The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1340: Death of the Patriarch

“Today must be your end day! ”

The grandfather recorded his face and his body had already completely fainted into a blood man. He looked shocking and roared and slaughtered towards Qin Yi.


Qin Yi disappeared again.

“I swear I will tear you to pieces! ”


“Death, no more struggle! ”


“Be a good boy! ”


“ …… ”

After a few torments, the Duchess has completely lost its human form, and the body is completely depleted. Finally, it “pounces” and falls to the ground.

However, his chest was filled with anger and dissatisfaction. He still climbed to Qin Yi step by step with his hands: “How can the 12th Peak Divine Guard on my Divine Guard list die on your hands? I want to frustrate you with ashes! ”

It was just that his voice had just fallen, and the whole person was “clicking” and splitting.

His body at the end of the crossbow was no longer able to resist Baiyao's ancient kite!

Although he is currently the culminating guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, there is still a considerable distance between him and the strong one of the ancient times. Although he is only a corpse, it is more than enough to kill him.

It's a big war, it's over!

The earth is shattered, bloody, intense and bloody. The heavens and the earth on this side are filled with a great smell after the Great War, allowing the blood in the human body to solidify in an unstoppable way.

Looking at the ground, the already divided record of the Patriarch, all those present, are dementia, stunned there, can't return to God for a long time.

The Book of the Unliveable Patriarch was finally destroyed before them, and this scene gives a dream of untruthfulness.

“Wow! ”

Qian Yuxin himself is a puppet in the hands of the grandfather, now that the grandfather is dead, he loses the support of his mind, suddenly falls to the ground, has become a dead bone.

“This skeleton, hard and rare, is a good weapon material. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly and walked over to directly incorporate Qian Yuxin's skeleton into Na Qing.

This mixed war, although very tragic, killed hundreds of practitioners, the mutated floodplain beast here, was completely annihilated, but Qin Yi's harvest was quite good, not only to get a bronze mother, but also to collect a skeleton.

As long as it is later refined into a weapon, it will never be less powerful than a firecracker.

Smoky Cloud Long Guns, though they already possess spiritual knowledge, were originally built from ordinary materials.

In addition to the skeletons of Bronze Mother Ding and Qian Yuxin, there is plenty of Emperor Liquid waiting for them, which is the most important thing.

Qin Yi glanced at the cracks that were spreading golden flashes, slowly swept away, and a delightful slight smile appeared on his face. He turned his face and looked at the seven people in the distant bamboo core: “According to the previous agreement, you can get one-fifth of this emperor's liquid. Do you have any opinions? ”

Seven people with bamboo fiber core, still immersed in the shock of the ancestral record of death, stayed until Qin Yi's opening, they only returned to God, one face, all instantly emerged the color of intense fanaticism.

“No, that's good! ”

The bamboo core shook her head in a hurry and smiled. Although her temperament was pleasant, she rarely smiled, giving a sense of elegance and acceptability. Her smile suddenly had a sense of discoloration between heaven and earth.

How many of them have a problem with that? Qin Yi's appearance has already saved their lives and can now divide the Emperor's liquid, which is already a wonderful thing.

The hearts of several of them have long been full of gratitude to Qin Yi.


Qin Yi nodded softly, then waved to Fei Fei several people from afar: “What are you still standing there for? Up the hill, see how much emperor fluid is in there? ”

“Come on, let's go. ”

Maiden returned to God and waved at the people around her, Xia Jiuyu and others.

Next, they rushed directly to the edge of the crack on the summit and looked at it, suddenly breathing cool air.

The imperial fluid below, far beyond what they had previously expected, is not granular, but liquid that has not yet reached the granular state.

There is a three-meter square stone pond beneath it. It is fully loaded with the emperor's liquid of a half-stone pond. Huang Cheng is as clear as the water melted out of gold.

“Damn, there's so much emperor liquid, this time, it's really rich! ”

The giant axe man was the most delightful. After being stunned, he laughed happily: “Hahaha, I Lu Daax can get so much emperor liquid today, even if he will be killed soon tomorrow, it is worth it! ”

“This emperor fluid is incredible! ”

Qin Yi touched his nose, and his face also appeared a strong joy color. He sighed in his heart: from the first floor of this magical mausoleum, he entered here one by one, where it was difficult and dangerous, self-evident, but now suddenly he sees so much emperor's liquid, it's worth it!

