck, stabbed past, impacted the skin on his neck, spicy raw pain.

One shot fell short, but Qin Yi's movements did not stop. He swept hard with the gun and swept to the grandfather's record. That unmatched power. He recorded thousands of tall grandparents, all of whom could fly out hundreds of feet and fall to the ground.


Everyone who watched the war from afar opened their mouths stunned.

Qin Yi looked so small in front of thousands of tall grandparents' records, but now he swept the grandparents' records out with a single shot. Such a scenario is like an ant, lifting an elephant out, giving people an extremely unreal feeling.

Qin Yi danced with a long gun, smashing several pieces into his own stone, and then pointing the gun at the record of the grandfather who had climbed up from the ground: “The record of the grandfather, it seems you are nothing but so! ”

One shot, he was swept away by Qin Yi. The grandfather was so ashamed, his chest rose and fell sharply, his face was so shady: “But so? This in front of you is nothing more than a battle of assault in the art of yin and yang. There is nothing magical about it except violence. Do it. Since you are so confident in yourself, I will let you taste the feeling of falling back into the circle and never being born again. ”

Suddenly he shouted, and shook the earth and the heavens with tremors. Those dense, numb, fast spinning stones burst into pieces of "bang bang bang".

In the blink of an eye, the stones in the sky, which were already dense and numb, were not left behind.

“Round! ”

The next moment, the grandfather recorded a palm protruding, palm down, five fingers in the shape of claws, fast to catch Qin Yi.

As he grabbed this palm, Qin Yi's heart suddenly raised an unspeakable strange feeling, as if endless time, was rapidly losing.

“Is this the turn? Bad!”

Qin Yi shouted in a dark voice, suddenly feeling bad, shaking in shape, and directly carrying out the instant shift.

However, in the sky, the palms of the grandfathers caught at great speed were as infinite as a day.

He is now in a flash, totalling 50,000 husbands, but cannot escape from his palms and still quickly captures them.

“Ha ha ha, little ants, too, trying to escape from my palms? What a dream! ”

The grandfather recorded a crazy laugh, coming from the sky.

Qin Yi looked up and found that the ancestral record had disappeared. Above the sky, it was a blood red. As if it had been stained with blood, it looked amazing. It allowed the blood in the human body to clot quickly.

Apart from that, Maiden, Xin Zhu, Xia Jiuyu, Gong Xi Song Yu and others are also gone.

This place is no longer at the heart of the Gathering Spirit Array. There is silence, no sound. On the ground, there are Mori's white bones everywhere, which is a dead end.

“What the hell is this place, where did the grandfather record send me? ”

Qin Yi glanced at the ground slowly, that dense white bone of numbness, a little horrified in his heart, pores on his body, a little tightening.