The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1338: Entering the Round

“Wow! ”

At some point.

Behind him came a huge noise, Qin Yi quickly turned around, and suddenly it was like a five-lightning strike, completely stunned there, only to see not far behind him, a large river appeared empty.

The river was yellow and clear, the momentum was pounding, and the shouting rushed east, and there was an intense period of death.

“This is… Yellow Springs! ”

Looking at the yellow spring that suddenly appeared in front of him, Qin Yi shook so hard to attach that his chin broke the ground.

The world of silence, the Yellow Springs in the sky, how is this similar to the scene of that time?

Next to the Yellow Springs, there is a trail. Qin Yi coaxed God to look at it. Indeed, a stone tablet was erected in front of him. On the stone tablet, the word "Yellow Springs” was written in blood. After passing through the "Yellow Springs” stone tablet, on a further journey, a broken bridge across the border could appear, clearly known as the Naihe Bridge.

And in the middle of the Naihe Bridge, he stood silently in the shape of a scepter, a cane, a wife wearing a fitted fitting, and a bowl of soup in the other hand of the wife.

Now Qin Yi, repaired to be far from comparable back then, he stood here and could see the scene ahead of him at a glance.

“The one of those days, after all, is only the Xuan Realm left behind by a certain Immortal King, and it should belong to the Toyoto Ghost King, but here, it seems, is the real world of underworld death. ”

Looking far away at the Meng Lady standing on the Naihe Bridge, Qin Yi's heart pulled a chill: “Huang Quan, Naihe Bridge and Meng Lady all appeared, then, there should be flowers on the other bank too. ”

Flowers on the other side, growing on the other side of the Nahe Bridge, flowering and falling leaves, flowers and leaves are born and never met.

However, Qin Yi found that the other end of the Naihe Bridge was foggy and could not be seen at all.

At some point.

Qin Yi's eyes couldn't help but gaze slightly. He just didn't know when, a dark shadow appeared on the bridge of Naihe, walking one step to the other bank.

“Drink a bowl of Mengbo soup, finish this bowl of Mengbo soup, and you'll forget all the love of your past life and get involved, and then reincarnate yourself. ”

Bomb grabbed Bomb soup and said to the dark shadow.

“In my life, I was so in love with my mother, I didn't drink, I didn't want to forget her, I stayed with her for the rest of my life. ”

Shadowy Dumb said.

“How can you not be reincarnated and reincarnated without forgetting the previous life? How can you be reunited with your mother-in-law? Drink, where dust and worlds do not need to be obsessed, everything is constant, and the world is lost. If your mother-in-law is your constant, you will naturally be separated from each other in the afterlife. If she is not your constant anymore, to be the wife of others, even if you are born, what is the point of remembering her for eternal life? ”

Bombay bittersweet.

The shadow remained silent for a while and eventually drank up the soup.

Another shadow, sometime, appeared on the bridge of Nahe.

“Drink a bowl of Mengbo soup, finish this bowl of Mengbo soup, and you'll forget all the love of your past life and get involved, and then reincarnate yourself. ”

“There's nothing in my past life worth remembering. Drink! ”

The shadow did not hesitate to lift the soup of Meng Bao and drank it all.

“Drink a bowl of Mengbo soup, finish this bowl of Mengbo soup, and you'll forget all the love of your past life and get involved, and then reincarnate yourself. ”

“No, I have to remember my husband, even after three lifetimes of purgatory. ”

“Drink a bowl of Mengbo soup, finish this bowl of Mengbo soup, and you'll forget all the love of your past life and get involved, and then reincarnate yourself. ”


“ …… ”

The shadow of a road appeared on the bridge of Naihe, some without saying a word, drank up the soup of Meng Bao, others died and refused to drink.

Qin Yi looked at all of this with a distant cold eye. His heart sinks in a force. Indeed, it is true that this is indeed the legendary shady place.

“Am I really being recorded by my grandfather's bastard, directly into the world, and never going to be born again? ”

Qin Yi Mei Yu was tight, his face was gorgeous, and some of it was ugly: “If so, the Yin and Yang technique recorded by the grandfather was too scary to be able to directly put people into the circle. ”

Spirit Array core position.

At this moment.

Qin Yi has been in the sight of everyone and disappeared empty-handed.

“That's how Qin Yi was sent back to the world by this grandfather? ”

Qin Yi suddenly disappeared. Everyone in the room looked completely silly. Even the seven people with the bamboo core on the other side broke their chin. One by one was stunned there. The color on their faces was very ugly.

They looked up at the thousands of heights of the ancestral record, and at this moment, they just felt that the person in front of them, really, was the incarnation of a giant spirit god, able to manipulate human life and death at will.