“Qin Yi, this time, we really should thank you very much, not only for saving one of us, but also for giving us such an opportunity. ”

Qin Yi sincerely thanked Qin Yi for his elegant bamboo core like nine days of immortality.

“Yeah, Qin Yi, you really are our living bodhisattva. In the future, just use my Lu Da Axe. Just say it, even if you go to the soup dance fire, I will never wrinkle my eyebrows. ”

Lu Daax punched Qin Yi in the chest.

“So are we. ”

The old man in the white robe, the middle-aged man in the blue robe, and the twin sisters also walked up and spoke to Qin Yi.

“Since this is the occasion, it is God's gift to you, and if you die in a previous battle, you will not have access to these emperors' liquids, so you do not have to thank me. Well, you can all use your own ring to load the Emperor's Liquid, but the deal is, it can only be one fifth, not more than that. ”

Qin Yi waved at them: “You all go down. ”

The bamboo core was delighted. Without further delay, he rushed down the crack and came to the stone pool and began to fill the emperor's liquid with his own ring.

“I didn't think you'd actually give them a fifth of the Emperor's liquid here. ”

Born lonely, looking down, he was busy holding the bamboo fiber core of Emperor Liquid for a few glances, and looked at Qin Yi. The knife cut on his ordinary face and revealed a strange look: “This time, I will join you, because when I broke into the central ladder on the fourth floor, I felt that you guys were good, but now I find that you guys have more breasts than I thought. ”

“Qin Yi, in a world of conspiracy and bloody cultivation, can always keep his heart. Congratulations, you are really different. No wonder Chiaki will be so excited to kill you. ”

Buddhist singing feathers beside him also nodded slowly to Qin Yi.

In response, Qin Yi just touched his nose and shrugged his shoulders.

Hold on to your heart. Whatever it takes. His shoulders still have a mission to save billions of lives!

Gather the five elements of seeds, re-condense the Kyushu Demon Knife, summon the nine souls of Kyushu Mainland, and return the immortal gods to this mission, Qin Yi will not dare to forget for a moment.

“With the refining of these empires, we should already have enough strength to break into the fifth floor, in other words, after this one we will enter the fifth. ”

The fiery woman in the wind touched her forehead and looked at the lonely door, Gossip feathers, Yucheng and the three of them: “What about you, what are your plans next? Do you want to come with us to the fifth floor or do you want to stay on the fourth floor? ”

So much emperor fluid all at once, the three of them, definitely have the strength to enter the fifth floor.

“For other practitioners, this mausoleum is a cage in heaven and earth, but for me, it is a pure earth, and I prefer to stay in this mausoleum to the disturbing world outside. ”

The lonely door didn't think much, Xu Xu said: “So I'm not in a hurry to break into the fifth floor, I want to stay here and practice the lonely nine swords. ”

Hate secular strife, love to hang out alone, this is the nature of the lonely family, and to a genius like lonely door, this birth is all the more obvious.

“I don't think I'd rush into the fifth floor. ”

"I know that many of you other god guards have plans to break into the great world of Xuan Huang to see if there are any opportunities there, and of course, the ultimate goal is Emperor Mountain. But I don't like these competing lives very much, and I prefer a comfortable life. ”

“The Gravemaster has no intention of entering the fifth floor for the time being, and naturally I will not think about it, I just want to follow the Gravemaster alone. ”

The tall Yu Chenghe also expressed his position.

They had more than a dozen brothers, but after this slaughter, there were only two of them left, and they seemed even more miserable to each other.

“OK, then you can stay on this fourth floor, after refining so many imperial liquids, your cultivation, there will be a big breakthrough. There will be no problems on this fourth floor, basically no practitioner will pose a threat to you, but you will also feel comfortable. ”

Qin Yi nodded and said, "It's just that if you meet the four people on this fourth floor, Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, Xuanlan and Dongzhi, I hope you don't embarrass them. They are our friends. They are currently on the third floor. If I am not mistaken in my estimation, they will soon enter this fourth floor as well. ”

In the past, Dongzhi was the master of the second tier. With her talent, if she didn't move, it would have been like breaking bamboo and rushing up one tier at a time.

“These are some of them, the guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu, and even if they were not your friends, I would not embarrass them. ”

Gong Xi Sing Yu smiled lightly.

It can be seen that he still has deep feelings for the Holy See in Kyushu.