“Now, have you seen the power of my Yin and Yang technique? ”

The grandfather's transcript looked down, completely stupid eyes, the words spoken out in his mouth, unusually cold: “So today, all of you must die, in a moment, I will send you all back into the world, never to live forever, this is the end of my years of hard work! ”

“Ha ha, it hurts, when you're really happy! ”

The money and rain letters around him were delightful hand-dancing, full of skeletons, all clicking.

Send all these people back into the world, and no one will ever compete with him for Emperor's Liquid here. This big mixed war has been tortuous. In the end, they are still the last big winners. The whole scene, from the beginning to the end, is not beyond their control.

Well, what if Qin Yi took his bronze mother? Qin Yi will disappear completely in this world.

“Grandfather, give me back Qin Yi! ”

In the delicious sound, but in front of the sweet chest, a round of white blue moon suddenly emerged. The white blue moon suddenly burst to a full diameter, spinning a wind, and went straight to the ancestor in front of him to record harshly.

“It's ridiculous how the sculptor subtotal dares to make a fool out of himself! ”

The ancestor suddenly chopped his hands off, laughing at the huge white moon.


The grandfather recorded a hundred wide palms, cut directly on the white Xuan Moon. In the loud noise, he saw the white Xuan Moon fly back and backfired back into the flaming body.

After the white Xuan Moon rushed into the body of Bamboo Heaven, it still produced a huge impact, and the whole of Bamboo Heaven was directly flied out by the impact.

However, she was surrounded by a flaming woman, but her eyes hurried. She was grabbed by one hand: “Zhu Xin, don't be reckless. Have you forgotten Qin Yi's bottom card? ”

“However, Qin Yi is now being sent directly into the round by this bastard. There is no chance of even putting out the bottom card. ”

Bamboo is in a hurry to cry.

Xia Jiuyu, Gongxi song feathers, lonely doors, Yucheng and a few people beside him are also the color of anxiety.

Habitual touched the beautiful forehead, the eyes of the Femme Femme show flowed, in the anxious face of everyone, Xu Xu Sweeping: “To return to the world, just exist and legend, I do not believe that there will be any real return to the world. Don't forget, the ancestral record is the Yin Yang master, I would rather believe that he only performed Yin Yang on Qin Yi. ”

The art of yin and yang, they have never been in contact before, they are very strange to them.

Rumor has it, Bamboo Heaven and others, their eyes must be brightened: make sense!

The distant ancestral record, however, really listens to the words of Femme Femme and snorts: “Yes, there is no real world to go back to, but so what? Qin Yi has completely disappeared in this world, and is no different from falling back into the real world...

“And all of you here will eventually be wiped out by me, and no one will escape. ”

The grandfather recorded his face and appeared brutally.

Those before him are the ones he will surely kill.

Especially Mai Fei, when Qin Yushui made himself squatting here to kill Qin Yi, he told her that, by the way, she also killed Mai Fei.

His hands burst out, instantly becoming infinite, covering this heaven and earth, five fingers into claws, towards the people below, quickly grabbed down.


The people were shocked, hurriedly unfolding the speed, each spread apart, but the scene was exactly the same as what happened to Qin Yi before. No matter how fast they were, they could not escape the palm of the ancestral record.


Right now.

“Tinker Bell...”

A crisp and delightful voice of ancient kites sounded gently from the sky.

Hearing the crisp voice of this ancient kite, the ancestor recorded a thunderbolt, the thousands of tall bodies, trembling suddenly, shocking color on his face: “Who's playing? ”

Nobody answered him.

Everyone on the field, they're all in the same place.

The beautiful and beautiful sound of the ancient kite, did not stop, still not slow to come, the sound dust, as if the thick slaughter that would have filled the place, all quickly purified the sound of the ancient kite.

“This is Baiyao! ”

Femme Yunnan stopped running and stared at each other. Qin Yi finally unsealed the sealed corpse of Baiyao in the third floor of Ten Fang Hells.

That ancient kite sounded just like Jade!

Although they do not know where Qin Yi is at this moment, they must be not far from them. Otherwise, they will not hear the sound of the ancient kite played by Baiyao at this moment.

On the other hand, the seven people of bamboo fiber core, hearing the sudden sound of the ancient kite, also had to stop, standing there staring at each other, everyone's face, appeared confused color.

“Where did such a beautiful sound come from? Did Qin Yi just disappear? ”

Bamboo core stepped on the jade lotus, shallow eyebrows slightly murmured.

“But he's gone back to the world, and the songs he plays, can they still be transmitted here? ”

The spirits around her, the eyes of the spirits, kept flashing, strange.

“Linger, did you not hear the conversation between the woman in the red robe and the grandfather's record? That Qin Yi, instead of being truly sent back to the world by the ancestors, practiced the Yin and Yang technique and erased him. ”

The bamboo core sighed: “The ancestral record of the Yin and Yang technique is terrible, but as things stand, he seems to have failed, otherwise we would not have heard the ancient kite. ”